Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Guest Post: Top Home Decor Trends for 2013

Guest Post
Whether you lean to the more modern or the more traditional look for your home, updating your interior can at times be a little bit daunting. We’ve rounded up the best interior trends of the year to help you re-think your surroundings:
Everything emerald
Named Pantone’s colour of the year, this vibrant hue has decorators in a frenzy. But if emerald leaves you feeling green, don’t fret. Alternatively look out for bright, saturated reds and blues inspired by the jewel tone trend.
Where to use it: accent walls, lacquer lamp bases, fabric on sofas and chairs.
Wood, reincarnated
Due to the increasing popularity of sustainable design, reclaimed wood is already a firm favourite among those in the know. The rustic look of solid, worn-in wood is worth an investment: it will wear much more gracefully than any particle board imposter.
Where to use it: for a kitchen table and chairs with a great story behind them, or as an unconventional choice of flooring.
Luxurious metals
Heavy, opulent brass is very much in vogue this year, though gold (or gold-effect materials for those on a more realistic budget) makes a nice alternative if you're looking for a more polished look.
Where to use it: try a classic approach with decorative accents like frames and bookends, or look out for mixed media furniture like bookshelves or coffee tables. 
Patterns, prints and texture
Patterns and prints are a fantastic way to enjoy this year’s vibrant colours without reaching sensory overload. Texture offers a similar effect for fabric furniture. Wallpaper is also back in a big way, with great designs emerging as an alternative to daring paint jobs.
Where to use it: try animal prints for wall hangings, rugs and throws; unusual textures for rugs and sofas, or consider papering an accent wall.
Retro chic
Between last year’s Jubilee celebrations and this year’s obsession with all things 1920s, vintage-inspired designs are all the rage. While kitchen trends give a nod to retro kitsch with appliances doubling as decor, you’ll find a more sophisticated art deco feel in prints and antique furniture.
Where to use it: display retro appliances in a sleek, modern kitchen to create contrast, or fashion an opulent look by placing an antique sideboard against a backdrop of deco-inspired wallpaper.
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Happy decorating!

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