Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to blogs.

Here's where I've been spending almost all of my spare time.  Reading blogs and crocheting.  Two things which are currently topping my bests list.  (Do excuse the bland appearance of my sofa - we're mid re-vamp and what you see here is a Blank Canvas). I think the blanket may be a little mis-leading.  I bought it.

I especially like the blogs about crochet and cakes.  I find them so inspiring and motivating; they make me want to bake and create!  It's extra-fab when you come across a good recipe or crochet tutorial.  For example, this [hugely talented] lady at 'Amelie's House' has posted a gorgeous butterscotch cupcake recipe.  I've been looking for a caramel-ish sponge recipe for a long time and this lady presents her recipes in such a kooky way, I love it.  I will be knocking up a few of these at the weekend for sure.  If you drop by her blog, have a little look-see at the cakes she has decorated - her hand-painting is just beautiful, I wish I could do it.

I have discovered a new guilty pleasure though.  The blogs with photos of people's homes.  Oh man, I love them.  I love other people's houses.  I hate the word nosey because it sounds so negative - I am just interested in interior decoration.  If I was braver, and cheekier, I would be one of those people who uses the bathroom on a visit just to sneak a peek at the rest of the house ["Oops! Sorry! Don't know how I ended up in your bedroom, I was looking for the bathroom! Silly me!" *blushing and putting down a hand-mirror/small trinket/pretty cushion*].  I'm thinking of that 'Meet the Fockers' film now and giggling a bit.

Now it's late.   Must force self to go to bed and not look at this, my very fave - The Swenglish Home.  How gorgeous.

Night x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

General Loveliness

Such a busy week!  I've travelled a bit with work and managed to catch up with a few work friends who I haven't seen since Christmas, so that was fab.  [I realise that saying I have 'travelled a bit with work' makes my job sound glamorous and international but I went to Sheffield.  Don't want to mislead you.]

On Thursday, I was working from home when a man hiding behind an enormous bowl of white tulips appeared at the door.  The OH had sent them to cheer me up (I've got another rotten cold).  Lucky me!:

Tapas and sangria kicked off our weekend and I had a lovely time with my Mum on Saturday learning to sew.  Having redecorated our living room, spending an absolute fortune on curtains and cushions, I decided to learn how to make them myself, roping Mum in for some free lessons.   Mum made loads of my clothes when I was little (with matching outfits for my dollies, of course) so she knows what she's doing.  I have treated myself to a fancy sewing machine with all the relevant paraphernalia and I'm learning to make an apron.  I never wear aprons but the sweet old lady in the shop was quite insistent that you need a project when you learn to sew (she became really quite fierce and I found myself trotting around behind her in John Lewis picking up everything she told me I'd need without even querying it.)   Anyway, Mum came round on Saturday and the apron is very nearly finished; I'm already thrilled with my handiwork and will post a photo when it's done.  I may even donate it to the scary lady in John Lewis. 

I also managed a quick turn around the shops over the weekend and bought this lovely recipe book:

It's a gorgeous book; a thick and heavy number with matt pages and really simple photography.  I love it.  The OH, who never ever cooks, said he wanted to look after me today (aw) and used the Toad in the Hole recipe.  It was delicious and turned out really well, yay for him.  The first recipe that I make will be this one:

I could live on soup and this sounds delightful.

I've also been doing a spot of internet shopping and some pretty little Greengate bits have arrived.  I think they look quite nice with my Cornishware:

The heart-shaped ramekins were a present from Mum.   She picked them up knowing I'd love them and I do!  I bought these little Greengate bowls for my cereal but they are tiny!  I have discovered that they are the perfect size for a portion of mini eggs though...

Finally (are you still with me?!)  I've been crocheting my socks off and here is my first attempt at a square:

Not very square at all, I know.  I have been using [*blush*] a child's 'Learn to Crochet Kit' and this is the 'fancy square'.  It does say to do two single crochets in each corner to reinforce the square, which I've done, but they just don't look quite right.  Can anyone shed any light on where I've gone wrong please?  An online crochet clinic would be just the job, right now.

We all have to start somewhere, I suppose.

Have a great week!