Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Crochet - I have an actual WIP!

Happy Easter!  Hope that everyone has had a lovely long break.

I've been making the most of the sunshine and have spent most of my time outdoors. I have also managed to squeeze in a fair bit of crochet and have become a bit addicted, to the point where I whipped it out of my handbag yesterday at my Mum and Dad's house to knock up a granny square whilst we had a glass of wine after lunch!  I am totally loving the new pass-time of crocheting outside - what on earth have I been doing in the sun before now?!

I am ridiculously pleased with my efforts so far although the prospect of stitching them all together (and sewing in the ends... urggh) is fairly daunting and that's a whole other learning curve I think.   I couldn't crochet until I started learning about two months ago; to begin with it all felt so awkward and my fingers cramped up within minutes every time I tried.  When I asked for advice everyone said the same thing - keep trying and one day it will 'click'.   I was convinced that I was a lost cause and it just wouldn't happen for me but something seems to have clicked and I kind of get it now... I'm so excited to try other stitches!

(Also, I've learned how to create photo collages ^^ !  So excited... sigh... me and my little life...!)

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  1. you crochet WIP looks superpretty! I love the colors you use, really they are my favorites. Well done!
    Have a lovely day,

  2. This is going to be amazing! A few more rows to go on my granny square blanket. The joining is coming along quite quickly. Totally worth the effort. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy. Thanks for your nice comment. Wishing you a happy weekend. :)