Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sulking in the Bedroom

We have discovered a serious case of damp in the dining room.  If I recount the full story I will crumple to the floor in a wailing heap so I'll keep it brief:  floor to be dug up, new granite fireplace to be 'prised off' [builder's words], 4 inches of concrete to be laid, approx 75 days for concrete to dry, must vacate premises for approx one week, all to be done urgentlyenormous expense, moving in with mother-in-law temporarily, told off a bit by boss for needing to take time off at short notice, entire contents of kitchen and dining room had to be removed, whole house a tip.  Phew!  Other than that, everything's great!

In order to remain sane and keep the tears of frustration at bay I'm sulking in the bedroom with my Kindle, crochet and laptop.  (And a large bottle of Jack hidden under my jumper.)

I lit a few candles...

Switched on the fairy lights... 

And am ooohing and ahhing over my new CK bedding:

♥♥♥  Loving how it looks with my WIP blanket and the dotty cushions. ♥♥♥ Thinking that I could make a blanket especially for the bedroom and perhaps a couple of cushion covers... 
♥♥ Dreaming and planning... ♥♥ Love it ♥♥

Florals are gradually taking over my house.  It's an invasion that I am happy about. 

Something else that keeps making me smile is this photograph from a family barbecue I went to at the weekend.  It was lovely to see my great-aunt and the cousins I haven't seen since my wedding last year.  I had to take a photo when my cousin's little boy sat on dad's knee for a cuddle:

He is 14 and was born with a very rare chromosomal abnormality.  He is pretty well unable to communicate verbally but does so with sign language, facial expressions and, of course, cuddles!  I love that they are both wearing checked shirts and I especially like the photo because my dad just isn't one for displaying affection!

I'm off to finish my book now - it's so good.  It's called The Midwife's Confession and is by Diane Chamberlain.  I'm loving it and can definitely recommend.  What shall I read next?   Any suggestions?




  1. Sorry to hear about the house, but it looks very comfy in the bedroom. I just love that blue on the coverlet. Very serene. Hope things pick up.

  2. Oh no what a hassle!! Why do home improvements never go smoothly?

    When we had our conservatory done it was finished two weeks before Christmas and they said we had to have a screed floor that would take weeks to dry (we were supposed to be doing Christmas day in our new room!!) - I kicked up a stink and instead they did a different floor with thick polystyrene stuff, joists and boards which we then laid laminate on top of immediately - I wonder if they could do something similar for you?

    Love, love, love the CK bedding, it's the same as our bedroom wallpaper - love your dressing table too!!

    Bless your Dad and cousin's boy (your 2nd cousin?) - very cute pic!!


    S x

  3. Oh, what tough luck on the dining room! But your bedroom looks really pretty. Take care!

  4. Twinkle lights on the bed frame are the best! So soothing and pretty. Sorry about your bad case of the damps. I have similar situation in my kitchen and I agree. It is soooooo depressing. Yuck. Good luck to you.

  5. Oh pantsarama. Not good. The big downside to living in an old house. You know what's coming don't you? It's happened to me. Fortunately it didn't affect the entire house and we were able to seal the room whilst it was being done. We were advised against a concrete floor (not necessarily the same issues your having) and had some sort of funny plastic bumpy liner stuff put in. On top of that went some hard wood type thing and then the carpet.

    It is a right pain in the arse. This was truly a time for taking to ones bed. But better it has happened now when you can just deal with the issue not when your house is about to crumble apart as it's gone on for years. You poor duck. Any damp work is smelly. But it's gotta be done. And when it's all over it'll be just a memory like the chimney bees.


  6. Ps. I have glossed over just how divine your bedroom is because I am envious. I hate our bedroom. I want to have one like yours! But that makes me sound spoiled so I'll shut it! Xxx

  7. Oh bumcakes :( I'm so sorry to read this. How crappity crap for you! It can be so depressing when things like this happens and you were getting so excited about getting the room finished and displaying your gorgeous china :( it will make it all the more sweeter when it's done and the pretties can come out to play again! What a gorgeous bedroom you have to retreat to. The perfect place to remind you what your dinning room will look like soon enough.

    Sending hugs x

    Jo x x x

  8. Oh what pants news for you. It's all so annoying when you want to do a lovely make over, then hidden problems come to light. If I get an idea in my head, I want it done straight away.....and it's the worst thing ever to have to wait even longer and have upheaval. I'd be sulking too in my bedroom....but i'd have to come round and sulk in your one as it looks so much more snuggly than mine! Hope it all gets sorted out ok, and won't it all have been worth it when you can see all your nice china on display!


  9. Oh poor you! I can sympathise, we've been in similar sitiations in the past, the joys of living in an older property! Just stay positive, at least you've located the problem and are doing something about it and when it's done you can get your dining room looking as lovely as your bedroom.

  10. Oh what a pain, more than a pain...my heart goes out to you x
    Your bedroom though, is divine and so cosy, i can't think of a lovelier place to sulk. on the positive side at least it CAN be sorted out, i know that doesn't make you feel much better tho.
    what a lovely photo, one to treasure
    love jooles x

  11. Oh what a shame ,Nicki,poor you,I hope it all gets sorted out A.S.A.P. for you.
    Loving your bedroom,I have serious envy too ;) Your blanket looks so at home amoungst that gorgeous CK bedding.
    Keep your chin up,hun.

  12. oh what a shame.. really sorry love jobs like this have to be done but what a pain and so unsettleling for you all..
    hope its done as quick as quick for you.. atleast you can take comfort in the gorgeous boudoir that you have!.. the ck bedding is beautiful and i love the fairy lights around your gorgeous dressing table.. just think when you are at the inlaws you'll be spoilt and looked after.!..

  13. Balls to the bad news chick. Sounds really stressy at your end and I really hope it's a palaver worth dealing with, and that you get great results at the end. I have NO idea about houses. At all. I have never ever even painted a wall...it's nothing I'm proud of, just like technology it's not even on my radar.
    I'm one chapter into The Midwife's Confession so delighted to hear you are reading it too. It's meant to be so good. I'm a right little book worm, I love snuggling in bed or in the bath and reading til I'm sleepy.
    Your bedroom. Ahhhhhhhhh, it's dreamy. Creamy. Floaty. Twinkly. Divine. Sublime. Just a total haven. When can I come round?! In a Sandra Dee kinda way (but don't pierce my ears).

  14. Oh no I'm so sorry to hear about your poor dining room. Heartbreaking when you're making your house all pretty. On the upside your bedroom is looking gorgeous, your bed in particular.

  15. Hi, I've just found your blog & it's lovely! Sorry about the dining room, really hope it's sorted soon. I love your bedroom, it looks so comfortable & cozy. Love the granny, I'm working on one too, although mine is slightly wobbly!! Also, thanks to your lovely blog, I now know about the vintage fair happening in Olney this week, which is just up the road from me, so Thank You!! (Although I dont think my Hubby will be as pleased, lol) xxx