Sunday, 22 June 2014

Midsummer sun

Hello hello!  This is an English blog so I'll jump right in with it:  hasn't the weather been gorgeous this weekend? Beautiful and sunny. We got back from our holiday in Spain on Thursday and I had the day off on Friday so it has been the most perfect long weekend.  I am pleased to report that the husband's crops faired our absence well and his beans are flowering*.

My mum and sister decided to come and visit me on Friday so we had a day of sewing together.  (Well, until 3pm when they had to go and fetch my niece from art club.)  As usual, we spent most of the day gossiping (my sister is 35 weeks pregnant!  Arrrgggh, the excitement!!)  but I did start another lovely Japanese dress which I finished early on Friday evening.  I love that about sewing, I can make a whole item of clothing in an afternoon.  Instant gratification, perfect for impatient souls like me.

Dress C from "Sweet Dress Book" by Yoshiko Tsukiori; slubby linen with Liberty trim
I am building up quite the handmade wardrobe.  So far I've made three Lily linen dresses by Tessuti (one sleeveless), a Merchant & Mills shirt dress, M&M Factory dress, a freestyled tunic, a couple of artisan apron tunics and this.  Am feeling a real sense of achievement!  Meanwhile, crochet projects I started 2 years ago languish, untouched, in baskets around my craft room.  Oops.

Do you know Lynda from Hookin With Laalaa?  She had the loveliest craft blog and was one of my favourites.  Lynda no longer blogs but we have kept in touch via text and Instagram and finally got together yesterday for chatting and crafting.  I had such a lovely day, we have known each other via the internet for at least three years now so it was such a treat to finally meet.  We, obviously, did lots of chatting with a little bit of knitting/sewing thrown in.  We had such a fab time that Laalaa missed her train home by six hours and it was dark by the time she left.  A perfect way to spend the longest day of the year.  

As if it wasn't enough of a treat that she came to see me, Laalaa brought lots of gorgeous gifts! 

I adore Lynda's handmade stuff and I am so chuffed with this tapestry scissor fob.  I am crazy for sewing notions and trinkets, which Lynda knows, and the scissors she bought for me are cute (and sharp) too.  I am looking forward to trying the chocolate tea (one of my favourite combos**) and I am impressed with myself for still having some of the pink champagne chocs left, 12 hours later!  Laalaa also brought two packets of my favourite Toffee Crisp biscuits (in the fridge/my tummy/hidden from husb)  and a gorgeous Cath Kidston spatula (in the utensil pot).  I am a lucky girl indeed.

So, today we are chilling out at home for a bit and then off to my parents' house for a barbecue with the rest of the family.  I am considering taking some peanut butter cookies that I read about recently.  They have just three ingredients and sound delicious.  My dad loves peanut butter so the two of us will love them at least.

Have a lovely Sunday, whatever you're up to.  Thanks for stopping by. 




*not prison slang

**I have become obsessed with pondering my favourite combos lately.  Let's discuss sometime soon.


  1. The dress is lovely. Sadly I never learned to sew but have been crocheting up a storm. Seems lots of folks have stopped blogging. I still love it and the connections I have made. But I gotta say, Instagram is so much quicker and easier. Kinda like my crochet projects. :) Sounds like you have truly had some wonderful times. We were in Spain some years ago and enjoyed it so much. Will be meeting at least one blog friend in the States this summer, too. Always fun! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  2. Nicky! You are a sewing goddess! Good grief, your dress looks so beautifully made and I love the trim. There's something about a plain linen with ditsy bits that leaves me weak.

    Lynda is such a peach. I must get in touch with her soon. It made me chuckle to think of you chattering away and her missing her train!

    You sound really well poppet. I can't believe your sister is suddenly so bigly preggy - is it really that long since I was on IG?

    Heather xx

  3. Hi Nicki.How are you? How exciting a new little niece or nephew is on its way, I've a new baby niece,so adorable.I'm so impressed by your hand made clothes, but where do you start? I'd love to make a tunic. My mum has a sewing machine I could borrow, any advice greatly received,on books I could start off with,etc. How lovely that you met up with Lynda,she s such a lovely lady. take care,love juliexxx