Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goals for 2012

Thank you for the birthday messages!  Was lovely to have them pinging through on my ipad yesterday.  I had the best day.  Mum and Dad joined us and it was so nice to spend the day with them. We had a long wander around Liberty (I didn't know they had such an amazing haberdashery - I could have spent a fortune there) and then made our way to Cafe Rouge for lunch.  The Wizard of Oz was awesome - I really enjoyed it.  Toto was the star of the show in my opinion; such a cutie!  We finished the day with a little rickshaw race along Oxford Street to check out the Christmas lights.

We've taken it easy today and spent most of the day snoozing.  I think I'm coming down with a cold.  Boring!

So, with a brand spanking new year ahead of me I thought I'd make my 2012 goals public.

1.  Bake more.  I'm aiming for a weekly bake, here.  Last year I decided not to bake so often because I thought it was unhelpful to my diet to have such tempting calorific goodies hanging around the place.  As it happens, it made no difference.  It turns out that if I don't bake we have shop-bought treats anyhow, so I may as well dig my pinny out.

2.  Lose my muffin top.  There are three ways that I will achieve this - preferably through exercise as I plan to get fit this year.  I'll diet if I have to but if that doesn't work I'm just going to buy a bigger pair of jeans and get over myself.

3.  Get fit and increase my strength.  By the end of the year I will be able to do at least 10 (proper) press-ups in a row and I'll be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping.  Currently I simply cannot do a proper press-up and get puffed after approximately one minute of jogging.  This goal might be a bit ambitious....

4.  Walk the dog alone.  In the last year I've developed a fear of walking the dog on my own.  Lizzie was pounced on by an over-enthusiastic labrador a few months ago and it frightens me when dogs fight. I've let that put me off walking her on my own but I'm going to man up now and take her during the day whenever I work from home.

5.  Make my health a priority.  My smear test is at least a year overdue and my dentist thinks I might need root canal treatment.  I haven't been back to see him since he said that.

6.  Develop a routine.  A daily routine falls by the wayside when you work from home.  I think that sticking to a routine will help me to achieve more in my week.  No more lunches at 3pm and working at 9pm.  I'm getting strict with myself.

7.  Slow down.  I used to meditate daily and practiced yoga four times a week.  I got so much out of it so I'm going back to my yoga class.

8.  Get creative.  I want to crochet another blanket, some cushions and some jar covers.  I would also like to crochet a cuddly toy for my niece.  I'd like to cover some notebooks and box files with pretty paper or fabric.  I'd also like to get busy with my sewing machine.  There are so many things I want to do!

What are your goals for 2012?  I'd love to know. 




  1. I love these goals!! And happy birthday for yesterday

  2. Happy New Year Nicki! x

    I always look forward to your posts!! So glad to hear you had such a lovely sounds like heaven in Liberty's haberdashery department! I can identify with many of your goals especially No.5 as that was me a couple of years ago....get yourself to the doctors for that smear & you'll feel so empowered once you get the dentists out of the way. I was so scared about the dentists I like one of my back teeth crumble & had panic attacks but it wasn't half as bad as I worked myself up to it being! I go regularly now and am right proud of myself.....if I can do it you can!!! As for loosing weight, well in the pics of you on here you're absolutely gorgeous!! I daren't post a full pic as I think I would fill up the whole shot.....big fat arse, big fat everything!! But I'm finally happy with me inside :) getting fit sounds like an excellent plan, I only wish I had the motivation to do. Fab pic of your pup and am looking forward to seeing your baking adventures!!

    Have a super 2012 lovely, may all your wishes come true x x x

    Jo x x x

  3. So glad i found your blog, I have awarded you with an award on my blog. I don't know whether you have previously received it but I hope you enjoy it like I did. Katie xx

  4. A Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    I only have one goal for 2012 and that is to get strong enough to do 6 unassisted chin-ups!!

    Your goals sound achievable to me. My advice for the running, as someone who only 'learned' to run a few years ago, is to start slow and remember slowing down to walk is not a crime!

    Happy New Year!

  5. 'So glad you loved the Wizard of Oz. Did you cry???? Should
    I man up??????
    Loving your plans for 2012.
    NY resolutions for me are to try to live in the moment more, de-stress, slow down, organise my work load better and concentrate on building a new life with my children and hubby by the sea.
    Think the de stressing won't happen until we move though!!!! Have a very tricky few weeks ahead of us but hoping to get through it and cope as well as I can.
    Glad you have had a gorgeous birthday. Can't believe you are only a year younger than me, you look late 20s. Lucky old bint ;-)

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday :o)
    I agree liberty has the most amazing haberdashery, especially the ribbons....ahhhhhh.
    your have inspired me with your goals, i have been thinking about mine, i love that about a new year.
    one of my goals is to continue with my pilates class and do one at home on the wii each week too.
    love jooles x

  7. I had a smear test come back had to go for another 6 months later which came back fine but they retest 6 months after that just in case (due soon) I read that Jade Goodie had a smear test come back abnormal then did not go for the follow up one, made me not put it off.

  8. sounds like some good aims, esp the health should ring up tomorrow and get your smear booked, early detection is so important x

  9. Good goals!!

    You're naughty to let your smear slip but I'm with you with the dentist, about 4yrs ago mine said my two current fillings need digging out and replacing and I've not been back since - even though I only eat on one side - madness!!

    We're supposed to start Slimming World tomorrow and I've been pondering my other goals, will do a post soon....


    PS Glad you had a good birthday!!

  10. I love Liberty too, it is such a beautiful store : )
    Good luck with your New Year goals, I had root canal treatment at the dentists 2 years ago, and it honestly wasn't that bad, so don't let it put you off.
    Happy New Year : )

    Sharon xx

  11. So glad you had a great birthday!Good luck with the goals and a happy new year,lots of love,xxx

  12. Hello!

    I found your blog through gems country life dream. I love your goals...being and feeling healthy is so important. I hope you get your smear test done soon!!

    Gemma x

  13. Ah the haberdashery department....hmm!

    Wishing lots of lovely things for the coming year

    Love and light

  14. Nicki!!! I can't believe I have not left a comment for your birtday....... HAPPY BIRTH DAY lovely lady. I hang my head in shame.
    I haven't really made any resolutions, I sort of make them as the year goes along, yours are good tho', will be interesting to look back at the end of this year (and it will be here in a blink) and see how well you did :)
    xxx Sandi

  15. My new years resolution? Drink less! X

  16. Hello and joyful, peaceful creative new year to you! Your goals seem great and firmly footed in the reality of life. I am sure they will help you achieve more and dream more. Perfect!


  17. Great and pretty sensible bunch of goals. I'm trying to relax a bit this year.