Sunday, 31 July 2011

'Interesting' Facts

Cuckoo and Emily have each given me an award recently so I thought I'd do my facts today. I'm thrilled to be thought of, especially by people whose blogs I love reading.  It's a huge mood booster, thanks lovelies!

From Cuckoo:                                   From Emily:

(I like doing these fact things, they make me think about the kind of person that I am and what's important to me.)

So without any further ado....

1.  I am a secret-keeper.  Tell me something in confidence and I won't breathe a word to anyone, ever. I have been told things that I will honestly take to the grave.

2.  I really want to join the WI.  I've been thinking about it a lot recently, especially since reading about Jazz Domino Holly in Mollie Makes.  She is my new hero and if I lived in the area I'd be there each month, with knobs on.  I doubt that my local WI will be much like the Shoreditch Sisters though, unfortunately, but I fantasise that I would give it a new lease of life.  Recruit 'fresh blood', so to speak.

3.  Love and trust are the two most important things in the world to me.  Nothing else really matters, despite my longings for Mulberry handbags, a ride-on lawnmower and a walk-in pantry.

4.  I am terrified of the dentist.  It doesn't help that I have a ridiculously sensitive gag reflex and can't even have an x-ray done of my mouth (those little plastic films that they put in your mouth make me gag instantly).  I have to have root canal treatment soon and my regular dentist has sourced a private practice that will drug me beforehand (so that I don't freak out) and use special equipment (so that I don't gag).  It's the only way I can cope with it, even if I have to remortgage the house/sell a kidney.

5.  I have a terrible temper.  My mum says I 'go off like a bottle of pop':  I do.  On the plus side, I'm not one for sulking or holding a grudge.  I explode, say how I feel and then I am back to normal instantly.  That's just the way I roll (ha!).  Hard for other people to deal with though, I know, so I do try to control it.

6.  I am a bit obsessive about things.  The toilet roll has to be hung properly on the holder (up and over, please), towels have to be folded a certain way and the quilt has to be completely square and level on the bed before I can get in.  I realise that this is odd and probably means I'm a control freak.

7.  I can't balance on games equipment - I am unable to ice- or roller-skate and always fall off when out on a bike ride.  It can be embarrassing, for me and my companion.

8.  I whistle a lot, like an old man, quite elaborately sometimes.  I get it from my Mum, she has always been a whistler.  The husband and I had a whistle-off the other day, we were in stitches.  Try it, it is seriously funny.  (We were whistling 'Whistle While You Work' taking it in turns to whistle a line.  Impossible to whistle when you're laughing.)

9.  I love making people jump, it cracks me up.  I quite often leap out from behind a door/sofa/bed shouting 'BOO!' to make my husband, stepson or dog jump.  I'm going to get punched one day, I know it.

10.  If you've got a bogey on your nose or your knickers tucked in your skirt, I'll let you know.  I always feel compelled to let people know these things (because I'd want to know myself).

The awards have been to all of my favourite bloddies but I'm going to pass this to Kmmms.  I love reading the stories about Kmmms' sweet daughters and I like her writing style.  I'd like to know more about this gal and I think she'd like to play.




  1. hey,
    re #6 - totally and utterly normal!
    I love a fact post...I have a couple to do but can't think of anything will come!
    cant believe I'm still sat here - have been saying 'right' as though I have every intention of moving for at least and hour!
    fee x

  2. Ho Hem Gee!

    I now know you and I are the same person living parallel lives. Seriously. So similar.

    1. Me too.
    2. Me too
    3. Me too (But I do have the three items also listed, don't be envious the larder is a dump and the lawn mower often breaks)
    4. Me too. The scared bit. I am an odd bod who can switch off the gag reflex, also I can switch off pain and tickles if I really need to.
    5. Unbelievable temper. Ask Bee about my chair throwing incident. Ask Kmmms about my desk throwing incident. Dreadful behaviour.
    6.Me too. The toilet roll is never hung correctly at my MIL house and it drives me insane when she hangs it wrong at my house. I say to her "Please just hang it like they do in hotels and public loos. PLEASE!" But she never does.
    7. Ah. No, I am a mountain goat. I scaled the roof the other day to clean the sky lights. I can skate and ski. But I always fall over when drunk.
    8. Ah. No again, I don't whistle much. Mr C does though.
    9. ME TOOOOOOO! I made Little jump 3 times in succession playing at my Mum's in the down stairs loo. I made him jump when he opened the door and I was in there. Then I made him jump by turning the light off and when he opened the door again I shouted Boo. The third time I hid around the corner between the loo and the wall and he couldn't see me till I jumped out. We love it!
    10. Yes I have pointed out some such embarrassment a million times. Can't bear the thought of the person walking around for ages looking silly and then feeling mortified.

    See? Twins.


  3. Wheeeeee! Thanks Nikki! I couldn't comment on here last night when browsing on my phone, but thank you!
    I think the toilet roll thing is quite common, I am an up and over girl too. You can't pull pieces off properly otherwise.

    Gonna have to get me a Mollie Makes sub I think! But I bet the WI is brilliant. x

  4. Congrats on the award - I love, love, love reading peoples facts!!

    There is a modern WI near us I keep meaning to join, it's run by one of my friends from antenatal classes too but it's (yet another) thing I never get round too.

    I have good intentions with secrets but am a bit of a blurter - I have given the game away regarding presents so many times and once told someone a mutual friend was pregnant by accident (in my defence I thought she already knew!!)

    We're twins on the gag reflex, loo roll and temper/not bearing grudges things too!!

    S x

  5. I actually change people's loo rolls round if they're not placed in the 'up and over' position - my husband thinks I'm a freak, but now I can tell him that, actually, I am completely normal.
    I'm brilliant at keeping proper secrets, but rubbish at things that involve presents - I torture the kids by telling them when I've bought their birthday/Christmas presents, just because I get so excited about it. Mean.
    I had an incident in Waitrose once with a lady with her skirt tucked into her knickers. I told her very quietly and inconspicuously and she grabbed my arm and shrieked her thanks at me, thereby drawing the entire shop's attention to her underwear malfunction.
    I sent you an email re scarf-love - did you see it?
    Emily x

  6. 1. Me too. It's not nice when someone breaks your confidence in them and blabs a secret you've told them. It's happened to me a couple times and been quite hurtful. Think I'm just too trusting!

    2. Which Mollie Makes issue was this in? I'd love to join the WI if I wasn't the only young person!

    3. I don't think I'll own any of these things!

    4. Is it wrong that reading about gag-reflexes at dentists and then Cuckoo's comments about being able to switch hers off just puts naughty thoughts in my head!? haha

    5. I'm kind of the opposite.. I find myself going quiet, I often find myself giving the hubby the 'silent treatment'. I don't mean to.. but if I'm annoyed about something I find it really hard to express everything I want to say.

    6. Exactly the same and after reading this, I told Ray for the first time how annoying I find it when he switches it around.. don't know why I havent before now!

    7. I'm alright on these things..

    8. Can't whistle to save my life!

    9. Never really got a kick out of making people jump! haha

    10. I'll always let me know, I find it So annoying when people don't tell me these things..

    Ashley xxx

  7. It's always so lovely to learn a little bit more about people, isn't it?
    Seriously gal, you're like, totally normal. And yes, the toilet roll thing is true in my house too!
    Btw, about my little painted shelves project- I stuck the paper on with good old PVA glue- how well it lasts, only time will tell.

  8. Hi nicki, congrats on getting two awards :D, its great. Laughed so much when reading your facts especially no 9, i do that all the time, i love doing it too, the bigger the fright the better YEAH! Also luv no 1, thats a rare gem :D
    Oh yes i used stylecraft special dk, its cheap thank God! Have a great week
    Karen Xxxx