Monday, 29 July 2013

Loving Lately....

Oh, how we needed a glorious summer in England!  The weather has turned slightly these last couple of days; it has still been muggy and sunshiny but with short thunderstorms and lashing rain every now and then.  But I'm loving every minute, I am.  

I am loving..... 
  • Filling jugs with huge, blowsy, peonies of the very palest pink.
Frilly peonies.
  • Taking lots of lovely, cool, showers and lathering up with zesty shower gels.
  • Sleeping beneath just a single, cotton, sheet. 
  • Having brown feet and living in sandals or flip flops.
  • Pottering in the kitchen with the doors flung open.... 
The kitchen stable door wide open, vainly trying to generate a breeze! 
  • ...whatever the weather... it's just so warm! 
Even the overcast days have been hot, hot, hot! 
  • Eating outdoors at every opportunity.
  • Letting my hair dry naturally.
  • Slowly chop, chop, chopping to make colourful salads for dinner.

  • Propping open doors and making the most of the evening breeze through the windows.
  • Watching my little dog find an occasional wind tunnel by the door (especially now the weather is gustier) then standing to enjoy it, wind blowing through her fur.   Too cute.
  • Listening to the radio outdoors on a little portable cat speaker given to me recently by  
Good little speaker; perfect for kids.  Cute and fun with surprisingly good sound for its size
(you can forgive the lack of bass).
  • Evening walks through the fields with husband and dog (and occasionally stepson) as the sun sets.  Chatting about nothing much and enjoying each others' company.
  • The blissful coolness of our stony (usually freezing) little living room downstairs.
  • Laundry drying on the line within the hour.
  • Fresh mint galore.  And lots of lemon.

It isn't all perfect, of course.  I'm not loving, for example: 
  • Being sweaty.  Having an even sweatier husband.
  • Noticing how dirty my windows are all of the time, because it's so sunny.
  • Ants, flies, wasps, moths and crane flies in the house.
  • Working in an air-conditioned office.  It's blinking freezing in there! 
  • Leaping about for the 30 Day Shred in a conservatory the temperature of a sauna (it's the only place we have room for star jumps in this tiny cottage of ours!) 
  • Melted chocolate bars.
  • Searingly hot leather car seats on bare legs. 
  • Having to wear 'sexy' flesh-coloured undies because light linen does not mix with white knicks.

Obviously, the pros of summer far outweigh the cons but you can bet your life I'll be excited for the autumn when it finally comes.  That's what I love about England: the change of the seasons. 

Have a great week! 




  1. Lovely blog post! I absolutely love English summer evenings, walking out in the setting sun with that cool breeze. Bliss! Although we narrowly missed one of todays downpours this eve! x


  2. Haha. Just as I was starting to go off into summertime fairyland, I get to the bottom of the blog post and agree with every last thing you've written. Especially the bugs bit, and sweaty other half.
    I'm quite enjoying still sleeping with the window open now the weather has turned a little cooler though. Tis nice waking up to a little breeze in the curtains in the morning.
    Looks like you enjoyed your little village green jaunt too. :)
    Han. Xx

  3. This summer has been glorious, if a little too hot occasionally. I've loved early morning walks with a nice cool breeze, playing the "shapes in clouds game" and feasting on the bumper crop of local strawberries!

  4. Love the little cat speaker! Do you mind if I ask how you got it? I'm a three customer- would love one! Hope this summer continues! :)

  5. That cat speaker is too cute! Loving my early morning walks with Bella before it gets too hot. Loving my supermarket shop at the's so cool in there!
    I'm not looking forward to all the spiders that are going to invade the house in the next month or two!

    Bellaboo X

  6. Love all the things you listed. I too am enjoying letting my hair dry naturally, the breeze, wearing sandals or bare feet round the house and many other things.
    Your cottage looks so sweet. Happy Summer, blessings Niki x

  7. Ooh I just love summer too Nicki!

    Love Claire xx

  8. It's been so lovely to have a summer to enjoy hasn't it? Although we've had rain here this week. Guess we can't complain though. Your pictures are gorgeous and you've conjured up a delightful summery picture with your words too! :)

    S x

  9. Lovely post Nicki, loving this summer too :)
    Looking forward to Autumn, love the changing seasons too xxx

  10. Lovely post Nicki, loving this summer too :)
    Looking forward to Autumn, love the changing seasons too xxx

  11. Blissful.
    Enjoy reading your posts.

  12. I had a b'ful smile on my lips while going thorough this post!!
    home sauna

  13. Loved this post! So glad to have come across your blog! I can actually relate to so many of the things you mentioned! Really enjoyed your writing style Nicki :)

    Have a great day and enjoy whatever is remaining of the summers, they'll be over soon :(


  14. Back to catching up on blogs after a tremendous long summer. Loved this post, really descriptive about how we all felt this season. Haven't we been lucky?
    Keep blogging, miss all my fave blogs, don't let Instagram sweep you under! It nearly caught me but I escaped.
    MUCH prefer blogging. Just updated mine after 4 weeks, don't know where the time went.
    Today is grey, it's meant to be sunny and 22 degrees so hoping the sun comes out later.
    Love Gem x

  15. Love your blog. I've just discovered it and hope you post again soon!

  16. Please start blogging again.....!!

  17. Hi there, I'm really interested in working with you - possibly a guest posting opportunity. Please send me an email, I would love to hear from you!