Sunday, 13 May 2012

Gardening, Sandals and Wild Acre Jewellery

The last time I wrote, I moaned about the weather.  Not today!  This weekend has been chilly, admittedly, but beautifully sunny too.  The dog has enjoyed plenty of leisurely walks (she tends to get marched round when it's raining and is dragged roughly away from anything she tries to sniff) and I managed to get out in the garden.

I've potted on some seeds and planted up a little herb box.  We have basil, mint, chives, thyme and parsley.  It felt great nipping out the back door yesterday evening to collect some basil leaves for my tomato and mozzarella salad!  Rocket, mizuna, lettuce and mustard are all growing from seed in my mini greenhouse and I hope to be able to pick my own salad come high summer.  I am not holding my breath; said seedlings are currently puny, pale and a bit floppy.  I can't hold it against them though - don't we all feel a bit pale and floppy right now?  This sunshine has been a long time coming.

I have been collecting these vintage crates for a while and have quite a stash.  I am thrilled to finally have a sensible use for them.  I did intend to keep them in my new dining room sideboards but then got wibbly about potential woodworm so don't really want to use them indoors.

The sweet peas in my handmade (oh yes! *high fives*) teepee are doing well.  I have to keep weaving them around the willow to train them properly but they seem quite happy.

I did get garden envy today.  We went to my MIL's for lunch and her garden is always beautiful.  She grows the majority of her plants from seed and whilst they are almost ready to plant out, the stars of the garden at the moment are the bluebells.

Aren't they beautiful?  They looked so pretty in the sunshine today.  We do have a few in our own garden, which MIL gave to us, but they look astonishingly pretty in their masses.

I tried to sit out in the garden for a while after lunch, with J (stepson).  We spent about ten minutes chatting about his forthcoming RE exam whilst I crocheted but then had to admit defeat - there was a rather robust wind and it was cold!  The nip in the air did not stop me wearing my new Sam Edelman sandals, however.  I am prepared to risk hypothermia for a shoe debut.

I wore them with my Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans and a cream cotton fisherman's jumper from Jack Wills.  If you're interested, I'm wearing Chanel Blue Rebel polish on my toes.  Not sure how much I like it - I'm not usually one for odd-coloured polish. I prefer nudes and reds.  I have bought some pastel nail colours to wear this year but I know I won't wear them.  Cuckoo was talking on her blog recently about aspirational clothes shopping and it really resonated with me.  Like my huge box full of garish nail polish, my wardrobe is full of ridiculously high-heeled shoes that I can hardly walk in.  (Don't tell my husband I admitted to that though, please.)

I love fashion jewellery and I'm building a collection of bracelets at the moment; I like to see an armful of bracelets and I especially like friendship bracelets in the summer months.  I am trying to make my own with a cool kit from Paperchase and some substituted neon cord but have since found a more grown-up (and, frankly, gorgeous) option.

Wild Acre jewellery makes my heart race.  Belinda creates contemporary jewellery that is inspired by nature with a specific focus on shape and texture.  It's the kind of jewellery that makes you want to reach out and touch it.  I bought a couple of friendship bracelets from Belinda over Christmas for friends (which they LOVED!) and, knowing they were a seasonal item, asked if there happened to be any left over.  Of course there weren't, but Belinda has made a few for the summer with different coloured cords.  The beads are real silver and sooo sparkly.  (I'm sure B will have a fit over the quality of my photo but it is difficult to photograph spangles properly!).

The turquoise and hot pink bracelets were the first friendship bracelet purchase from Belinda before my addiction really took hold.   I'm pleased to have a found a 'posh' friendship bracelet - I think they looka bit more grown-up than the cheaper versions and they complement my silver jewellery nicely.

This key pendant is also a Wild Acre creation and I get loads of comments every time I wear it.  It's a Victorian key that Belinda found at Spitalfields market and had cast in silver.  I adore it.  It's on a long, brushed silver chain and goes with everything.

If you would like to treat yourself or a friend to one of these lovely bracelets for summer the Wild Acre shop is here.  The bracelets are £15 each - bargain. I think you'll need to contact Belinda directly to let her know what you're after, like I did.  Whilst you're there, take a look at Belinda's blog.  She is one of those people who is uplifting to be around and her blog about her summer flower business and her jewellery is a good read.

So, an epic post I'm afraid but I had a spontaneous blog break and had loads to tell you.  Hope you had a cuppa to hand!  There is still more to come - I won a giveaway on Nina's blog this week and I'm skippy with excitement to show you how I've organised our bathroom and kitchen recently.  Add to that a bit of waffle about some killer new beauty products, a couple of new craft projects and a super-easy cake recipe and there is plenty more for me to bore you with in the coming weeks!

Thanks for sticking with me, I promise to be more concise next time. Have a good week.



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  1. Oh my, I have garden envy too, your MIL's bluebells are gorgeous! But I'm also loving your wooden crate, I so want one (or two) but they are always so hideously expensive! Loving the sandals too :) Jenny x

  2. Hmmmm Chanel you say? ah, those days are long gone for me!! (spend too much money on things like crates!!)
    Our garden is full of bluebells and I have to admit I LOVE them.
    I did NOT need to know about this jewellery shop...but off for a look. Rude not to...fee x

  3. Lush bracelets, how cute are they?! I don't normally like coloured nail polish but you rock that blue look. You have good toe nails though, if you know what I mean. Not stumpy little things.
    Nice jeans although being nosy, I'd like to see them with your top on. All sounds lovely though.
    Aren't bluebells the prettiest things ever?! So dainty.
    Must go for a shower before I collapse in heap with the husband on the sofa for something on BBC1 at 9pm that I fancy. x x x x x x

  4. Lovely post, glad you got niceish weather to wear your new sandals! Chucking it down here, and absolutely freezing ... Nice to pick your own herbs and salad leaves as you need them, much better than a slimy supermarket bag! Have a lovely week, Claire x

  5. Your nail varnish looks really pretty. I normally opt for traditional nail polish colours too but I would be tempted with that one. I think its because its so shiny and the colour is deep and covers well. Your feet look good for their first summer 'airing' too! Hope you don't get chilblains (Lol!)

  6. Hi Nicki,I have commented on your blog before but not for a while,I have some herbs planted in a wooden box and love nipping out and snipping bits to add to my dishes much nicer than dried herbs,your sandles are very pretty and your braclets,I love lots of bangles and braclets jingling on my wrists.Have a good week Love Jill xx

  7. Oooh I'm loving those bracelets, am a bit of a magpie I'm afraid! And seeing your pretty tootsies has reminded me to paint mine :)

  8. Ooh those bracelets are gorgeous! Loving the nail polish too - like you I have a drawful of various shades I know I'll never wear but my daughter is 2 and she is LoViNg the bright colours :0)
    Victoria xx

  9. I'm one of your "new" followers and I love those bluebells! I'm not sure we have them in the states...I'll have to check. And your shoes, nails and jewelery look fab...I've given up on a lot of that stuff as I'm pretty plain Jane and also retired with no one to impress anymore! LOL! I'd rather buy fabric or yarn...or plants. But you look very stylish!

  10. What stunning jewellery (and garden)

  11. Hi Nicki! Thank you for following my blog ... have a lovely day, Claire xxx

  12. Hi Nicki !

    Loving the jewellery. I love my links of London charm bracelet but also wear other bangles with it too.

    Where do you find those garden boxes? I never seem to come across anything like that. They look fab!

    Gemma xxx

  13. I got a stack of the garden boxes on freecycle some years back. Still in a stack! Will take inspiration from yu. I have herbs growing in an old tin bath, but you can never have enough of them.

  14. Awwww, Nicki, thanks so much for sharing the jewellery love - hugely appreciated.

    Looks like we both had a weekend of bluebell heaven, and even some sunshine to enjoy them in which makes a change! Btw have you ever tried Penhaligan's bluebell scent - as unusual and beguiling as the real thing (almost!).

    And I love old fruit crates, can sometimes pick them up in my local town market if you need more and work ever finds you this way on a Friday?! Lunchbreak retail moment?

    Have a good week, Bx

  15. Your garden is looking fantastic! also loving your jewellery collection, I am a fan of Links too :) have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. I love Belinda's jewellery and have several pairs of her earrings. Those bluebells are gorgeous, as are the sandals.

  17. I am so jealous of those vintage crates...I want!!

    Shirley x

  18. Ohh your sweet peas are going to be lovely and that smell when they come out will be devine ;-)Those vintage crates are gorgeous i bought one the other day and my partner has wire brushed and waxed it it looks amazing now ;-) Enjoy your week, dee x

  19. Those bracelets are stunning - definitely a more grown up version of the ones we used to make our friends when we were kids.
    I will be sure to check out Wild Acre very soon :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  20. Okay, so I leave this post with garden envy (your MIL's garden looks spectacular), bracelet envy, and even vintage crate envy. Your blog is so not good for me Nicki ;D

    Hope your herb box perks up for you :D

  21. Oh I LOVE blue nail varnish, and you are rocking it with those sandals!
    Your crate of herbs looks great, where do you get crates like that from? I agree, nothing quite like using things you've grown yourself when you're cooking. I am hoping to grow some potatoes in our little back terrace soon. I've been saying that for weeks though.

    You are very naughty, tempting us all to shop like that. That key pendant is really sweet.

  22. Loving the crate herb 'patch' it is so nice to go and grab some herbs to throw into a casserole etc. Well it is so nice to grab fresh veggies etc to eat, I really miss my veggie patch. I have Kale growing at the moment but the cabbage moths are getting the benefit.
    xx Sandi
    The nails are pretty 'hot' along with the sandels btw

  23. Ahhhh such a lovely, relaxing post stuffed full of gorgeous things and fab photos!! I love your friendship bracelets...they're going to look very pretty all together! *happy sigh* such a lovely post :)

    Love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  24. Now, Missus, those sandals are just LUSH! And I really
    Ike the nail varnish. I've just bought some nudes too, but now I'm thinking navy!
    Really love the pics of your garden. I wish mine were a bit more cottage-y. Mind you, I really should actually make some effort to do some gardening. Maybe that would help!
    Right, off to look at those friendship bracelets- what gorgeous pressies they will make.
    For myself, of course.
    Tee hee!
    Have a lovely week.

  25. The jewellery you have is very pretty indeed. I love all of them even though, I have to admit that I barely wear any. I do have a diamond bracelet that was given to me. It is very special and therefore I wear it only to very special occasions.