Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to blogs.

Here's where I've been spending almost all of my spare time.  Reading blogs and crocheting.  Two things which are currently topping my bests list.  (Do excuse the bland appearance of my sofa - we're mid re-vamp and what you see here is a Blank Canvas). I think the blanket may be a little mis-leading.  I bought it.

I especially like the blogs about crochet and cakes.  I find them so inspiring and motivating; they make me want to bake and create!  It's extra-fab when you come across a good recipe or crochet tutorial.  For example, this [hugely talented] lady at 'Amelie's House' has posted a gorgeous butterscotch cupcake recipe.  I've been looking for a caramel-ish sponge recipe for a long time and this lady presents her recipes in such a kooky way, I love it.  I will be knocking up a few of these at the weekend for sure.  If you drop by her blog, have a little look-see at the cakes she has decorated - her hand-painting is just beautiful, I wish I could do it.

I have discovered a new guilty pleasure though.  The blogs with photos of people's homes.  Oh man, I love them.  I love other people's houses.  I hate the word nosey because it sounds so negative - I am just interested in interior decoration.  If I was braver, and cheekier, I would be one of those people who uses the bathroom on a visit just to sneak a peek at the rest of the house ["Oops! Sorry! Don't know how I ended up in your bedroom, I was looking for the bathroom! Silly me!" *blushing and putting down a hand-mirror/small trinket/pretty cushion*].  I'm thinking of that 'Meet the Fockers' film now and giggling a bit.

Now it's late.   Must force self to go to bed and not look at this, my very fave - The Swenglish Home.  How gorgeous.

Night x


  1. hi, I am new to blogs too, I am not brave enough or tidy enough yet to put photos of my house on blogs yet, soon! just love photographing anything else! love your Peak district photographs, really beautiful.

  2. I love blogs too, its like a more personal magazine article. You get so inspired.