Monday, 11 June 2012

A gorgeous vintage wedding and a little moan about the weather

I am a true English gal so I am going to start with a mini weather report.  It was appalling last week - not just rainy but extraordinarily windy too.  My carefully nurtured little seedlings have, for the most part, spent their first vulnerable weeks in the earth being battered by heavy rain and strong wind.  Every morning I've nipped outside in my jim-jams, anxiously checking for damage and tipping excess water out of the flooded vintage enamel trugs.

I am not enjoying this weather at all.  I am fed up with damp clothes drying all over the house, I am annoyed that I have to switch the lamps on before lunchtime and I generally just feel cross that flip flops, ice cream and heat rashes do not feature in my foreseeable future.  (Well, actually, that's a fib.  We've got a couple of holidays coming up, but you know what I mean.  I want sunshine at home! *wails*  In fact, I demand sunshine!  *stamps feet*)


There is nothing quite like a forthcoming wedding to really ramp up the weather-related wobblies.  One of Andrew's oldest friends was getting married on Saturday and the wedding was one of the loveliest I've been to. (And there was no rain!)  I hardly took any photos because a) I was too caught up in the emotion of the day, b) the only camera I had with me was my iPhone and c) it was so windy that I had to hold down my dress to save flashing my [enormous tummy tucker] pants at passers by.  So I'm afraid that you will have to just take my word for it that the wedding was beautiful.  

Imagine a very slender and strikingly attractive bride in a creamy silk vintage sheath dress, her hand-span waist accentuated by a plain silk belt and diamante buckle.  She wore a little fur cape over her shoulders and just an embellished silk hairband to set off her thick blonde hair which was pulled into a low side ponytail.  She carried a posy of flowers that looked as though they had just been plucked from an old English garden and the shoebox-sized church was filled with peonies, roses and candles.  She and her husband (tall and handsome in a grey suit with bright pink socks) grinned from ear to ear all day.  It was such a treat to be part of their special day.

The reception was held in a black barn deep in the Suffolk countryside and a vintage double decker bus was hired to drive everyone there from the church. (They travelled separately in a chauffeur-driven pastel green classic VW camper van - so cool!).  Inside, the barn was gorgeous.  There were fairy lights and tea lights everywhere you looked, the table decorations were an electic mix of vases and old bottles filled with pale pink blowsy blooms.  If only the silver window vase on one of the tables had fitted in my clutch bag! :-)   We drank plenty of fizz, ate the biggest strawberries I've ever seen and washed down huge chunks of chocolate wedding cake with tea drunk from vintage china.  

The bride and groom have been together for ever having met in Australia when they were both on their travels.  When the groom, as part of his speech, thanked his parents for lending him the money to go to Australia, all those years ago, I felt a lump in my throat.  Aw!   

But every wedding needs a few minor incidents to make it memorable.  I will never forget the best man's speech which was shocking and hilarious in equal measure.  The entire wedding was translated into sign-language by a lovely jolly-looking grey-haired old chap and I still chuckle to myself now when I imagine how he interpreted some of the more 'blue' stories!


So the jubilee bunting has been packed away and it's back to a full 5-day week at work for me this week.  Our spa membership is proving worthwhile so far - we've been a few times already.  In the evenings there are very few people and we often get the swimming pool entirely to ourselves.  RESULT!  The jacuzzi outside is uh-mazing and one of the other members told me last week that it's even lovelier out there when there's snow on the ground so I'm quite looking forward to that this winter.  I'm having my gym induction on Wednesday lunchtime and so don't expect to be fully mobile until the weekend afterwards.  I am ridiculously feeble in the gym.

Have a great week! 




  1. Ohhh that wedding sounds so cute! I've never been to a wedding, but they always sound so lovely!
    I am equally fed up of the weather, but I absolutely love getting to wear my Hunter wellies, so that is the only reason I am thankful for the rain!
    Oooo lucky you for having a spa membership, that sounds so nice! I'm sure the jacuzzi makes up for the bad weather.
    Have a lovely week xxx

  2. I am sooooo with you there, about the weather- i have even had the heating on today (don't tell the Mister)- just to dry us all out after the school run!
    LOVE the sound of that wedding- the Mister and I are getting married in December this year, so it's so lovely to hear about other people's ideas too!
    Enjoy your week, my lovely. Hope your garden survives the rain- my chilli seedlings are looking near-death after all this rain!

  3. How glorious that wedding sounds!

    And the spa membership too. I had to cancel mine a while back - too expensive to justify sadly - and I do miss my solitary swims in the pool. Enjoy x

  4. I have my electric blanket on, the heating on and a cup of tea in hand and I am still cold. Apparently our monsoon will carry on til mid July at the earliest. When I read that news today, I nearly cried...
    The wedding sounds almost as lush as the underwear you wore!!! I've had many adventures in a pair of Spanx, let me tell you.
    Glad you had a wonderful time.
    x x x x x x

  5. Am just about to put a hotty in the bed tonight...and it's June!!
    The wedding sounded A-MAZING...makes me want to get married all over again. :0)

  6. Oh that wedding sounds beautiful... you paint a romantic English wedding with much love. Lovely! I'm not sure this rain is ever going to hiss!!!

    Hope you have a lovely week and aren't too sore after your induction!

    Love & hugs,

    Jo xxx

  7. The wedding sounds lovely, just came via instagram! Happy week! X

  8. Thought I'd check out your blog after following you on Twitter; it's lovely, can't wait to read more! xx

  9. I realise that there are barns a plenty here in Suffolk, but just wondering if the wedding was at Haughley by any chance? We've been to a few receptions there and it was truly beautiful. Please keep your fingers crossed for a respite from the rain on Thursday (daughter has requested a BBQ tea for her birthday)....X

  10. I put the heating on today, it's not great is it? On the positive side I got to wear a top I knitted (for Autumn) a couple of weeks ago! :-(

    The story about the wedding made me laugh out loud - my mum is profoundly deaf and we had an interpreter for her at our wedding. My husband's speech was similarly risqué and I was watching the interpreter rather than him!!!! You jogged some very happy memories - thank you :)

  11. Oooooh the wedding sounds fabulous!! I love, love, love a good wedding!!

    I too am fed-up to the back teeth of the weather - it's just crappity crap. Mr G reckons we are going to have had the equivalent of 18mths of winter by next spring instead of the usual seasons!!

    Thanks for the lovely comments about my sewing room!!


    S x

  12. Hi Nicki,the wedding sounds so romantic,aww.So glad your seedlings are surviving,I've been so lazy this year and havent grown anything :( I put it down to the weather~My get up and go has got up and gone! The spa sounds fabulous and hope the gym induction goes well.Have a great week too love juliexxx

  13. Awwww what a lovely sounding wedding! You paint a lovely picture of the bride and groom - love their transport, how cool! Sadly still cold rainy and horrible here, though at least my hayfevers not as bad at the minute - silver lining eh! Hope you survived the gym :D Jenny x

  14. This is fantastic, gorgeous , Awesome pictures .

  15. That wedding sounds just how I would like mine to be, it sounds lovely and memorable for all the right reasons :)

    The weather has been pretty pants recently, lets just hope we still have a summer to come, fingers crossed x x x x

  16. Sent an award your way! Can't wait to see your replies!
    Claire xx

  17. what a fab wedding that sounds! popped by to say 'thank you' for your tray bake recipe, I;ve made it twice so far and it was delish! Thanks!

    BH x