Thursday 16 January 2014

Change your bathroom - how to update your home without spending a fortune

Facing a bathroom overhaul can be daunting, especially if it involves changing fixtures and fittings as well as a new lick of paint.

However, considering how personal the time is that we spend in the bathroom, it is worth the best upgrade possible.

The bathroom is actually a room which can bring out a great deal of your creativity as you get inventive on how to best utilise and decorate the space.

Stick to the theme

Decide on a style and colour theme and stick to it. If all of your decisions are based on a theme, you will find them a lot easier to make.

Once you know what look you want in your bathroom, choosing colours, fixtures and fittings will be a walk in the park, taking away the anxiety that often accompanies home upgrades.

Quality shower fittings

If you enjoy a strong shower which blasts out water at the desired temperate, it is a good idea to ditch the shower curtain and invest in a shower screen.

Find shower screens at Mira Showers from a wide selection including bi-fold doors, side panels, pivot doors and corner entry varieties in durable and attractive glass.

Bathroom experts

It is important to deal with the professionals when it comes to getting advice for upgrading your bathroom.

Mira Bathrooms has nearly a century of experience in the business of bathroom fixtures, fittings, designs and technology.

They are well versed tailor-making solutions to any bathroom regardless of shape or size.


Don’t hesitate to get out the paint brush to give your walls a new lick of paint if it will make a difference. One way of giving a bathroom a sense of space is to paint the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls.

If you go for wallpaper instead, go for a water-resistant and washable type.

Wall hangings

Do you have the ideal mirror in your bathroom or have you just become used to it?
If you want to create an illusion of greater space, invest in a larger mirror. Depending on the style theme of the room, you can finish it off with an ornate or minimalistic frame.

Take a good look at your bathroom walls. Now that they have been repainted or papered, would they suit some pictures or wall hangings?

Bathroom items

A simple way of giving your bathroom a fresh look once all of the basic work has been done is to purchase a new set of towels.

What’s hanging on your towel rack right now – or would you rather not think about it?
Invest in a set of towels which match your new bathroom. They really are the final touches.


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