Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fairy Lights and Geek Chic

I've said it before but I love fairy lights.  I have them all around the house.  In fact, I think there is some kind of fairy light arrangement in every room apart from the kitchen and the bathroom (must rectify that).    

These cotton ball lights were a gift from Santa.  I'm so happy with them and they are doing a grand job of putting a smile on this grumpy old boat race of mine at the moment.  

I am currently sporting a huge new wrinkle which I am quite certain is nothing to do with my advancing years and everything to do with me squinting and/or frowning for the majority of the day due to my gammy eye.   The second the Doc gives me the all clear, I will be back behind the wheel and whisking myself off for a Guinot 'lifting' facial.  That's a promise, sista.

I picked up these Belle & Boo postcards in Paperchase the other day.  I love these illustrations; absolutely fist-clenchingly LOVE them.  So I went online and ordered more, together with some gorgeous little notebooks.  I like having a nice pile of pretty, fresh new notebooks ready to use.  A stash of notecards and postage stamps in my desk drawer makes me feel super-organised and like an all-round better person.

This lovely little fella was another gift from Santa.  I know - it looks like my gifts got mixed up with a three-year old's.  In fact, I bought the same lamp for my nearly-3-year-old niece who is currently scared witless of the 'big mouse' coming to get her in the night (from The Gruffalo's Child, I think).  

Fact is, I'm a bit scared of the dark too.  I don't mind admitting it.  If I wake up in the night I like to put a light on and Andrew (bless him) wakes up with a bit of a start if I switch the bedside lamp on.  And then he tells me off.  This little rabbit gives a lovely low, warm light that I find comforting and doesn't disturb the sleeping beauty beside me.  (Plus I think it's cuuute.)

It would be remiss of me to exclude my lush pearly fairy lights that I've pictured before, given that this is a post about my fairy light addiction...


And here's my current 'Face Of The Day'. New glasses, bed hair and no make up.  I'm getting bored of this geek chic thing already.  (I realise that the 'chic' bit needs some work.)

I don't wear a lot of make-up but I do like a bit of black mascara and smoky eyeliner.  Can't wait to wear it again and give myself a proper blow-dry.  I've bought a few new things to wear for work (I really need to go into the office once or twice a week this year - I usually work from home).  I've got three pairs of skinny trousers, a few loose chiffon blouses, a smart new coat and two gorgeous pairs of nude patent courts that I can't wait to flounce around in.  

I'm not the only one with a new look - the pooch had a short back and sides last week.  She is now uber-soft and smells so clean.  The perfect snuggle companion right now. 


This post was only going to be quick but it turned into a bit of a novel.  Sorry about that.

I've got a busy time coming up - my family birthdays are all within the next six weeks and I have at least three cakes to make including a jungle-themed cake and matching cupcakes for afore-mentioned niece's 3rd birthday party.  It's my grandma's 80th and my dad's 60th so I really want to make something special for them too.  Ideas are running riot in my head but I've learnt from the hippo cake mistake last time (see previous attempts here) and will make my grandma something sober with flowers on this time!   

Thanks for popping by - hope you're having a lovely week.  




  1. Loving the fairy lights - I can't bring myself to take down our ones in the kitchen and living room, just so twinkly and cosy in the evening!

    Thought R was most unsympathetic about your frown line - he is used to seeing my midbrow ravine so it is all relative! Talking of which, I might need to hear a bit more about this lifting facial please?

    P. S. Nice pics Missus, been using that new canon baby?! Must sort a photography workshop day for later in the spring, will let you know when I do.

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  2. Ooooh, love both sets of fairy lights, gorgeous!!

    This weekend I made some little "lampshades" for a set of plain lights I have, will blog about them tomorrow.

    I looooove the bunny lamp!! I've wanted one since I saw it in Nigella's house (on TV, she's not a personal friend unfortunately!!) I have the little battery operated one but I'd love the proper one, especially as currently I am re-reading Watership Down!!

    Hope your eye is one the mend and FYI you look gorg in your glasses!!


    S x

  3. love those fancy ones at the end!
    and re earlier email - I know what you mean about doing something crafty for a job (and I'm not complaining!) but I LOVE the sound of some nude patents and a good flounce!!!
    (grass always greener...)
    fee x

  4. Gorgeous fairy lights! Your new ones are so girly and lovely... you home seems to be so wonderfully lit making it looks so warm and cosy.
    Sorry to hear you've still got trouble with your eye, I love your glasses though! Your pull off the 'geek-chic' look very well.
    I saw Sarah's little fairy lamps in her house today and they are really lovely.

    Ashley xxx

  5. nice post! i'm with you on the fairy light love...the two boys of the house, however, are not so keen...oh well!
    i think you look beautiful young lady and so does that cute pooch of yours...ahhhhh
    sounds like you are going to have a busy time...have lots of fun and can't wait to see all those cakes :o)
    love jooles x

  6. Love those fairly lights!!!
    So much!! And the cards, and really... just love your whole post!!
    I see no evidence of any wrinkles.
    And do you know where that bunny light was bought from? I saw one on someone elses blog yonks ago, and really really want one myself, but have not been able to find any through ebay etc
    I will be eternally grateful if you can help :)

  7. Ooh everything looks so much with fairy lights. I have a set which I keep up in my room all year too.

    Can't wait to see all your baking over the next few weeks, sounds exciting!

  8. I love Belle & Boo. I also have those postcards framed hanging in my daughters room - have you checked out their blog?

  9. I love fairy lights too..they make everything look really cosy and warm. Perfect for a cosy night in : )

    Good luck with all the cake baking!

    Gemma x

  10. Nicki, you are so lucky living in the UK, the fairy lights are gorgeous. I don't see anything like that over here, I guess I could go on the good old internet, although this house isn't conducive to lovely things like that.
    You still look gorgeous, no make-up, bed hair and all. I am liking the sound of your new threads (and shoes)
    xx Sandi

  11. *Sigh* I just love fairy lights, they are great mood lifters and make you feel nice and warm and cosy. Your house always looks so welcoming, it's beautiful x x x x

  12. I have to have fairy lights up all year round, in fact I have the same pearly ones as you around my dresser all the time.

    I bought that rabbit nightlight for my 62 year old mum for Christmas :)

    Sam x

  13. I wish I looked as good as you do with bed hair and no make up!! I love your pearly fairy lights - gorgeous! X

  14. Oooo, me lover, you live in such a gorgeous house of loveliness.
    I too, think your bunny light is way too cute.
    Hmm, i might have to buy one 'for my daughter' and 'keep it until she's old enough'.
    Cunning plan eh?

    Geek chic is so cool on you.
    Nearly the weekend...!

  15. I love fairy lights too, I want them everywhere!

  16. love love your fairy lights.. i love the squidgy looking ones and the ones around your mirror, and i love the pewter pots on your dressing table looks so nice!
    i think i have fairy lights in most rooms in our house apart from the bedroom and the bathroom.. im on the lookout for battery operated ones for the bathroom so i dont run the risk of killing me self when im in the bath!!.
    i love your glasses they are very cool..i tried a pair of cream gok wans on in specsavers the other week and have fallen in love with them.. might have to buy them!!
    have fun with your cakes!!


  17. Oh Nicki, this is a post of so many gorgeous things that I don't know where to start!
    1) Happy new year/happy birthday - I was thinking about you on nye
    2) I left you a massive (and hilarious, natch) comment on your last post and then it got lost and then I couldn't get the comment form back and then I gave up the will to live
    3) Your photos are stunning. Really.
    4) You look lovely as you are - geek chic is obviously the way forward
    Emily x

  18. Hello, what a lovely bit of postage.
    Is that little bird from Monsoon? I rmember wanting to buy one like that a few years ago and I wish I had now as they don!t sell them anymore.
    I recently ordered some things for Eliska, but I think really they are for me. Slightly childish things are nice.
    Your house is so pretty. LOvely mirror and French style furniture.
    You suit your specs and look pretty in them. I wear contact lenses but have had eye probs before and they do somehow give you temporary wrinkles, from not being to open it properly. It will go when your eye is better.
    Hope your eye is better soon. It must be so uncomfortable. xxx

  19. Your fairy lights look so cute!
    Love the ones around your mirror :)

    Good luck making the cakes, looking forward to seeing pictures :)


  20. Just discovered your lovely blog (from Hookin with LaLa swap). Fabulous fairy lights :)

  21. The 6th photo down is making my heart race. I simply love it. That camera is working very well for you isn't it? Are you mucking about with the settings or keeping it on auto like I am!?

    You know you rock those glasses dontcha?


  22. What a sweet blog you your little lights...such pretty photos...and who can resist your sweetpea of a pup..adorable!!! One ear up and one ear down...character I say! Happy weekend.

  23. I love fairy lights around the home.

    Jonathan usually lets me decorate however I like but he doesn't seem as keen on me covering everything in twinkly lights. Damn :)