Saturday, 8 March 2014

Stockpiling Sock Yarn and other stories

Saturday, and what a lovely one it is too.  It's dry and bright here in South Northants.  I was awake super early for a weekend (5am to be precise) and had done a food shop and made bacon sandwiches by 7am.

I love getting up early at the weekend.  I have a mega busy job, which I enjoy, and work full-time.  It doesn't leave much free time in the week to do the things I really love, like stitching, sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking, cooking and tidying.  Not to mention just hanging out with Andrew, watching TV and smooching on the sofa.

Ceramic decorative heart by Greengate
I had a horrible looonnnng dental treatment on Wednesday.  I keep going on about it, but it was traumatic!  I was sedated (as per) and having replacement fillings and a gum deep-clean (yuck).  It was supposed to be a 90 minute appointment but as I was practically knocked out, the dentist decided to do 80% of the job in one fell swoop.  4 hours (yes 4 HOURS!) and £800 later I was still very dopey with an entirely numb mouth, dribbling all over the place and unable to speak.  It was like fast forwarding my life 30 years and seeing myself as a batty old lady. (I am convinced I will be as mad as a box of frogs in my old age.  I've suffered too much with mental illness over the years to escape it in my twilight years.)  Don't get me wrong, my dentist is fantastic.  It's just that I am perhaps a bit of a hypochondriac and have a tendency to 'go on a bit' (husband's words) when I'm under the weather.  Thanks for listening, friends! :)

So anyway, after the unpleasant day I had on Wednesday and the subsequent 48 hours of feeling rough as a badger's bum, I started to feel a whole lot better yesterday afternoon and planned an epic weekend.  I have made ZERO plans.  I'm in various offices next week so a weekend at home is just what the doctor ordered.  My main objective is to start knitting a pair of socks.

In anticipation, I have quizzed various cyber buddies (Ali and Ally I'm looking at YOU), watched endless youtube videos and bought myself a book.  I also appear to be stockpiling sock yarn.

Madeleine Tosh Sock Yarn (Toshsock)
Ali should be blamed entirely for my sock yarn obsession.  Well, Ms Pork Chop is also culpable.  The pair of them post gorgeous photos of hand-knitted socks on instagram (here and here) on a regular basis and I've caught the bug. Trouble is, I can't quite get my head around knitting in the round.  (How do you remember which bit's the front and which is the back?)

Trailing Clouds self-striping sock yarn.  Yes, oooooh.

I tend to summon confidence by (optimistically) telling myself 'if 'she' can do it, I can do it' based on the fact that I, too, have a brain and two hands. The fact that these things also involve a huge dose of natural talent that I do not possess doesn't seem to occur to me until I have a giant basket full of expensive yarn.  All the gear and no idea; that's me.

I'm tenacious if nothing else so I will spend the weekend with a furrowed brow, scrapping with a ball of yarn.  I'm also going to squeeze in some stitching, pretty patchwork and a few episodes of Breaking Bad (newly found favourite programme to knit to with husband).

I have also bought a few supplies from overseas lately and they are starting to arrive at the house in dribs and drabs.   I'm so excited to start stitching these Rosalie Quinlan kits, with gorgeous Cosmo embroidery floss.

Stichery Pokery
The Cottage Garden Threads, are simply beautiful.  I've joined a little club where I pay about £12 a month for a stitchery pattern and four CGT threads with which to stitch it.  Such fun!  I'd love to join a sock yarn club if anyone knows of one.  Preferably a cool US brand which ships to the UK.  Suggestions most welcome.

Have a lovely weekend. 




  1. Haha effing ha. Laughing at the implication I may have natural talent!!!?
    Also in regards to front and back. You can have a wee cast on tail that dangles on the right hand side of the front. I always sew mine in with a nice stitch marker or charm (to be removed afterwards and tail properly sewn in) and I always know the front has the charm to the right the back had it on the left. Bedsides by the time you start on the gusset the front and back are different so you can tell just by looking.
    Omg you can so knit socks mrs. They really are not hard and make more sense once you start. EFFING DO IT!!!

  2. I learned to knit socks with help from Staci Perry at She has the best video tutorials out there and well-done patterns. She suggests knitting socks with worsted weight yarn and bigger needles first to get the construction down before moving to tiny yarn and needles. Also check out Knit Crate for a monthly subscription to a sock club. It is US based and ship worldwide. I am a subscriber and love their pkgs! Good luck with the socks!

  3. I'm a very recent sock knitter and I can tell you that you'll definitely get there. My first sock was slow-going and seemed complicated, but it you just follow the pattern through you'll get there, and once you have done one you'll be fine. I'm on my fifth pair now, and am even tackling a patterned sock!

    I have mind the gap yarn too (haven't used it yet, it is so beautiful I am wanting to wait until I know I can knit a sock perfectly!). sock yarn is so addictive.

    Good luck - can't wait to see your first sock!

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  5. Oh man I can't believe you get up so early at the weekend. I dream, salivate and fantasise about lolling I. bed with my beau til midday on a sat. One day I will do it, when my little bairns have grown up.
    Good luck with knitting socks, I can't knit at all. I can barely crochet to tell the truth.
    love your mug with the heart on, it looks like pin pricks and i imagine all your tea to leak put through the holes!!!
    love you IGers returning to write the odd blog post, although I am so super busy with the worlds cutest baby girl. I only manage one a month it seems!!
    baby doll is currently asleep as I am now off to cuddle the big doll before her bedtime.
    lots of love and hope all is well
    Gem xx. x

  6. out not tea leaking. sodding iPad

  7. If I can knit a pair of socks on DPNs then you certainly can! I haven't caught the sock-knitting bug yet - I found I suffered from second-sock-syndrome - possibly because I only knit a sock just to see if I could! I started with a kit that came with everything I needed, including the world's easiest sock pattern. I only had to resort to youtube once, honestly! I am also a bit scared of self-patterning/self-striping yarn as my tension is always off, but that Trailing Clouds yarn looks divine. I do love my homemade socks though - I use them as bed socks, they are so soft and warm! x

  8. How has your knitting gone? I've never attempted socks; I just know that the yarn will slide off the DPNs when I'm not looking! I did manage a pair of gloves when I was a teenager but I haven't done anything more complicated since!