Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Plantable Paper Bunting

I love stationery; unsurprisingly, perhaps, given that I'm a PA and I love to write.  I have favourite stationery shops in nearly every city I visit - my favourite is a little place in Paris called Melodies Graphiques.  We make a special trip there every time we go so that I can stock up on gorgeous thick creamy paper, vintage-style notebooks and my favourite brown pen ink.

So when Gabrielle of The Green Gables online stationery and gift shop contacted me to let me know that I'd won her giveaway recently I was beyond thrilled:

I have never seen bunting like this before and I love it.  The flags are made from lovely, thick, textured handmade paper and hang from a long piece of thick rough jute string.  I think it's a modern, rustic alternative to the usual bunting and it looks really good in my newly prettified potting shed.  The most unusual thing about the flags are that they are embedded with wildflower seeds so if you get fed up of looking at the bunting (unlikely!) you can plant the paper and watch the flowers grow - genius!

It would make an ideal gift; I am absolutely thrilled with mine and will enjoy moving it into the garden when the weather warms up.

In recognition of National Stationery Day today, Gabrielle is offering a 30% discount on all stationery and free postage over at her  online shop - take a look at The Green Gables, I think you will like it.  Thanks Gabrielle for my such a lovely prize :-)




  1. What a lush idea for bunting! Clever and well done for being a winner.

    My ex boss used to write in a sepia brown ink pen and it looked a total touch of class. I love reading traditional letters with ink. How emails and texts ruin this pleasure!

    I still write letters to my friends, and I think there is nothing finer than receiving a pretty piece of mail through the letter box.

    Do you also use a wax seal on the back? That is another bit of fancy that I like.

    xx x x x

  2. Plantable bunting?! Could there be anything better!

  3. Wildflower bunting - what a wonderful idea!
    Victoria xx

  4. The bunting is lovely! Well done you for winning it,

    I love stationary too. There is nothing like a pretty pen and a brand new notebook.

    Gemma xxx

  5. OMG. Is there ANYTHING that's not been thought of ... bunting you can plant? So clever.

    I love stationery too but have always preferred the second page of a new notebook. I like the bumpy feel of the writing on the reverse. The first clean page is too scary and perfect. Am I peculiar?


  6. That is blooming beautiful.

    Nina x

  7. What an totally brilliant idea! Love it :D

  8. What lovely bunting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. You lucky baggage!

    Watch out if it gets rained on incase the seeds germinate. You'll have to plant it sooner than you'd like. I'm too practical, it's boring.

    On a totally different note. It's my Husbands 40th this year, any ideas as to what I can plan and buy? I need a bit of inspiration.

    Off to see your past few posts. I've missed a few I think.


  10. Very lovely, indeed.
    What a super idea.
    I too love receiving a proper letter. Doesn't happen very often these days, though!
    Enjoy your (wet?!) week.

  11. Love the bunting. Pretty and useful at the same time.

  12. That is divine, what an awesome idea! xxx

  13. Hi Nicki - just to let you know I have awarded you the Sunshine Award