Friday, 29 March 2013

A Good Friday

It has been aaaagges since I last posted, I know.  My life has been upside down.  I've been a busy gal.  And a moody one, too, if I'm honest.  Well, not so much moody, just a bit anxious and down.  I haven't felt able to properly relax.  I had a sickness bug that lingered for over two weeks.  Then, immediately afterwards, I picked up a cold that also lasted two weeks.  Seriously.  *rolls eyes*

But I've turned my frown upside down (hate that expression).  I am chirpily cheerful again and full of the joys of Spring.  (Where is Spring, by the way?)

Mini Eggs are the best thing about Easter.  I always feel like stocking up to last the year.
We had our kitchen renovated this month.  It was a big job, we knocked down half of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to give the feel of a kitchen/diner.  There was replastering to be done and the whole kitchen was redesigned to give us more space and more storage.  It worked.  It looks bloody gorgeous, I'm delighted with it.

Best of all, we have an AGA now too.  I have only been able to use the kitchen for a week and already I'm wondering how I ever lived without a range.  The room is so much warmer and cooking is so easy.  Makes me realise just how pants our old cooker was (even though it was pretty).

We've spent the whole day today getting the house back into order.  Cripes, it was dusty and there was stuff absolutely everywhere.  So I'm off to bedfordshire for an early night and I'll give you a tour of the kitchen tomorrow, if you fancy it.

Have a lovely long weekend, lovelies.



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