Monday, 31 October 2011


I have a big cake tin full of fun-sized sweets and chocolate bars.  I carved three pumpkins and they form a spooky pathway up to the door.  I've been ready and listening out for the door since about 5pm.  

I have heard nothing.

Not a sausage.

The scariest thing to appear at my door today was the moustachioed gas man. 

I'm a bit disappointed. 

Happy Halloween.




  1. No one cme to us either - I have consoled myself by startig to eat the goodies that are left! You should try it!
    Jille x

  2. Same here .... dish full of sweeties by the door and not one knock!

  3. Same here .... dish full of sweeties by the door and not one knock!

  4. Maybe your pumpkins were too scary ;) only joking, I don't think anything would scare kids off if it involved free sweets haha.

    We had two groups of kids, rather rude ones to be honest, my mum almost ran after them because some of them didn't say thank you!

    Never mind, at least you can eat all the remaining sweets which I have only just noticed I am also doing..

    Happy Halloween.

    Jazz xo

  5. Only two little children came to our door and that's only because I told their parents I was looking forward to them trick or treating this year. I told my Mr off yesterday for trying to eat the sweeties I had got for trick or treaters and now I'm scoffing them he he.

    Melanie x

  6. Oh how disappointing!!

    We've only had a few (including our own boys and their friends!!) so I've been laying into the Quality Street myself!!

    Love the pumpkin!!

    S x

  7. We only had two knocks at the door, 4 pumpkins carved and a shed load of sweeties - sods law eh?!

  8. Oh that's a shame - you could have happily had some of our callers! We had about 60 little bags of sweeties and they all went by 7pm! We put up a sign saying 'sorry, no more treats left'.


  9. Aw you are a good girl to put so much effort in!!!
    Eat the lot I say. I just troughed an entire bag of Chocolate Eclairs.
    VERY worried.
    x x x x xx x x x x x x x

  10. Knock. knock, knock *holds out pumpkin shaped bag & shouts* Trick or Treeeeattttt!!!!! All fun size sweets gratefully received!!!

    Cool pumpkin :)

    Jo x x x

  11. Awh,such a shame,Love the scary pumpkin,my daughter did the exact same one yesterday.From The nightmare before Christmas.juliexxx

  12. Your pumpkin looks great i hope you had loads of visiters after writing this post. I had to many i ran out of sweets and had to give them apples. dee x

  13. Ah I was the same, not one. How disappointing.
    Good carving there, we even missed out on a pumpkin because they had run out at the supermarket.
    P.s gain you say, you are right I am way confused... X

  14. hey Nikki,
    Yep, still on for Advent Swap 2011 no probs.
    Great pumpkin. I only had one visitor to our house too on Halloween... Mindue we were out ourselves a lot trick or treating. :-)
    Can you believe it's November already and the nights are drawing in?
    I'm sat up tonight watching latest services of True Blood on channel 4. But I've already seen them all on channel FX !! Do you watch? I love them.
    Hope your week has started right. X

  15. I gave up buying sweets as no one comes around to the door here.....and I was working anyway. I am sure you will find some way of reducing the stash :)
    x Sandi Love your pumpkin

  16. Aww poor you! At least you have a tin full of sweeties to enjoy though!

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