Monday, 16 July 2012

Sun, Sand and Sea in Norfolk

We went to the seaside over the weekend.  My parents have a static caravan by the beach in North Norfolk and we had booked it a while ago.  It was tempting to call the whole thing off given the weather here on Friday but I am fed up of the rain putting the mockers on my summer so decided that we would proceed with our mini break and just ensure that we had the right clothes with us in case of rainstorms.

When we picked J up en route on Friday night the rain was coming down in bucket-loads and I was mildly alarmed (but not surprised) to see that he wasn't wearing a coat.  (He's a teenager and I don't think they 'do' coats.)  He was also wearing a pair of brand spanking new - very white - trainers.  I quelled my natural instinct to insist on him grabbing a jacket and a pair of more practical [older, less cool] shoes and thanked the Lord that we had packed a shedload of DVDs in case we were stuck indoors.

Saturday, however, dawned bright and breezy.  I was up ages before Andrew and J so made myself a big mug of coffee and sneaked into the living room, put the little fire on and spent a few hours stitching before the menfolk got up.  It was bliss!  


Andrew was first to surface so we dressed quickly and took the dog for a walk to the bakery to fetch supplies for brunch.  We sat around the caravan watching TV for a while and then drove across to Holt for cake and a poke around some of the antique shops.  I have found a new favourite shop and spent a bit too long lusting after vintage factory baskets (bought two, yay!), vintage-style ribbon and wire bread baskets.  I also found a ladybird book in an antique shop that I had LOVED as a child and completely forgotten about.  Wish I had bought it now, I keep thinking about it:  The Elves and the Shoemaker.  Remember that one?  I loved the little pink boots the elves had made.

When we got back to the caravan it was warm and sunny so we took a long walk along the beach - J and Andrew played catch all the way along the promenade.

Walking along the sea front with my little dog in the sunshine, watching my two best boys running around, laughing and yelling to each other makes me so happy, really properly heart-squeezingly happy.  Such simple pleasures.  Nice to spend the weekend remembering what's important - it's been a bit stressful round here lately.

We rounded up the day with an early dinner at the pub, a quick turn around the little amusement arcade and walked back to the caravan with an ice cream before settling down to watch a film together.

Sunday was more of the same - walks in the sunshine, sewing and reading.  The weather was beautiful so we chose to make the most of it and stay a bit later than we ordinarily would.  It was quiet, relaxed and nice to have some proper quality time together.  


Today has been a different story altogether.  We discovered that our debit card has been cloned and the fraudsters (love that word) have spent £1,500 on gambling websites.  (I am ashamed to admit that I was a teeny bit relieved at the fact it was a genuine fraudster this time.  Andrew phoned me, just a few weeks ago, in a huge panic about a potential fraud on our account where the fraudsters had spent ridiculous amounts of money at Amazon and Space:nk, all in the space of a few days.  Erm, no darling, that was me.  Not popular.)

We will get the money back but not before our holiday on Thursday and I had big plans for that cash, largely involving the French flea markets and haberdasheries.  :-)

Have a good week everyone.  Thanks for popping over here and a big thanks to my new followers for clicking the follow button!  *waves* 

I'm planning a giveaway to celebrate 300 followers so we're getting closer! 




  1. I'm sorry to hear about your card. It's happened to me too (over Christmas!), it's a pain. Looks like a fab weekend. I'm impressed at how organised your threads are! Have a great holiday, lovely girl. Xxx

  2. What a horrible thing to happen..poor you!
    I love Norfolk...even in the rain.
    Have a good's warming up soon I hear! :0)

  3. hello! have found you on here from instagram. Sorry about your card, that is so frustrating! ggrrrr!
    take care for now

    Becca x

  4. That's rubbish news about your card. *shakes fist at the heavens*
    I had that very same book about the elves and the shoemaker and loved the tiny red boots too! I used to read it over and over again and loved the pictures. I've designed and made a pair of pink opal earrings for my latest giveaway, it would be lovely if you wanted to enter. Em ♥

  5. Lovely holiday pics. But I'm an East Anglian, so I am biased!
    Nasty about the fraudsters. We had that happen a couple of years ago, and it's lucky that I know husband well enough to realise that he tells me if he buys something online. So if I see something odd crop up in email, I query it. One day three purchase attempts for porn cropped up, and long story short, it was fraudsters trying to use his card via google checkout.

    Soon put a stop to that. Couldn't care less if some oddball is buying porn, but pay for it yourself you lowlife! Urgh.

    I think the Elves and the Shoemaker was the reason I became obsessed with shoes. The thought of shoes appearing by magic and sewn with tiny little stitches thrilled me. I wish they'd sew me a few pairs of Louboutins overnight!

    Just reading your other posts, Jennie Maizels is on Twitter, do you follow her?

    right must go. Going to be late for school at this rate.Last week, hurrah, then I get 6 lovely weeks with my girly girl.Can't wait!

  6. too long since I've been over here...missed your funny posts! Hmmmm, elves and shoemaker blocks??? maybe.
    I had a similar credit card embarrasment - (why do they always phone the husband and snitch!!?)
    Hope you get it back soon.
    France you say? Nelly is over there just now and we are going in 21 sleeps! Sooo can't wait. Needing to have the 'what's important' chat with ourselves too.
    Lovely to catch up
    fee x

  7. Hi Nicki,what is it with teenagers and coats?Mine dont do coats either! Looks like a great few days away,what are you stitching at the moment? How scary with the credit card,not you,but the fraudster,hope you have a great holiday,lol juliexxx

  8. The Caravan looks gorgeous from the photo you took. A lovely little hide away : )

    Looking forward to hearing about France!!

    Gemma xXx

  9. Oh Pants Columbo on the credit card fraudsters. So sorry to hear that. Sorry re your recent stresses too.
    LOVING that Elves and Shoemaker book. I own it (of course) and merely bought it for the little pink boots. They are so pleasing to the eye aren't they?
    How much was the copy you saw? I saw it yesterday for 75p. Happy to see if it is still there and get it for ya (although will need to double check the condition).
    Glad you had a lovely time away. My in laws have a static in France which we usually go to, although not this year.
    This year my parents are renting a lush gite in the south of France that we are all going to and I cannot wait.
    Hope you ok, x x x x x

  10. What a lovely weekend you had and lucky to see some sunshine! We too love Norfolk and isn't Holt a little gem of a place?

    That is awful about your card, hopefully wont take too long to sort! Happy holidays :)

  11. Oh that's absolutely awful about your card! It happened to my parents, someone bought a wide screen tv and spent hundreds of pounds with Interflora. How odd!

    Your trip away looks and sounds wonderful. We could all do with a nice break like that from time to time. I'd love to plan more weekends away but not everywhere is dog (i.e. Pug) friendly so it's a bit tricky.xx

  12. Arghhhh to the fraudsters! It's total pants isn't it. It's happened to us 3 times now ..... grrrrr! Your weekend away though sounds delightful and good for the soul <3

    You trip away sounds exciting!! Have fun my lovely x x x

    Jo x x x

  13. P.S. Buy the book on eBay! I bought my Ladybird Cinderella one and I love <3 xxx

  14. Your break looks great, rain or no rain, and I hope you enjoy your holiday despite the naughty peeps stealing your cash! xx

  15. Glad you had a wonderful break but so sorry to hear about your card, hope it gets sorted soon sweetie.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. Looks like you had a good weekend getaway.

    Pants on your debit card being cloned though. It happened to my hubby years ago but luckily it was only £60 they got away with. Still it wasn't the amount but just the inconvenience. Oh and the way your bank makes YOU to be a fraudster whilst they investigate.

    Ruby x

  17. Boo to stupid fraudsters, I hope you can get the ££ back ok. x

  18. I know - they cloned mine last week but luckily the bank blocked it before any of the odd transactions went through so I didn't lose any money - just had a huge panic when my card didn't work!!!

    And I loved that book too! I'd completely forgotten about it but as soon as a scrolled down to the cover I immediately recognised it. :-)

  19. Ahhhhhhh love the book...i had it as a little girl too, it has brought all my memories of it back...thank you x

    What a lovely little trip you had, it is so nice to get away sometimes.

    What an absolute bummer about the credit card...there are some rubbish people out there.

    love jooles x

    P.S teenagers and coats do NOT mix!

  20. Ah I loved that book! I'm sure my parents still have it somewhere - I'm going to look next time I visit them :)

    My husband still doesn't like taking a coat! But then he can't complain about getting wet if it rains

  21. Now that is a very lush looking static caravan. I think it is the same as what we call a mobile home over here. Ours are not as pretty as yours tho, all brown fake wood walls which look so uninviting. My second ex and I had one, if we had kept it I would have redecorated, but we sold it to help buy an apartment in Queensland.
    I hope they catch the sods that took your money, thank goodness you get it all back.
    xx Sandi

  22. What a posh caravan! How horrible for you to have someone clone your card. How do they do that? I have also been called by the fraud department at least three times due to 'unusual activities' which turned out to be bulk buying at IKEA and supermarkets (not even fun places!) Enjoy your holidays. xxx

  23. Just starting following your blog as follow you on instagram. (oh gosh that makes me sound a bit stalkerish! promise Im not) Well just wanted to say Im loving it and have been sitting here for far to long reading old posts! Its fab!

    gems x

  24. Ah, I love North Norfolk, it has a magical charm. I was lucky enough to live in Sherningham and then Cromer for a few months as a teenager

  25. Sorry to hear about the card - it happened to us once too, money comes back but that doesn't compensate you for the hassle.

    I used to love that book too :D

  26. Oh wow, gorgeous pics. It looks like you had a lovely holiday away. I can't believe that is what the inside of the static caravan looks like... not what I had imagined, it looks so lovely inside.
    Sorry about the card fraudsters, how annoying...what cheek!!

    Ashley xxx

  27. Oh my gosh I remember that book!!! Memories :) x

  28. oh dear not what you wanted to hear just before you go away, i hope it doesnt spoil you holiday x

  29. Hello,

    Have probably missed you before you leave for France but look forward to hearing all about it. We just got back yesterday, cannot beat the wine (just a small glass natch) cheese and bread. Not to mention sunshine.
    Apparently this week was looking good for the latter, enjoy
    Nelly xx

  30. Glad you enjoyed your time here in Norfolk, it's been a lovely sunny weekend. And there's no better place for coffee and cake than Holt.
    The elves and the shoemaker was a favourite book of mine too, the same cover as the one you've found - I think I still have mine, it must be very old!

  31. What a lovely little break you had!
    I too am LOVING your little threads all beautifully displayed- they look sooooo inviting!
    Sad news about the card fraud. What buggers. It's happened to me and it's proper horrid, so big hugs, my lovely!
    (I did laugh about the other fraud- Amazon and SpaceNK?!! Priceless!!!)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Just to let you know- I've just put all my jewellery into my Etsy shop and there's a 10% discount over at the blog, if you fancy it! Xxx

  32. Hello, i've been absent from blog world of late. so just been peeking at your posts! i don't know if your still looking for a delish choc cake, but you might like to try the one I use. its easy and lovely. if you go on my blog and click on the label for chocolate cake, it should bring it up. let me know if you can't find it and i will email it to you.sarah.xx

  33. I'm a bit late to this party, I know, but just had to say how much I love Holt!!! The antique shops there are heaven sent. Did you go to the Antiques Emporium? It's like a tardis - room after room of treasure.

    Boo to the tosspot using your card. Somebody used mine to buy a pair of £300 sunglasses.

    You've since been to France too? Now I need to go through your IG back catalogue to find out more.

    Have a lovely week.


  34. 2nd comment on here Nicki lol

    I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award. I hope you don't mind

    You can find out more here

    Ruby x