Saturday, 11 February 2012

When the winter blues kick in...

We all write our blogs for different reasons and I like my blog to be a happy place.  It isn't a diary for me but a space to record favourite things, special memories and experiences.  It is a way for me to share stuff that makes me happy and provides the opportunity for me to slow down and notice the small things that might otherwise be lost in the noise of everyday life.

Generally, I am quite a lively person.  I manage to keep my chipper up most of the time and I'm pretty good at cheering up other people too.  I think I'm a fairly positive person to hang out with and I find pleasure in the smallest things.   Yay me.

If I used my blog as an outlet for all the frustrations and disappointments in my life then today I'd be writing about a favourite lamp that the cleaners secretly broke, my complete lack of money (27p in my personal current account right now - another personal best) and the fact that my forthcoming [hideous] dental treatment is going to cost a small fortune.  I'd probably grumble that I'm freezing cold most of the time and I would whinge for a while that my hair desperately needs colouring, my eyebrows need taming and I rather fancy a whole new look.  On top of that, I might mutter under my breath that I can't shift this jeffing muffin top and I still can't find my gorgeous Russell & Bromley platform brogues.


But I refuse to dwell on that stuff - none of it is really important. (Although I do have to prioritise my finances to pay for my dental treatment.  Might have to sell a kidney.  Or my gran.)

It's the weekend!   

We have no specific demands on us so early tomorrow morning we're going to make a huge flask of milky hot chocolate, wrap up a substantial wedge of fruit cake and head into the snowy fields with the pooch for a long winter walk.

When we get back I will take a cup of tea and a book up to the bathroom and have a long, leisurely soak in the bath using my favourite Ren rose oil whilst the husband watches the football.   Isn't it a luxury to bathe mid-afternoon.

I will paint my nails, slather myself in thick body cream and put on my cosy cashmere trousers.

Who knows how I will spend the afternoon.  Perhaps I'll potter around the kitchen, do some baking, catch up on a bit of TV (Desperate Housewives, New Girl and Call the Midwife) or even watch an old movie with Drew.

I am determined to finish my giant granny square blanket this weekend and may even start the [beginner's] cross-stitch cushion kit I've recently picked up.

Sunday will begin with a Zumba class followed by a healthy relaxed brunch.  I will paint my beloved rocking chair and then the husband and I are off to the cinema.

(Did you notice how I glossed over the fact that I will also have a huge pile of ironing to get through, a very messy wardrobe to sort out and one or two items to list on eBay... boring.  See, it's all about focusing on the positives around here!)

Whatever you are doing, have a good one.  

Be sure to do one thing to treat yourself this weekend - let's beat those winter blues! 



PS Hello to my new followers! *waves like a loon*  Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my posts.  It really means such a lot and if I haven't already I will swing by yours soon.  Put the kettle on!  :-)

Oooh, and I've been chuffed to receive a few awards lately from some of my favourite bloggers.  I haven't forgotten about them and I will properly accept them in separate post.  Thank you for thinking of me.  How I love this friendly crafty blogging community.  Sigh.


  1. I'm with you- winter blues suck!!
    That bath sounds like a great way to chase them.

  2. Winter blues are tough i think everybody gets them from time to time i know i do quite badly infact. I need the sun and the warmth or my body behaves in a horrible way with my joints but hey ho ;-) Your weekend sounds lovely to me even with the little housework involved to. Look forward to seeing your blanket when its finished. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your me time. dee x

  3. Your Saturday sounds idyllic to me. Mine will involve a number of mad children rampaging through the house this afternoon and then staying for a sleepover. Sigh. At least wee got some friends coming over later for eating and drinking fun. Have a good one.

  4. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to banish those Winter blues..infact you've given me a few good ideas! :0)

  5. What a great post to read while I'm having a bit of quiet time this morning. The husband is off to get the cars MOT done and Rose is asleep! :-)
    That's very annoying about the lamp, did you bring it up with them?
    It sounds to me like you've got a lovely weekend planned... ooohh a bath! I haven't had one of those in months! Haha... :S I do wash obviously, just a quick shower these day's though!
    Can I be a pain and ask a couple of questions.. how did you get your photo's to have a rounded edge to them? And also how did you put the writing over them..?

    Ashley xxx

  6. A bath in general would be a luxury for me but when it comes to it I have to decide if I'd like an hour in the bath or an hour with my hook. Wooly stuff always wins. Love the sound of the rose bath oil though so maybe if I had some of that I would bathe.

    I am feeling the winter blues since my boys yanked the top off my dresser (don't ask) and somehow managed to not kill themselves but have broken all but one small cup of all my favourite and good antique and vintage china. Also when I took out my pearl stud earrings Mr C bought me for Christmas this year from Tiffany's, one of the pearls came off the stem. I also can't shift my muffin top but that could be to do with the fact that I drink too much wine and last night ate a huge slab of brownie. You have more money than me in your account. I have minus £72 quid!

    How gorgeous is that view from your window. Love how you are writing on your pics. How did you do that?

    Enjoy your fantastic sounding weekend. Mine has a rather different line up to yours but I think it will be a good one all the same.


  7. I love this blog because it's truely you in a nutshell, you remind me ever so much of my sister friend (I've told her this too), you two really would be the bestest buddies.

    We all have the blues so don't beat yourself up, you can't always being the positive one, always cheerpy, you are allowed some 'down' time. But you're already turning all those negatives into positives, well done you, that's always my struggle.

    Sounds like you have some lush 'me' time booked in, you enjoy every moment sweetness, just remember we're not just blogging friends, it's true friends through and through, let's hope we can get this girlie weekend sorted soon.

    Sending you a HUGE virtual hug and kiss Luv Bee xxxxxxxxx

  8. What a lovely weekend you have lined up. Do those crappy jobs quick and get to the good bits!
    I ADORE your beautiful new cushion kit, could i be cheeky and ask where you got i?
    good luck with the dental work, its bad enough but having to pay a small fortune for it seems totally unfair!
    happy weekend lovely lady
    love jooles

  9. Sounds like you have a fantastic weekend planned! Have fun.

  10. Oh dear, you can join me in the skint club, on paper we should be plenty well off but it never seems to work out that way.

    *whispers* I was a cleaner for a while and I broke the top of a big handmade jar, I then frantically searched for glue to fix it (which I did invisibly, it was made of funny stuff which thankfully didn't show the join) and I never owned up *Iamnaughty*

    When my auntie was a cleaner she never went anywhere without superglue and a screwdriver!!

    Love your pics, gorgeous as always!!


    S x

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend (even if you have glossed over the imperfections!)

    You have given me the urge to bake, bathe, zumba and then relax! I might just go do that now!

    Happy weekend! x

  12. Cosy weekends are the best yours sounds perfect.I love going in the bath with my favorite oils in, candles glowing and book in hand,sometimes a nice glass of wine just finishes off the treat just perfect.Love Jill xx

  13. Hi Love
    I LIVE in the bath in the evenings. I spend an hour and a bit in the bath every single night with a book, just before I slip into bed. It sets me up for a blissful night and I have all my best ideas/plans/stories brewing in my head when I'm soaking in the tub.
    I never use oils because I get too slippery and once fell OUT of the bath, as you do.
    Your view from your office is gorgeous and I like that you like to think positively.
    Just saw the most amazing sunset from the beach, it was a huge red sun against a bluey pink sky. Amazing. Really lovely day. Have my friend Sharease with me and we've scoffed cupcakes and are on the wine and curry tonight. VERY naughty. I've always had a muffin top because I like to eat a lot of cake.
    Enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend.
    x x x x

  14. hi, your saturday sounds lush my ideal tv partner (loving call the midwife) its nice to have a positive outlook i always try to some people always seem so negative and it can get yoy down but yes i moan about the normal things no money, bad hair nothing to wear etc hate being cold and the small things always please me i am easily pleased (which pleases my bloke) ha ha take care sarah x

  15. hi, your saturday sounds lush my ideal tv partner (loving call the midwife) its nice to have a positive outlook i always try to some people always seem so negative and it can get yoy down but yes i moan about the normal things no money, bad hair nothing to wear etc hate being cold and the small things always please me i am easily pleased (which pleases my bloke) ha ha take care sarah x

  16. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I love to find new blogs to read & yours is great fun! :-)


  17. I can't wait for the winter blues to sod off and leave everyone alone.

  18. I'm so happy I found your blog. It has everything that I love in a blog..... lovely photos and interesting to read! Thanks.

  19. Hi. Just find your blog and its lovely. Like finding people who likes the same stuff as me,so yeah i enjoy reading your blog.
    Have good time ,and yes- I love your WIP crochet bag

  20. Hi there....I last week.....found your's lovely, by the way.......but your intro to this post really struck a chord with me......that is exactly why I started my be my happy place.....where I would slow down, notice, and record the good things in my life...keep focusing on the positives.....I'm not a very positive person myself....but I'm learning and trying to be more positive every day....and I think it really does help -xx-

  21. Hello i just found your lovely blog. I love your photo editing? Which site do you use as Im worried about picnic closing :-)
    Heather (The Patchwork Heart)

  22. Just been having a wander through your blog... I love your cottage and your style... you have yourself a new stalker, sorry, follwer! ;-)

    Also I am jealous of your bath... I have only a shower, a fabby shower admittedly but sometimes a bath is what is really needed

  23. hi :) just found you. I love a bath with all the pretty smellies, i believe its allllll about the packaging lol!

  24. I think it's SO important to have a space that you can record the lovely and the happy. Sometimes we get too bogged down in the not so great happening in the everyday, that we forget, just how many wonderful things do happen every day. I love your pretties and the idea of a bath during the day is luxury. Not something that can be done with small kids around.....they would drive me insane with constant door knocking! I do have free time now they are at school but there's always so much to do. I think I need to try it though, sounds devine.

    How's the granny going now by the way? Loving it? I love me a good granny!!!!!!


  25. A lovely chilled post (even though I'm reading this in summer!) I love your lilacy coloured bowl you have in your bathroom. Where is it from if you don't mind me asking?