Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A little pizza party

This post is sponsored.  The views are all my own.

A while ago we were offered the chance to sample Domino's Triple Chocolate Cookies.  I didn't need to think about it, my two best boys love Domino's and their idea of a pizza feast finished up with warm triple chocolate cookies is their idea of heaven.  I'm not a huge fan of pizza - I can only eat a slice or two before I feel uncomfortably stuffed but I must admit that the garlic and herb dip at Domino's with their pizza is delish.  

We ordered an American Hot and I insisted on a healthy veggie one.  It was lovely.  I am currently bribing encouraging my stepson, J, to eat an olive every time we have them.  Someone told me years ago that if you think you don't like olives you should force yourself to eat one every time you see them and you will learn to love them.  I tested that theory - I used to hate them - and now I can't get enough.  The big fat green ones are my favourite.  Weird, isn't it.

J, really likes the garlic pizza bread and, boy, can he pack it away these days!  He has just turned 14 and up until Christmas he was a bit of a fussy eater.  Now he gets through huge plates of food, followed by a good helping of dessert only to be "starving!" a couple of hours later.  The teen years are proving irksome in many ways (communicating via grunts, lying in bed until midday, spending hours in the bathroom, wearing a hood almost constantly etc etc) but this is a bonus.  I do not know how parents cope with finicky eaters, it drives me insane! 

I tried to make our pizza party a bit special - I dragged my little vintage tea table into the conservatory and laid out a pretty teacloth but the second the pizzas arrived, hot in their boxes and emitting appetising wafts of cheesy dough, I was fighting a losing a battle.  J and Drew just wanted to get stuck in.  

So, the cookies.  Oh! The Cookies!  There are four provided per portion and they arrive warm and gooey.  They are lush.  L-U-S-H.

We ordered two portions and ate all of them.  I put aside three little cheeky ones to be eaten just before bed with a glass of cold milk.  Utterly gorgeous. 


So, in other news, we are preparing for a little summer holiday to Spain soon.  We have rented a secluded villa in the hills for a week and I can't wait to go.  Life has been a bit worrying and stressful recently and I feel exhausted.  I plan to take a few bikinis, a straw fedora and plenty of reading material so that I can spend my days reading and sleeping in the shade.  So hoping it will be hot.  

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I was in Leeds all day today which is miles away from where I live but it was so nice to drive in the sunshine.  I'm working from home for the rest of the week which is ordinarily lovely when the sun is shining but I'm uber busy at the moment.  Grr! 

Thanks again for spending time here and for all of your lovely comments - I so love reading them and do try to get back to everyone eventually!  I'm currently a little bit addicted to Instagram - my username is xxNickiFxx if you feel like saying hi.  It's great fun if you haven't already signed up - like getting a stream of 'mini' blogs all day!  I'd love to see you there.

Love and hugs,




  1. Oh my ,those pizzas look delicous feel hungry now ,you made me smile describing your tenager sounds just like mine ,lovely pics xx

  2. All that food looks delish! But did you have to mention the cookies and milk ... I'm hungry now!!

  3. Those cookies look yumsome! Like you, I can't eat pizza without feeling unwell & bloated but I bet I'd manage those cookies ok. He he! I hope you're ok, lovely. Xxx

  4. Hi Nicki,

    Those cookies do look yummy! I love pizza and usually manage about four slices before I'm full. Hope you have a lovely holiday, a secluded villa in the sun sounds wonderful xxx

  5. I'm with you on the olive thing. Apparently if you eat a food 10 or 15 times then you love it. I hated olive but adore them now too!
    The cookies look scrummy especially on the pretty plate!
    Victoria xx

  6. Those pizzas are making me hungry and its breakfast time. I am lucky that little Son (he's 8) has always eaten olives, anchovies, chillis and even gherkins. He was born with a grown up pallet! He is never fazed at trying new foods which is great when we are eating out. Although I love the American style pizza they can be a bit heavy - I prefer the Italian style ones with less topping and mozzarella just dotted about so its not so unhealthy or heavy. Have a lovely holiday. Lily. xxx

  7. I feel the same about pizza especially Dominos pizza. It always makes me feel uncomfortably bloated. Having said that though I wouldn't say no to one of them there warm cookies!! So sorry to hear you've been having a worrying and stressful time recently. A holiday in plenty of sun sounds like just the relaxing tonic you need! I want to come! Lol :) Try to enjoy the sun a bit today cos the rain will soon be here again, boo!!! Work will wait for 5 minutes whilst you potter in the garden a bit :)

    Love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  8. Oooh I'm so jealous over this post...love Dominos! Especially the garlic bread, I would love to recreate it at home!!!

    You are right, IG is like little blogs...plus a fab way to be nosey:)

    Gemma xXx

  9. Food looks yummy, we love a pizza in this house! I can't wait for our holiday in Marbella, not long now!

  10. I don't even like pizza, but damn I am drooooling.

  11. Cookies and pizza...no need to say anything more (; I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts...Hope you have a lovely week!!


  12. Mmmmmm I really want pizza now! xxx