Monday, 15 August 2011

The Great British Holiday

I can't tell you how busy I've been today.  It was my first day back at work after a week's holiday and there was so much to catch up on.  I was working from home, which I'm grateful for, but as I sit here in my stained sweatshirt (coconut yogurt, hastily wolfed down in my 'lunch break' and too busy to change) with mad lady hair (no time to blowdry after my shower this morning - frizz city) it feels like I may have dreamt my holiday last week.

We did have the most dreamy time... (What a link! Sorry).  My parents bought a static caravan on the Norfolk coast a couple of years ago and we love it.  It is just kept for our family to use, we don't rent it out, so everything we could possibly need is kept there.  We have rules about maintaining a supply of 'essentials' at the caravan so there is always a cold bottle of wine to enjoy with our fish and chips when we first arrive!  

The dog went on her own little holiday last week, to stay with my MIL, so we had some freedom to go out exploring without worrying about getting back for the dog.  It was truly lovely. 

The weather wasn't great but it stayed warm and fine and we did get out and about.  As you will know, the Queen likes to get away to Norfolk every now and then too, so we popped over to Her Majesty's little holiday home a couple of times for tea and scones.  Unfortunately she wasn't in when we dropped by but we did get to have a poke around the house and grounds.  
I loved looking around the house.  I wish I could have taken some photos indoors but, understandably, cameras were not permitted.  The tour guides had fascinating little stories to tell both about the royal family's history but also about mundane little things like which chair the Queen favours for watching television (ha! I wonder if she likes Casualty on a Saturday night too?).  We had our fair share of cream teas last week but I can confirm that the cream teas at the Queen's house were the best.  So good we went back a second time, just for the tea room.  (Jeans are a little snug today.)

There were also National Trust properties to visit with beautiful gardens, pretty woodland walks and (again) great tea rooms.

We ate out every day and found a few nice pubs in the area.  This one, the Orange Tree in Thornham, was particularly good.  Great food and wine, pleasant staff and a lovely beer garden.  (We also discovered another pub which had good food but the most appalling service I have ever encountered.  That particular lunch trip was memorable simply because it was so farcical.)

We seemed to sleep a lot too (parents have said 'oooh, you must have needed it', as parents do).  We adopted our usual holiday nap culture and would have an hour's snooze mid-afternoon every day!  Such a pair of old biddies.  

We were sure to fit in a daily stroll along the beach.  I especially liked our evening walks; hand in hand, chatting about nothing in particular and people-watching whilst eating rum and raisin ice cream cones.

Things I didn't get photos of included a fish and chip supper with wine in tin mugs (classy) by the beach.  The chip shop we go to in Wells-next-the-Sea is well-known as the best in the area and the queues always snake right down the road.  We went to Pensthorpe nature reserve where Springwatch is filmed and, of course, there was plenty of time to wander around the local shops.  I bought loads of bits and pieces and would have bought more if there had been room in the car (we took loads of beach gubbins) but I'll do a post on my purchases later in the week.  I think you will appreciate them more than my husband does!  I also went to a lovely vintage fair on the Saturday before we went on holiday where I picked up some other little goodies.

I remembered to take my crochet bag away with me.  (What did I do before crochet?!)  I stuffed my bag with a load of cheap yarn just in case I was gripped by the desire to make something.  The caravan was pretty cold in the evenings and there were no blankets there so I decided to make a giant granny square.  I was hooking at every spare moment:
Addicted, I tell you, addicted!  As you know, I'm making loads of squares for a blanket for my sister and niece but it is taking quite a long time and I just love how quickly this giant granny square grows.  Loving how it drapes across my legs as I'm working on it!   I'm still at it now and it will be finished any day soon ready for us to take next time we go.  I'll show you properly when I've done the edging. 

I'm off now to catch up on all of the blogs I missed when I was away.  I did have access to the internet but was trying to have a proper break away from everything.  I couldn't resist sneakily reading a few, and putting some short comments here and there, but now's my chance to fully indulge myself!   I've found a few new blogs to read, a couple through new followers here (hello!).  Love it.



  1. I've just spent a lovely day in Norfolk and its lovely to read about your trip. Its such a lovely area, I'd love to live there one day...
    Also, your blanket looks fab, I've still not mastered the art of crochet but I will give it another go, I am determined to learn...any tips?

  2. That looks like such an amazing holiday!!
    Gorgeous photos

  3. Thanks for sharing your holiday photos! Your granny blanket looks awesome!

  4. Lovely pictures and sounds like a fab holiday. I've not had fish and chips for ages, must indulge sometime soon, love the idea of wine in a tin mug though not sure this works when not on holiday / by the beach!!!
    Nelly xxx

  5. How different our holidays were! I had 3am and 6am wake up calls and had to go back to bed when Mr C got up. We did have a lovely time though, really chilled out. My jeans are past snug they are TIGHT!!!

    A fab book arrived when I was away. Thanken you (as an old Somerset man used to say to me when I worked in a newsagents when I was 13) the beret project looks like an ideal starter project for a rubbish knitter such as myself. And will help me stash bust. However I have a granny square cusion cover in the making which may need to be a blanket like yours.


  6. Lovely post! It looks like you had a great time. xx

  7. I meant to say Thank you once more but I signed off too soon!!

  8. What a beautiful place, that cottage style garden is particularly gorgeous.
    You can't beat chips by the seaside, they always taste much better. x

  9. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had a great time away. Loving how you're a crochet addict now! he he! It's takes hold doesn't it?! I love giant granny square blankets. They grow quick and look all vintage like, and are perfect for holiday trips away.

    It's always rubbish having to get back into a routine when you get back, that's the great thing about blogger really in that you can capture your time away and keep looking back on it!

    Glad to have you back and posting again though!


  10. sounds like the perfect getaway.. you cant beat a cheeky glass of somthing on a cold beach can you either !!
    have never been over to norfolk although my sister was acutally born there as my parents lived there for a while. would love to may have convinced me to take a little break there now!!!..
    am loving reading your blog.. it really makes me laugh!! ( in a good way!!)


  11. Hi Nikki, lovely post full of familiar places. Did you know we have a place in Binham (well, my parents do!), and I spent almost every childhood holiday and summer weekend there, so it really is home from home for me. We need to compare notes for yummy food and places to visit! Are popping back for the bank holiday weekend? Bx

  12. Sounds like you had a great time. Loving the giant granny square blanket, lovely colours and it looks so snug and warm xxx

  13. Sounds like you had a great break away Nicki, completely not jealous of you visiting the Queen (I'm lying..), you visited some gorgeous National Trust Properties, lovely.

    Wine, Fish 'n' Chips, nothing better!!!! I do have to have a BIG dollop of tommy ketchup on mine.

    Loving your granny blanket, I'll blog later with an update of mine, I love you choice of colours, what yarn did you use???? I want to crochet some coasters, any ideas???

    Luv Bee x x x

  14. Sounds like a great holiday!

  15. Glad you had a good rest in Norfolk...sounds like to was lovely...and time to crochet too...bliss! Can't wait to see the 'purchases' tantalising! :)x

  16. What a lovely looking holiday, the blanket looks the colour choices, it will keep you snug in the winter months but most importantly, it will look amazing..clever you. x
    Nattie x

  17. Your holiday sounds idyllic and thanks for sharing all those wonderful photo's. I'm loving your crochet, I too have become addicted to crochet in a very short space of time,lol. I enjoy reading your blog so thanks again for

  18. lovely, lovely pictures - and your week sounds idyllic. nap? can't remember what that is. (but familiar with bitter!)
    Wine + chips + rather attractive man + beach = heaven.
    fee x

  19. It looks so nice. It makes me feel a bit homesick, sob! I miss fish and chips. It looks so beautiful, a really lovely spot.
    I also love the bag your wool is in! Is that weird of me? You even have tanned feet too, how dare you.
    Lovely post as ever. xx

  20. Looks like you had a really lovely holiday.. a holiday that includes afternoon siesta's, numerous creams teas and fish'n'chips sound like my cup of tea!!
    I also had a cream tea this week, it Was lovely but think that might have been partly why I didn't reach target this week at slimming world... :S Oops! It mayyy have been the curry aswell though... haha. Only 1 pound to go until I'm there though!
    You look every so slim though, surely you don't need to go to slimming world..!? But then again I get quite frustrated when people said this to me when I started off..!
    LOVE the big granny square blanket, the colours look so scrummy and vintage like!

    Ashley xxx

  21. Oh, so nice to have a proper break away from it all (including blogger, which is sooo addictive).
    Loving your beautiful photos. I feel all relaxed just hearing about the fab things you got up to- I too am a sucker for cream teas and pub lunches (Esp. When the kids at Grandma's)
    Also, great little crochet project. A blanket is just so useful.
    I really fancy having a go at one of those giant grannies one of these days...
    Have a good week.

  22. Fab pictures as usual Nicki, and your break sounds idyllic. I am loving your granny blanket, great colours there. I have TONNES of wool but always think everyone else has better colours than me!
    Looking forward to your purchases post. x

  23. Sounds like you had a really lovely week!!

    We went on school camp to Wells-Next-The-Sea when I was 11, we camped in the grounds of Holkham Hall and my friend and I got separated from our group when we walked back from a trip to the lifeboat station and were lost for hours!!

    S x

  24. Hi chickadee,
    Your man is like, WELL fit and that. What a gorge-pot. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time away, you deserve it. Can't remember the blissness of utter peace and quiet before the bairns came along but we should have appreciated it far more than we did at the time. Afternoon naps??!! Think I remember those!
    It's my 9th wedding anniversary today, trying to think of all the lovely weeks/weekends away in the early days. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
    x x x x

  25. Hi Nicki looks like a fab holiday all round, gorgeous photos, love the royal houses Wow!!
    You & the hubbie look great, real sweet pic & oh do i envy your yummy cream teas, i'm so food obsessed which is not good when your only 4ft11 :(
    Liking the granny, the colors are vibrant, will be amazing when its finished, great to snuggle in these blankies eh!
    Have a great day today, don't work too hard
    Karen x

  26. What a lovely break you have had, does it seem like a dream now?? I think you and Cuckoo could be sisters, you look similar :) I have been ever so grateful to have finished my blanket, it has been sooo nice to snuggle under as I am still not well, although coming good now just need to eat lots to get my vim back.
    x Sandi

  27. Hey hope you've had some sun this weekend!!! For some reason you've given me the idea for fish and chips tonight and yet I can't have any cos it's bad for my poorly tum.
    Plus it's Sunday so the chippy is shut of course!
    Could murder a cream too now I think about it.
    Hope your Monday isn't too horrid tomorrow, I know you hate them.
    x x

  28. 'Tis only me (again).

    Excellent idea about telling Mr G the paint kit is an "essential home improvement purchase"!! Inspired!!

    Fugly to Fabulous post is up, it has its own page, just click the tab on the menu bar below my banner!!

    S x

  29. Hi :)
    couldn't find a way to email you so thought I'd you a message here and hope that you get it.
    I have just recieved a versatile blogger award and wanted to pass it on to you and your lovely blog! here is the link -

    Hope you are having a good week so far :)

    Louise xx

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    Great idea about telling Mr G the paint kit is an "essential home improvement purchase"!! excellent !!