About Me

Hi!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  I'm Nicki and I live in a little old cottage in the English countryside with my husband, Andrew, and Lizzie the dog.  

I have a full-time job as a PA by day; in my spare time I bake, crochet, blog and have just started learning to sew.  I also decorate the odd celebration cake which I love but it's so time consuming!

Long walks are my favourite way to exercise although you can find me at the gym occasionally doing zumba, body combat and yoga.

I am generally quite a cheerful, lively gal (although shy in crowds) with a tendency to be clumsy.  I am also prone to blonde moments, even though I'm not especially thick.  I love dolly mixtures and spend far too much money on handbags.

I love to hear from people so please do leave a little comment.  ( Just don't be mean!  I know I live in a little bubble but that's fine by me and I don't want it burst. )