Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Decorating, Lush Hot Choc and a Sequinned Dress

The trees are up!  My favourite room is the living room.  This year I've used a garland strung with fairy lights across the beam over the fireplace and I love it.   
The first thing I always do when we've put the tree up is run outside and look at the house from the street.  Our house is on a main road and if we leave the curtains open you can see the tree and the fireplace as you drive past.  With the outdoor tree lit up and a little tree in the upstairs window our house looks a bit like a Christmas grotto!  That makes me very happy; it looks so welcoming! 

The tree in the living room is decorated in white and silver.  I was tempted not to use the baubles because I love the simple beauty of a real tree strung with white lights and nothing else but it seemed a shame not to let this little lady out of her cardboard box:
My favourites are the bird decorations.  I like to see the fat little birds nestled on the branches and I love this sparkly wooden miniature bird house.
I've gone for all out tackiness in the dining room.  A small pale pink tree with pale pink vintage baubles and a pink feather boa to cover its plastic legs.  Nestled amongst the feathers is a brightly coloured bauble of Santa in a space jet.  LOVE.
Isn't it difficult getting photographs of Christmas trees.  It's especially hard with an iPhone.  I have asked for a digital SLR camera for my birthday (which is soon!) and I *may* have spied the box for a Canon EOS under the spare bed.... I'm excited to get one but I'm also worried that I just don't have the skills or eye to be a good photographer and it will be a waste of money.  Got any tips for me?

Now, I wanted to tell you about the BEST hot chocolate.  It's nothing fancy, just a bag of little chocolate bits from one of my favourite shops:  Hush.  It is delicious; quite the most delicious home-made hot chocolate I've had.   Coffee is my hot drink of choice but I do like a chocolate occasionally.  
The little sprinkler contains a mix of cocoa powder, ground cinnamon and vanilla sugar.
Delicious and especially nice for frothy coffee, too.
Got to dash in a mo because I have the day off work (yipee!) and am meeting my mum for a bit of shopping.  Well, we've done most of our shopping - it's just an excuse to have a girly lunch together.  I'm so looking forward to it.  

I just wanted to show you a quick outfit... I went to a Christmas party last night.  It was the party of one of Andrew's customers and I had to do the corporate wife thing.  I was so nervous about it - I always worry I'll make Andrew look stupid by saying something daft - so I bought myself a new dress to boost my confidence.  

It is, quite honestly, the most fab Christmas party dress I've ever owned - a sequinned dress from Coast.  (Link).  It's out of stock online but if you happen to see it in the store I can definitely recommend it.  I really wanted a dress with long sleeves because I don't like my upper arms.  This is a wrap-over style with three-quarter sleeves; soft inside too when a lot of sequinned clothes are a bit scratchy.  I wore it with a navy blazer, some high platform shoes and kept my jewellery minimal - just a small pair of pearl studs and a big sparkly cocktail ring.
Dancing (well, swaying really!) with my man to the band singing Frank Sinatra's 'Merry Christmas', next to a big dazzling Christmas tree I felt properly happy.  And Christmassy!  Bring on the celebrations!




  1. Stunning dress, and frankly if you can't wear a bit of sparkle at Christmas when can you?!! I'm sure Andrew was proud as anything of you.

    I think we may be getting the same Christmas/birthday present! I might book myself on a one day photogaphy course in the new year, let me know if you want to come along too?Those instruction manuals make me come over a bit peculiar and headachey! Bxxx

  2. Your house and you look amazing, loving your decorations and your fire place. I have the same enamel pan, did you get them in a set of 3?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Your house and you look amazing, loving your decorations and your fire place. I have the same enamel pan, did you get them in a set of 3?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. i bet the party of people must have been stunned by your beauty - lovely outfit...woweee your tree and decorations are so pretty and festive, merry christmas xx

  5. Cool dress oh twinkly one. You look really pretty.
    Wish I could wear heels, they would make my legs so so much better. I walk like a man in drag, alas.
    Your living room looks gorgeous and cosy. I can feel the warmth from here!
    Glad you had a good night last night, bet Andrew agreed that you look hot to trot!

  6. OMG (as my Princess would say). Just went on the Coast link and am shocked at the price.
    I bet to everyone else, this is NOT costly. This is the peril with buying everything from cherry tree shops!!!
    I can't justify it although the dress is STUNNING and the reviews are great.
    Do you follow Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks' blog? She is wearing a similar dress in her recent post too! Sparkles are a must.
    It's gorgeous,just gutted I can't afford it. Praying the sales will be kind to me!!!

  7. Oooooh I always look forward to reading your new posts! Gorgeous pics & a fab read. I now feel festive after reading this and guess what.....SNAP! I'm getting a DSLR too!! Squeeeee!!! Hope I can figure out how to use it :)

    Have a fab weekend x

    Jo x x x

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything -
    The lights, the trees (the pink one is inspired, I tell you) and your outfit is gorgeous, too.

    Have a great day off and a wonderful weekend!

  9. You and your house look gorgeous! Gotta have a bit of sparkle at Christmas.

  10. Nicki you look sensational, the dress is fab. As is the twinkly fireplace
    Kate x

  11. Your house looks so warm and cozy! Love all the pretty lights. You look fabulous in the new dress! Happy Holidays!

  12. You do look lovely in that's super nice!


  13. Oh, how I do admire all your twinkle lights. Makes everything rosy cozy. Love your new dress! The sequins make it so perfectly festive!

  14. Oh wow! Your house looks so lovely and inviting! I'd love to drive past your house and see all of the pretty lights..!:-)
    The dress is gorgeous, you look amazing! But a little out of my price range though!
    I'm excited for you about your pressie! I got a camera recently but a slightly more budget one... but I'm having to sell it as the photo's just aren't that much better than my 'point and shoot' camera... one day I hope to have a proper SLR!

    Ashley xxx

  15. I don't know how I missed this post, I've changed to the new Blogger dashboard layout and I seem to have missed a few blog updates lately.

    Both you and your house look super glamorous!! I love the pink tree and the birdie ornaments!!

    S x

  16. That first photo of your fireplace is gorgeous! You should take a photo of your house from the street, I bet it would look fantastic with all the twinkling lights. Speaking of twinkling, lovely sequin dress!


  18. Your home looks wonderfull in all it's festive lights and pretty-ness!!... your dress is amazing too, lovin' those sequins... you look fab!!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and best wishes for the new year ahead.

    Louise xx

  19. Love the christmas decorations; they're beautiful and I'm loving your blog. Check out my blogs:

  20. Can i ask where you purchased the jug that you have your whisk in it is so cute