Friday, 5 August 2011

Holidays, Hook Rolls and a Granny in the Middle

The weather has been gorgeous in my little corner of the world and I'm super excited to be preparing for a little British holiday!  We've spent a silly amount of money on gorgeous cotton windbreaks, beach chairs and various other goodies so I really hope the fine weather lasts.  I am planning picnics, National Trust trips, fish and chip suppers, late evening walks along the seafront and a bit of shopping and lunching in some of the pretty towns along the Norfolk coast.  There is a lot to pack (we are staying in my parents' static caravan so need to take bedding, towels and all sorts) so I have been writing lists like a maniac to make sure we remember everything.  I know that we will look like students bombing along the B roads in my husband's 'pocket rocket' (his stupidly small but nippy car - minds out of the gutter, girls) but, bizarrely, it feels like as much of an adventure as a fancy holiday in an exotic location.  I can't wait! 

I had the most wonderful package in the post last week - Cuckoo made me a roll for my crochet hooks (see her fab creations here) and the darling girl finished and posted it last week.  I knew that it was en route so when the postmistress appeared last Tuesday morning I practically rugby tackled her in the street.  I couldn't wait to rip the package open but I demonstrated an unusual amount of restraint and took a few photos. 

Cuckoo had wrapped the hooky roll beautifully, like a birthday present: 
There was a beautiful card, with an embossed picture of a bird, in the package too 
Isn't my hook roll pretty!  The fabric makes me swoon, it's right up my street.

I love it, am delighted with it, and I am so glad I had the balls to ask about it.  (I was - still am - a little shy about posting comments and asking questions on other people's blogs.  I feel a wally.)  Cuckoo took the time to make the roll exactly to my specifications, it fits every single hook perfectly and there is the most brilliant little pocket for my embroidery scissors and other little bits and bats.  If you haven't already seen it, pop on over to Cuckoo's blog using that link above and you'll see she has made quite a few already.  If she ever sets up an Etsy shop (and I think she should because I also want one of her homemade padded noticeboards and am too stingy to buy a staple gun) I am certain it will stock one or two of these hook rolls and I would urge you to snap one up.  I have to say that it is has that extra special something because it was made by someone I consider to be a new friend (even though we've never met) and that makes me thankful again that I've met such lovely people in this friendly online crafty community.  Group hug, people. 

So I've been spending the balmy summer evenings crocheting to my heart's content.  Remember I told you that my niece asked me to make her a granny blanket? I've enjoyed poring over my fab book, '200 crochet blocks' to find just the right pattern.

I think I might have found the perfect design.  What do you think?  

It's called the 'Granny in the Middle' square.  Forgive me for spelling it out but the middle bit is a granny square and it's edged with a few rows of double crochet.  I've made six so far (all with nice long tails this time, hurrah for experience!) and, as you can see, I've made them all in the same colours.  I want it to be a pretty, girly blanket that my sis and niece can snuggle under but I didn't want it to scream 'Barbie'.  I thought this jade green with a little splash of pink and cream might hit the spot.  I may choose to break it up with a few plain cream squares, I'm undecided at the moment.  I'm just enjoying creating these big, soft, pretty squares right now.  The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK which a few people have recommended and I am surprised to love it.  It makes my new crochet addiction seem so much more affordable and a springtime throw is well within my reach now!  :0D

I love that when the sun shines we are absent from our blogs for longer periods of time.  It means we're all busy with our family and friends, hopefully enjoying the long summer days.  I have read so many posts lately with busy gals apologising for not being around and not posting due to one thing or another.  So I won't apologise - I've been making the most of the beautiful weather and I totally understand that everyone else has been, too.

My niece was desperate for these sunglasses that came free with a magazine,
even though they are far too big for her!
She's obviously a bit of an accessories girl, like her Auntie :-)

See you soon!




  1. Ooooh, that hook roll is just gorgeous!! Love the fabric!!

    Your holiday plans sound really, really lovely - who needs far flung destinations?

    Love the colours you have chosen for the blanket, I'm not too good at doing that, your colours go together beautifully!!

    S x

  2. Where to start? Firstly, how gorgeous is that hook roll? Cuckoo is a gifted girl to be sure. It looks so pretty with your bag too. Next, I just love your granny squares - the colours are wonderful. Just my cup of tea. Would you recommend the Stylecraft yarn then? I haven't seen any 'in the flesh' so have been umming and aahing over trying it. Is it splitty?

    Your niece is too cute! My daughter has the same glasses and magazine. She has a girl crush on Selena Gomez who is on the front!

    Have a wonderful holiday. I'll keep my fingers crossed for long sunny days, for you!


  3. I've just eaten my way through a huge bowl of porridge while reading your blog, what a lovely start to my day.

    Your hook roll is just gorgeous, Cuckoo is a clever girl, she should put her talents to use I think!!! it fits perfect with your yarn bag.

    Your niece will be over the moon with that gorgeous Granny Blanket, the colours are just right, really really pretty, Stylecraft Special Dk (plus 4ply here and there) is what I'm using, I have a local store that stocks it for £1.49 per 100g ball, perfect.

    I total agree Nicki about the lovely weather and making the most of it, I've put in the diary some days out with the children, Brownsea Island nr Poole, Kingston Lacy House/Gardens, mostly National Trust as we get in free, which of course makes me really happy.

    Have a lovely weekend gorgeous gal x x x x x

  4. I love the blanket and wish I could make them. The colours are gorgeous. You seem to do them ever so quick. What a cute niece is.
    Cuckoo is a clever girlie too. The fabric is lush. x

  5. Def the perfect design, its going to be such a gorgeous blanket. I think your niece will treasure it forever :D
    Karen x

  6. The pattern and color of your squares are excellent! I, too, use that book a ton. Very helpful and inspiring. I also got the ripply ghan book from the same series I do believe.

  7. hey lovely - before I forget, in answer to your question - I made my lavender sugar by pulling some flowers off the stalk and chucking them in the jar. I didn't weigh, measure, count....nothing, just chucked a handful in! MAKE those biscuits - they are divine.
    Now, a hook roll you say? Obviously I have envy and (desperatly) need one. Your grannys are also beautiful - love that edging and will be asking my teacher to add that to her (long) list of things to teach me.
    My first blanket is nearly finished and I'm brewing for a ta daaa.
    Hope you have a gorgeous hols with your man - I hope the weather is good for you...if not, I'm sure you'll find ways to have fun....
    fee x

  8. Hello,
    I can concur that said lavender biscuits are unbelievably good. I may well have made my way through, well at least 5 of them whilst there over the weekend.
    I have that same CK flowery bag, though yours looks like it is being used for the correct purpose whereas mine is just storing all the crafts I haven't started yet. Nice crotcheting, Fee is going to teach me when we go away at the end of the summer.
    Have a great holiday, I love a good old British break!
    Nelly xxx

  9. What a gorgeous hook holder,beautiful fabric and I love your granny squares,such perfect colours. I must get that book. Have a good holiday. Deb xxx

  10. Hi Nicki,

    I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog because it brought me to yours and I LOVE it!! Your writing is so warm and lovely!! I've signed up to follow you.

    Your crochet hook roll is GORGEOUS!! I must go and visit this mysterious Cuckoo!!


  11. Oh, so many good things in one post, where do I start?
    1) Your holiday sounds amazing and dreamy - please tell me you will be wearing a silk kerchief around your neck as you zip along the A roads with your picnic hamper on the back seat.
    2) That Cuckoo is a wonder with a sewing machine, isn't she? I have big-time hook roll envy and am planning a raid on her house when I'm in the west country next week...
    3) Those squares are gorgeous - love, love, love the colours and can't wait to see it made up soon.
    4) Dig the shades, man
    Emily x

  12. So pleased that you are loving your crochet! Those squares are just lush and gorgeous colours too - not too girly.
    Lucky you to receive such a lovely hooky roll!

  13. I'm in love with your granny squares! such gorgeous colours! xo