Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blog Swaps

Our internet is down indefinitely.  It is the most frustrating thing.  On Sunday the copper wiring from the Exchange was stolen and the village has been without telephone lines ever since.  It is annoying for me because I mostly work from home and rely on the internet to access my emails, including databases and programmes that I use on a daily basis.  I have had to go into various offices this week, all a considerable distance from home, and have popped over to my MILs this evening to use the internet for personal stuff whilst Andrew watches the football.  I've got Christmas shopping to do that just can't wait any longer!

I thought I'd take five minutes to do a quick update.  I have loads to chat about, as always, but just wanted to say a huge thank you to Angie for the blog swap parcels I received last week.  I took part in the Handmade Christmas Decoration swap organised by the lovely Laa Laa.  I am so glad I did - what a treat to receive surprises in the post!

The parcels from Angie were all prettily wrapped and it was fun opening them all.  Angie had made loads!  A gorgeous white fabric wreath (my favourite gift and it looks beautiful strung with fairy lights), home-made chutney, a lovely home-made card, cosy socks, pretty stars for the tree and lots of other little bits and bobs.  Angie even knitted four small stockings and filled them with chocolates (the actual stockings are exactly the right size and shape for my dog's paws and I've had to restrain myself from dressing her in them.  I know that would be cruel.  She'd slip, right?)
It is the first time I have taken part in a swap.  I admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed to begin with; I got too caught up in trying to second-guess what Angie would like and what would fit in with her Christmas decorating scheme at home.  Also, I have limited sewing and crochet ability - I am very much a beginner and many projects are beyond me.  In the end, I chose to make a few (safe) felt decorations.  Of course, it would have been rude not to include a gingerbread man... 
 The templates for the gingerbread man and the reindeer/moose came from this month's issue of Mollie Makes.  The stocking and mitten templates were downloaded from the internet somewhere.
I, hopefully, made up for my lack of ability by including a few chocolates and shop-bought goodies in the parcel for Angie and wrapped them as enticingly as I could.
I so enjoyed doing these decorations and, after the first one, they were quite quick to make.  I have plans for a heart garland to hang over the fireplace for Christmas.  I also have plans, however, to make a gingerbread house, two Christmas cakes and gingerbread biscuits (watch out for my next post when I'll share my super easy, delicious, recipe!).  Better get cracking.

We are off tomorrow after work to pick our Christmas trees.  I'm excited.  I intend to buy three; one for outside, one for the living room and one for the conservatory.  I also plan to buy a few more lanterns in various sizes to put outside the front door - they look so welcoming with huge white candles.  I will, of course, share pictures when I have finished faffing.

I love reading the blogposts with pictures of Christmas trees and twinkling lights and driving past houses seeing Christmas trees twinkling in bay windows is one of my favourite things about the season... Ahh! Christmas is coming!!




  1. Your felty gifts are beautiful! I love the heart button nose on the reindeer. Now you have done your first swap you will become addicted, I love the wreath you received too, I must make myself one of those this year again.
    Kandi x

  2. THERE YOU ARE!!!!! Was going to message you tonight as wondered where you'd be. Wretched vandals hey. Copper is a prime source of crime around here too. Shame.
    LUSH swap and you got some gorgeous things, but look what you made too!
    I did a Christmas swap with Miss Magpie but not opened yet. Loved doing it.
    Ill with upper respiratory infection at the mo and all run down so your blog brought me much cheer.
    x x x x

  3. Love your swap gifts, the wreath is so pretty. Your decorations are so cute :)
    Someone tried to steal wiring in our village a couple of months ago and we went without electricity for about 22 hours, we weren't happy.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Wow your blog is gorgeous. I have just found you from seeing that you are now following me ( thank you) I think we have a lot in common looking at your sidebar loves. I am looking forward to reading through when I get a chance x

  5. Oooh, what wonderful goodies!!

    Love the gingerbread men and will look forward to the recipe as I have been craving gingerbread for days....

    S x

    PS I would have just had to have tried the socks on my dogs!!

  6. a festive socks....slipping....? YES! with a camera handy.
    Fee x

  7. Your decorations are gorgeous! Have fun picking out your trees and decorating of Christmas!

  8. Copper theft seems to be everywhere!! Oh I could so see your puppie with socks on, trying to shake them off, hehe. I have done that to my cat, she wasn't overly impressed, can't understand why....
    Lovely to see you back gorgeous girl.
    xx Sandi

  9. Three trees!?? Wow! I look forward to the pics! Hopefully one day we maybe able to have more than one.. There's something so special about seeing decorated tree's through people windows, they make a house look so warm and welcoming.
    Can't wait for the gingerbread recipe, I've been wanting to try making it this year.
    I hope you get you Internet back soon, how annoying!!

    Ashley xxx