Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas and New Year Round-up

Happy new year everyone!  

I totally meant to write throughout December but I was too busy blowing my nose, sucking Strepsils and celebrating Christmas.  We had a lovely time; ate well, slept well and played well too.  

Getting into a happy tangle with the fairy lights
Still love fairy lights.  Every year I leave an extra string of fairy lights up in the house after Christmas.  By the time I'm 60 my house will be visible from space!  

Prettying up the house both inside and out.
A few carol singers would have made this photo perfect.  I'm planning on rounding up a group to go carolling next year.  I'm not kidding.  Yes, Claireybelle, I'm looking at you! 

Feeling hopeful. 
I was massively spoilt this year.  I now have a whopping supply of L'Occitane goodies, some Penhaligon's perfume, a new overnight bag and a gorgeous set of stacking silver rings.  The chocolates and sweets I was given can now be evidenced in the spare tyre around my middle.  It was a delicious Christmas! 

Lots of long winter walks in my big new puffer coat.
I quite like that I look a bit manic in this photo.  We were just heading out to fetch our Christmas trees so I was very excited.

Baking lots of gifts. 
You have to make gingerbread at Christmas.  It's the law.

Making and eating lots of peppermint bark.
Ditto peppermint bark.  Man, I ate way too much of this stuff.  Am now addicted and wondering how I can make this festive treat year-round.  Suggestions for things I can bash up and throw on top of melted dark chocolate would be very much appreciated.  

Wearing my party frock (slightly tipsy shot)
This is me (obviously) in one of my Poppy Children dresses.  It has a very floaty skirt and I felt amazing in it.  I never feel amazing in anything so this was an unusual, but happy, feeling.  I took this photograph when I'd just got home from an champagne afternoon tea with the WI.  Fab day.

Niece wearing the party frock (and petticoat) I bought for her.
I bought my Niece, Izzie, a Poppy Children dress and she wore it on Christmas day.  We were both wearing red Poppy Children dresses with big white petticoats underneath.  She had stripy tights and sparkly flat pumps; I wore fishnets and massive red patent heels.  She asked me if she could have a pair of 'tight with squares on' too.  Ha!  She's four this month.  

Massive family card game on Christmas day.  Noisy and lots of fun.
We always play cards on Christmas night.  Everyone joins in, including my 80-something grandmother (we call her Slick B for this event and she is the Rulebook Hitler).  It's immense fun.  We save our pennies up all year to gamble with.  Jake is becoming a bit of a card shark and cleared up this time - hope we aren't teaching him bad habits. 

Curled up watching a bit of TV.
Bought the cosiest new bedding ever.

New PJ bottoms and a bit of crochet.
We went out lots but we also managed a few snuggly nights at home.  There was plenty of crochet, knitting and stitching.  A bit of TV-watching too.

Festive perfection! 


It was my birthday on New Year's Eve and, as is tradition, we headed for the West End to see a show.  This year it was We Will Rock You and whilst I found the storyline a bit odd, the music was amazing.  

I did a bit of wooping, a lot of toe tapping, some teen-style head nodding and, at one point, totally forgot where I was and started to play air guitar.  (I promptly stopped.  Bit embarrassing.)   I felt a bit sorry for Drew.  He had me on one side and a die-hard Queen fan on his other who was without doubt the loudest person in the whole theatre.  She was very entertaining but I did cringe for her a bit when the man behind gave her an ear-bashing for spoiling it for everyone else.  (Pleased to report that she spouted a few blue words at him and sat down.  I do love a mini-drama when I'm out.)

And now here we are.  A new year and a new start.  

Learning to embroider.

I always make lots of resolutions at the beginning of each year.  Some I keep, some I don't, but still I enjoy the process of thinking about the small improvements I'd make to my life and the things I'd like to achieve.  
I won't bore you with my resolutions this year, but I can tell you that I plan to worry less, craft more and I will make time to be thankful every single day. 

Happy new year, again, to my lovely bloggy friends.  Thanks for visiting.




  1. Your Christmas sounded and looked amazing! Very festive and cosy x

  2. Your Christmas sounds and looks beautiful! Was sad taking my tree down today :( Happy 2013!

  3. Hmmmmm lots of lovely eye candy here. And here are my comments:
    1) you can NEVER have too many fairy lights (cute slippers)
    2) if I lived closer I would come a carol singing with you
    3) spare tyre you say? pppfht. You are nowhere near round enough for my liking. Get eating bark
    4) I am resisting even looking at poppychildren as i fear for my bank balance
    5) cute cellophane bags for gingermen...share the origin?
    6) we too bought that bedding!! Flanelette? JL? we actually got the duvet in the cream and grey check (just FYI) but the under sheet and pillow cases in red. Man it's cosy
    7)belated happy birthday. We were seeing The Hoff in pantomime on NYE and have decided the theatre on NYE is our newest tradition

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Nikki - hope its full of wonderful memories
    fee x

  4. Love this post Nicki, lots of loveliness to look at ... a visual feast! I too made peppermint bark for the first time (and then 3 more times) and ate lots ... Back at weight watchers tomorrow so have to put a lid on it! Love the bedding ...

    I always sit next to the noisest person in the theatre, I have a nuisance magnet which I forget to turn off. Glad you had a lovely birthday and Happy New Year!

    Love Claire 💕

  5. Thank goodness you're back!!!

    I'm sitting reading this with Blondie Daughter over my shoulder. Her words ...

    "Are they her legs?"
    "Ooh she's pretty."
    "Ooh can you make that?"
    "I love her bed."

    Enough said.


  6. Wow, your Christmas looked beautiful! I'm a cosy addict, so new bedding and pjs, plus a cute terrier to cuddle up is pretty much perfection!

    You can never have enough fairy lights in a single dwelling, i plan to adorn my entire home with them when the walls have been plastered and we can finally decorate!

    I can't believe you think you have a spare tyre! You look fab in that blue dress, very slim and very stylish!

    Have a lovely 2012!!

    Hannah xxx

  7. By 2012.... i meant 2013! Obviously not used to the New Year Myself! xx

  8. gorgeous photo's and those jamas are just adorable , love the bedding too.. notice you didn't let slip where it was from , hint hint :-).Good luck with the embroidery .

  9. Happy new year and lovely to see you back ,lovely pics as always and love your home x

  10. Ooh, you do make me smile. I got that dress for Christmas. It is beautiful. Happy belated birthday. X

  11. Ooohh I was so pleased to discover you on IG and I now can stalk (in the nice stalky way!!) your blog too!! Yay!!!I love it!! Love to find other homebodies who enjoy a good play with a needle and yarn, baking and other yummy things! Love your NY resolutions too! And your dog! Cheers...Janelle (awhitefarm) xx

  12. Lovely Christmas roundup and the best new years resolutions! Happy new year. Julie x

  13. Your new bedding looks absolutely lovely!

  14. Looks like a beautiful Christmas, birthday and NYE! xxx

  15. What a fantastic Christmas, New Year and Birthday! Happy 2013! xx

  16. Worrying about calorific intake over Christmas is a waste of energy! None of my jeans are comfortable anymore when I sit down, so I have practiced what I preach. Fairy lights are the thing I miss the most when I take down our decorations - I need to take a leaf out of your book and acquire more. Your Christmas and New Year looks fab. Happy 2013 to you, Nicki.

  17. What a lovely Christmas you had :) So nice to see you in Blogland again. Too many have abandoned their blogs on IG which is a shame.

    I don't bother much with resolutions. They always end up going the way of the dodo ;)
    I wouldn't worry about putting on the extra weight, we're all in the same boat. Roll on the warmer weather and salads.

    Sounds like you have been having lots of fun indeed :o)
    How about freeze dried fruit (especially raspberries mmmmmm) to sprinkle on dark choc, just think of the health benefits .....
    love jooles x

  19. Lovely post, looks and sounds like you had a perfect Christmas and Birthday! xxx

  20. Everything is so pretty in this post ... it certainly looks like you had a good Christmas.

    Happy New Year Nicki ... enjoy your stitching x

  21. A Gorgeous post from a gorgeous gal. I'm glad I'm not the only fairy light obsessive fan out there :) I love them, although not too sure James is as keen on them as I am, I'm working on him though ;p x x x x