Sunday, 13 November 2011

Worshipping my yarn stash

We are finally straight at home.  Hurrah!  After three months without a dining table, a month without even a dining room floor and an enforced week away from home due to damp-proof work we now have a fully functional dining room.  Want a little peek?

Thank you, Shabby Chic Sarah, for your advice on spraying the mirror, it was black before!...  And thank you, Cuckoo, for the egg basket/fairy lights idea...  Love pinching ideas from my bloddies! 
We have still got curtains and window-seat cushions to sort but I am thrilled with the result so far.  Positively skippy.  

The floor is a huge improvement and having a thick base layer of concrete has really warmed the room up.  We had a wood burner installed in there earlier in the year so, with a fire going and the fairy lights twinkling, the room can actually be described as cosy!  Sooo happy.  I have spent loads of time in there already -  I feel the cold really easily so I plonk myself in the chair closest to the fire and sit reading, crocheting and sewing.  I've even watched a bit of TV in there on my laptop.  (One of my favourite things to do is watch TV on my laptop.  We have three proper-sized tellies in the house but I just adore sticking my big headphones on and watching one of 'my' programmes on the laptop.  I usually snuggle up in bed to watch it but I've also taken it into the bathroom occasionally and watched from the bath.  Bliss, I tell you!)  I've got loads to do at work this week and I can't wait to spread out my papers on the dining room table, light a fire and tackle my spreadsheets.  Sad, I know.

Unpacking my china and organising the dresser and sideboards was a particular highlight:  

I have a sorted my china by colour.  It took ages but, oh!, how I loved unwrapping each and every piece.  I have a cupboard full of pink china and another completely filled with cake stands.  Simple pleasures...

I think that living in disarray for such a long time brought about a slight meltdown and I have been on a mission to regain order.  I decided to create a 'crafty corner' in the spare room so that I can faff around with fabric and yarn to my heart's content without messing up the whole house.   I bought, on impulse, a vintage teacher's desk on ebay, a pretty green chair and an oak bookcase.  The husband was coaxed into helping me move furniture around the room and a new place of worship, for me, was born.

Seriously, I keep just popping into the spare room to admire my yarn stash:

....sigh happily over my labelling system....

... and open my desk drawer to run my fingers over the spools of ribbon and washi tape:

I need to get a life, I know.  



PS Hello to my new followers!  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm always thrilled to find new blogs so I'll pop over as soon as I can.  Getting close to 100 followers now and I'm planning a giveaway when I reach the magic number!

Have a great week! 


  1. Hi,your dining room looks very cosy,bet you skipped around when it was finished.I have a little sewing corner in the spare room and keep having a peep at it,must be a girlie thing.Love Jill xx

  2. Ooooh, your dining room looks sooo cosy and the mirror has turned out fab!!

    Love the pics of your yarn stash, I#d like to have mine on display for me to admire but one of our cats is OBSESSED with wool and drags it round the house.

    What's washi tape??? What am I missing???? It looks luvverly!!


    S x

  3. Love the table! Such a cozy space!

  4. I bet it feels great to be settled and organized! It all looks wonderful. Have a super week!

  5. I love your home, everything looks so lovely and cosy! The dining room looks great, you must be so relieved to get everything back to normal. Love the fairy lights idea.. very pretty.
    Every girl needs to have a little craft area... I have a big book shelf downstairs full of all my things. But one day I WILL have my own craft room!! haha

    Ashley xxx

  6. Love the spaces!!!
    Looks so good.
    I think I may have the exact same china deer as you!!

  7. Ahhhh, fairy lights in an egg basket. every girl should have a bit of twinkle in their lives.

    I have really got to sort out my dining room. It's currently the "painting furniture" zone. It's a right mess.

    Lurverly yarn stash! Soooo pretty. Mine is outta control. I seem to keep buying stuff for projects but never completling them.

    Totally gonna nick your laptop TV idea and head phones idea. I caught up with Kirstys Handmade Britain on the laptop this week but I had to do it in stages around the noise of the kids so ear phones on whilst Mr C watches some boy crap is the perfect solution.

    I looked for, but didn't find those strawberry sweeties. I'd even taken a pic of them from google on my phone. ;o(


  8. Your dining room looks lovely, so warm and inviting. It's such a relief when home improvements finally come together and all the inconvienience is worth it when you get the look you really wanted. I am very envious of your little craft corner, my stuff is scattered around the house, i really need to invest in some baskets or something, i love your little parcel tag labels too. I've been reading through some of your archives and have to say your house is just gorgeous, i have magazine cuttings of similar houses in my 'dream' folder. One day eh?! Thanks for coming over to my blog and for your lovely comment. Take care, K xx

  9. oooh, washi tape - I have a weakness for it too! Dead impressed with your organisation, you are inspiring me to sort out my crafty cupboard which is in an hysteria-inducing state of disarray!

    BTW, mean't to say on a previous post, this is the only blog I read which raves about leather leggings and crochet granny squares in the same post, you rock missus! xx

  10. Oh it looks so cosy and warm, wish i lived in a old house not a 1960 dorma bungalow carnt seem to make it cosy.your yarn stash is so organised mine is i bags all over the house.
    mind you hubby says i have to many hobbies and to mush stash. lol
    angie xx

  11. Oh my lordy you have got me all over-excited here :o)
    I am in love with your drawer and your china and your craft stash and your desk and your dining room and your........!!!!!!!
    well done on getting so organised, i bet it is so lovely after all of your upheaval..enjoy x
    love jooles x

  12. Yes, what is washi tape???? It looks very pretty and something that I would love to get my little hands on. Your dining room looks lovely. I have decided that I would prob fill up a book case with yarn...oh that's a lot, too scared to count it.
    I think I am going to do the fairy light thing for Christmas, very pretty.
    xx Sandi

  13. Isn't the pleasure of unwrapping treasures and finding homes for them absolutely almost nearly worth the upheaval??!

    You look so beautifully neat and organised now and deliciously cosy.

    I have to keep gazing at your yarn stash piccie - is that sad?!


  14. Hi Nicki

    Your home really does look cosy, I love the image of your wood burner surrounded by twinkly lights .. I bet it's going to look amazing at Christmas!
    Love your yarn/tape stash, so pretty.

    Kate x
    PS - I think I may be your number 100!

  15. Wow, your dining room looks amazing you have some gorgeous pieces of furniture and bits and bobs :) love your craft room too, some lovely ribbons and yarns, now you can enjoy your things, have a great week.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. Oooh luvverly pics - especially of the yarn and ribbons. Droolworthy that's for sure. I've been running my fingers through my buttons recently. Bliss.....

  17. Wow your dinning room looks gorgeous and i can just imagain how excited you are to get it all done ;-)) Love the little bambi. And wow your yarn stash and shelf your sooooo not sad i would be the same infact i am over my wool in my basket ;-) dee x

  18. It's cosy, soft, calm and twinkly. I can feel the warmth from here. So glad you got it sorted! At least you have a permanent roof over your head, unlike us (still not sure when we have to leave, but in about 8 weeks and have found NOTHING....major stress).
    Your wool looks pretty darl, looks like you firmly "get" crochet now. Have have you done that blanket, is it the same stitch all the way round? If so, which one?
    So thrilled to hear you are seeing the Wizard of Oz on NYE. It was just fab!!!!!!!!!
    Saw KMMMS today and we spent the day in Henley on Thames. Was really nice.
    x x x x

  19. The spare room should herby be re-named the craft room. I love it and am sooooo jealous, I would love a little room like this. Loving how you have organised it all, it looks gorgeous x x x x

  20. I'm jealous of your yarn stash and the fact that you have somewhere so neat to keep it all organised!

  21. Hi Nicki your dining room looks wonderful, so cosy. Love your crafty corner and am truly jealous of your yarn stash and china ;O) hope you have a wonderful

  22. Your Dining Room looks so snug and cosy...I don't think I would leave once I got in that room! ha ha!

    Like the others, I am envious of your lovely neat yarn stash.....mine are just everywhere!

    Have a lovely rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  23. I adore your dining room. We have a drum kit in ours :(

  24. Oh, hon!
    I LOVE your little crafty corner. Gorgeous!!
    Everything looks so well organised and just calling to be made into something beautiful. *Sigh*
    Am feeling ever so slightly envious...!
    You enjoy!

  25. I don't blame you for admiring your yarn stash, it's positively yummy! Glad to hear you're settling back into your lovely home :)

  26. ooh, I would love to raid your stash! I'm like a magpie when it comes to pretty ribbons :)

  27. i need to steal all these organising tips from you!