Monday, 6 May 2013

Happy Days

A day off with bright sunshine and I feel as though I've won the lottery.  It's days like today that make me realise that it doesn't take an awful lot to make me happy.

I've been up since 7 (on my own - bliss!) and have already pegged out my first load of washing, put a second load on, fed the dog and had a hot cup of coffee (a rarity, I usually get distracted and they go cold).  

Friday morning's cuppa.  This morning's was much the same!
We've had a lovely weekend here so far.  Both Drew and I took an extra day's leave on Friday and had lunch together at the Bell Plantation in Towcester.  The cafe there is one of my favourites - gorgeous homemade food and the place is really nicely decorated too.  It was a lovely sunny day so I dug out the summer brights.

Dress, cardie and bag all Joules.  Pumps M&S.  (Grin c/o of boss for sorting my work woes this week.)
We ate homemade salmon quiche with salad and chips.  It was so good.  Afterwards, we came home for a nap in the sunshine before fetching J.  Upon seeing me, J 'helpfully' commented that I was 'one of those' people who wears their summer wardrobe the second the sun starts to shine (I am).  I'm not sure it was a compliment.   
The sun has continued to shine all weekend, for the most part, and after a busy day on Saturday we spent yesterday just hanging around at home, painting (me), watching football (Drew) and watching TV/texting whilst pretending to revise (J).

Still working on my tea cosy.  I hope to finish it this week.

I have a few plans for today, all of them fun.  Yay!  First up, I'm going to give my craft room a good sort out.  I haven't really used it since we had the kitchen done apart from popping in occasionally to retrieve and deposit yarn/books etc.  I am sitting in here now and there are piles of craft books and bags of yarn everywhere, all lightly sprinkled with a dusting of various random craft items including ribbons, jewellery charms, embroidery floss, fabric scraps and beads.  It *sounds* like my idea of heaven but in reality is beginning to resemble a scene from 'The Hoarder Next Door'*.

This afternoon I'm going to have a go at some patchwork and might pop out to a local May Day fête.  I should be able to persuade Drew to come if I let him know there will be homemade cakes!


Finally, I am pleased to report that I have, at last, hit the point where I am properly motivated to lose weight.  I've steadily gained pounds over the last year and now none of my favourite Current/Elliot jeans fit me.  I've tried to diet recently but have been through a bit of a mood slump and chocolate was the only cure.  The slump is finally behind me (a whole other, very boring, story).   I had the loveliest of chats with my gorgeous friend Lisa over wine and pizza on Thursday and now feel totally motivated to sort out my shiz once and for all.  

Pre-run, proudly showing off my bumbag.  See, I am so motivated that I bought a BUMBAG!
I'm 5'6" and yesterday hit the scales at 11st 1lb.  I am very small boned and do not carry weight well at all.  My hips and bum are a size 14 and my bazongas now require an F cup.  This would be fine if the clothes in my wardrobe were able to accommodate such voluptuousness, but they aren't - they were all bought for a far less curvy me.  So, yesterday evening I took photographs of myself in my undies without holding my breath.  I took photos from the front, the side and (shudder) the back.  (Then I had a stiff drink.)  I've annotated the photos with 'Day One' and my weight, then saved them in a special file on my computer that is heavily encrypted and causes any would-be hackers to spontaneously combust if they try to access it.  I'm using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone to log my calorie intake and I've set up an extra instagram account for photos of every bit of food I scoff (sounds enthralling, right?! ha!).

I have also started a weight-loss journal.  At the back of the book I've logged my weight and vital stats, then each day I will record the calories I've eaten and the exercise I've done.

My favourite 'food rule' is the 'Cake at Weekends' bit... I wanted something positive! 
It will be my gratitude journal too; each evening I will list five things that day I am grateful for.  Yesterday I noted gratitude for having such a lovely stepson - he delighted me by producing a diet coke for me.  He put it in a pretty glass and took the time to put ice in.  Unprompted.  That boy has been brought up well.

Enjoy your bank holiday Monday everyone.  I haven't forgotten about showing off my kitchen... I'm just waiting until it's tidy enough for some nice photos with my big girl's camera.

Big fat kisses,



* Fascinating and mildly horrifying programme on CH4 which documents people who live atop a huge pile of general rubbish that they've hauled into their homes over the years.  One woman actually had rats nesting in her 'stuff'.  Eeek.


  1. Isnt the weather being kind to us this Bank Holiday?

    Your diet journal is a great idea. I lost 3 stones over the past 2 years on Weight Watchers, but now I want to try a different more independent way to lose the last stone. so I might give your idea a go!


  2. Good for you Nicki, to alter your eating pattern is a good positive step and will become the norm after a while. I am tiny, I'm about 108 pounds - 7stone 10 pounds, yep tiny, am very small boned and stand at 5 foot 3 inches, the only thing is I have a tubby tummy that I would love to be rid of, however 3 babies, the last being 8 pound 9oz born, have stretched everything and no amount of exercise does anything and I sure don't want to diet....pooh! I could be fitter tho' :)
    xx Sandi

  3. Your outfit it CUTE! I love the dress. I love Joules but always wait until the sales, and the free p&p email, then I order through Treatstreet to get the boots points!!
    Good luck with the weight, having just got back from a walking holiday I have realised how un fit I am and should do a fitness diary!

  4. Good luck with your weight journey Nicki you sound determind to do it.Iv been going to slimming world since January and have slowly lost 1 and half stone up to now,am pleased with myself.Iv done it before so I know I can do it and like you an determined to. Love Jill xx

  5. Hey hunnie
    I KNOW the feeling ALL too well. I started my diet 22 days ago... (Have lost 8lbs so far)... But like you, over the past year, the pounds have piled on and none of my jeans fit me.... Right now I am 10stone 9 and want to get back to 9 stone 12. - I feel happy at this weight and my clothes will fit me again. Luckily my partner, Lala is a size 12/14 and so I a, wearing her jeans ...hahahaha... Dvla tags of being with a I have an online blog for my diet - it is

    I do need to,update it today as not done so since day 15 oops...

    This weather is just love love it..... It doesn't feel like we are in the UK...
    Good luck with your diet hunnie...
    My other blog is


    1. *the benefits of .... (Not dvla tags.... No idea why my iPad changed it to that... )

  6. GOOD LUCK with your weight loss programme Nikki,you sound very well motivated.I love my food and over the years put on loads (chocolate was my downfall).
    Anyway I took it slowly (over a year) to lose it and by eating sensibly,no crash diet..done those,and the weight just piles on again,plus more after...I've lost 5 stone! Walking Bella daily has helped too and I'm no longer puffing and panting up the hills. I used to be a size 18/20 and now 10/12 and it's changed my life.
    Very chuffed as just found a Joules shirt in the CS for £2.99.
    Your look lovely in your Summery clothes.Hope the sunshine lasts a bit longer.

    Bellaboo X

  7. Good luck with your plans. Although I must say that you still look gorgeous!
    Jille x

  8. Hello lady :) I have to say I think you have a great figure and you always look lovely in your outfits (I want to copy your Joules dress but I have to watch the pennies at the mo) Anyway your food Diary sounds like a good plan, keep us posted with your results.

    XXXX Laura XXXX

    (aka So__Laura)

  9. This is such a beautiful beautiful post whilst also being fab and motivated!!! I would just like to say that i think you look beautiful just as you are (in a lovely way not meant weirdly!) but lots and lots of luck with it all - you sound like you arent to be messed with ;) xxxxxx