Sunday, 5 February 2012

The new polka dot bag and other happy stories

Sickeningly happy at the moment.  On-top-of-the-world, want-to-hug-myself and smile-at-strangers happy.  I might be a little bit irritating - sorry about that.

Completely in ♥♥♥ with my new polka dot satchel:

I am 100% chuffed as nuts with it.  I went for the largest size traditional satchel because I plan to use it for my laptop when I go into the office.  It's roomy without being bulky and fits my laptop, cables and notebook perfectly.  It's genuine leather and lush quality - even came with a little signed certificate by the ladies who made it.  This baby will last me a lifetime.  I am crazy for polka dots at the moment and red is my new favourite colour - this bag makes my heart do little skips.  I can't stop looking at it!  

For work I wear either black, grey or beige - my winter coat is plain grey and very sensible so this little beauty will give my outfits a little blast of colour.  It's from Zatchels and they are available in all kinds of sizes, styles and colours.  I quite fancy a neon pink number too.  Love.  Love.  Love.


Remember the pretty tea set and spoons that my MIL gave me a while back?  Well she emailed me last weekend to say that she'd picked up some little glasses because she thought I'd like them....

Like them?  I LOVE them!  There are six and all are in tip-top condition.  Apparently they were in a box on the floor ready to be put up for sale - I never have such luck in charity shops to catch things that early.  So lovely of her to think of me and she wouldn't accept the money for them either.

Perfect for sherry o'clock!


I missed my yoga class yesterday morning.  I was up bright and early, wearing plenty of layers to deal with early morning stretching in the cold.  As soon as I stepped outside I knew I wouldn't be going to yoga.  The sun was shining brightly and a thick frost was sparkling on every surface.  It was, quite simply, the most beautiful winter morning.  I did an about-turn back up the drive and into the house.  Dumped my yoga bag, called the dog and was out the door again.  It was crispy cold outside and as I tramped through the fields with the dog trotting and sniffing by my feet I had an overwhelming sense of wellbeing.  I actually stood at the entrance of one field, stretched my arms high over my head (trying to make up for missing the yoga class - felt a bit guilty) and it occurred to me that I had an enormous smile on my face.  What a hippy! 

I stayed out for an hour and a half, all by myself.  I am so happy I made that spontaneous decision to ditch the yoga and enjoy the morning.  At lunchtime it turned grey and misty - by 4pm we had the first sprinkling of snow.

We made a quick trip to Brackley Antique Cellar (it's my new favourite place) where I picked up a gorgeous chunky old candlestick, a couple of other knick-knacks and some Annie Sloan paint.  I bought an old rocking chair over Christmas which I am going to have a bash at painting.  

It is my Great Auntie's 70th Birthday on Tuesday and the whole family met for lunch today.  There were 24 of us in total with about eight children, it was very noisy and I'm sure everyone else in the pub was delighted when we left!  

Bunting that my cousin's wife made for my niece.  Isn't it lush!
As we were leaving we all gathered together for a group photo and roped an innocent passerby into taking the snap.  There was a huge beer garden at the pub which proved the perfect place for the children to have a snowball fight. Before long, we adults had all joined in!  I love my extended family - we are all quite close and they are all really good fun.  I'm a lucky girl to have such great people in my life.  

(Told you I was sickeningly happy.)

So a bit of a long post I'm afraid.  I wait until I have a sufficient amount of time to blog and then I have too much to say! I've discovered the addiction that is Twitter - if you have an account, please say hello! I'm @xxnickifxx.  

I really like taking little shots of my day on Instagram to post via twitter. Here are some recent ones:

Mini Malteser bunny
Stopping for a quick cuppa
Baked mini sponges with my new pan
Swapped sides with the husband to keep away from the cold window. It's weird but I love my new little space!
Manic Monday tomorrow.  I intend to get through my least favourite day by moving my home office temporarily to the dining room where I'll work by the fire and stay snug.  

Have a great week everyone! 




  1. Baaaaaaaaagggg!!!! I love it. I might have to steal it.
    Good luck getting through the day tomorrow - can't believe it's nearly Monday already - this weekend's gone by in a blur
    Emily x

  2. What a lovely post! And that bag is gorgeous xxx

  3. I can completely see why you are so head over heels in love with your bag. It's beautiful! It's the kind of bag which makes the wearer and passers by smile.

    Also love the instagram photo of your mini sponge. Very pretty (Pip?) plate.

  4. Bag envyyyyy! I have been eying up the silver one for ages! X

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute is that bag! Love it!
    Celeste x

  6. O Nicki your satchel is gorgeous. I love red and white polka dots and always feel cheerful when I wear my polka dot scarf.

  7. So much yummie, pretty, tasty gorgeous things to comment it all. Was looking forward to seeing the group shot. I know it is cold, but that snow looked so pretty.
    xx Sandi

  8. Oh my word, that satchel!!! I'd be leap in the air happy too :D

  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!! *swoons* your bag, your bag!!! It's flip flapping gorgeous!!!!!1 *swoons some more* Lovely, lovely post to read this morning :) I am totally addicted to those Malteaser bunnies....I hide them just for me....naughty but nice! Good for you taking the dog out on the spur of the moment too....that sounds as if it was totally and utterly good for the soul. I'm smiling just reading your post :D

    Hope you have a good a day as you can working .....but beside the fire....yay!!!

    Take care love x

    Jo x x x

  10. Like everyone else - I too have satchel envy!!!

  11. Hope your Monday isn't too bad!

    I love your bedroom it looks so pretty and cosy. I am rather jealous!

    I am also jealous of your beautiful bag! With that and the amazing sunny day it's no wonder you had a huge smile on your face! xx

  12. That is the loveliest satchel ever! I enjoyed your post very much, lots of sweet pictures!
    Btw,thank you for your lovely comment and question on my blog, the answer is I use rubber stamps on cotton fabric to print words and images, and then make them into little labels to sew onto my crafty makes!
    Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  13. Ahhh someone else who hs found the delights of Zatchels... I bought my friend one of the smaller bags a few months ago for her birthday - gorgeous aren't they?

    Jennie. x

  14. Ahhh someone else who hs found the delights of Zatchels... I bought my friend one of the smaller bags a few months ago for her birthday - gorgeous aren't they?

    Jennie. x

  15. What a fantastic looking bag. I have a bit of a thing for polkas dots too. I'm now thinking how great your bag would look with my daughters red polkas dot CK pushchair!! I've forwarded the Zatchels link to my husband who's currently looking to replace his old tatty leather satchel. - maybe i'll drop a few hints about the polka dot ones!!

  16. Oh that bag was surely purchased from Awesome Town!!!
    I love it!
    It's actually extremely similar to my new one I got at the end of last year, it's a green fossil bag in exactly the same style, and I love it for work, for all the reasons you mentioned!! But now I have seen your red spotty one, my green one is experiencing some spot envy!!!
    also love your ditching the yoga for an awesome walk!!
    I often do yoga moves on my morning walk, whilst hoping that noone will see me saluting the sun!!

  17. Lush satchel!!! I followed your link and now have serious wanties!

    I get the impression that you're a real chirpy chicken at the moment!! Isn't it funny, I've found myself smiling while reading your post - your happiness must be catching.


  18. Oooo love the bag! & the bunting is soo cute:)

    I absolutely love the furniture you go for, I'm constantly gawping at it when you post pictures. Your bedding is so gorgeous too, ahhhh green eyed monster at the end of this keyboard.

    Thank you for helping me out in my previous post, too. I have decided what to wear using clothes I already have which saves spending money, definitely a bonus. I will be frizzing up my hair too! Thanks again :)


  19. Oh lord, massssive bag envy right now.

  20. I LOVE your satchel- it is fabulous! I am very envious. I love the sherry glasses too - perfect for sherry o'clock!
    Sounds like you have been having a fun time. Stay cosy! XX

  21. great bag and instagram shots!!! Best place to get smash things (beki told me) is

    much cheaper than anywa
    here else even amazon. xx

  22. ooh I love your bedroom, that wardrobe is just gorgeous!! what a sweet little satchel too :)
    Jessie, xo

  23. wow gorgeous post! just love the red color of your bag. lovely photos:)

  24. I am so in love with your polka dotted bag!!!! GREAT find, totally jealous.


  25. Red and polka dots - no wonder you are is gorgeous and would of been my preferred choice too - as I love both.

    Nina x

  26. firstly thankyou for coming by my blog so lovely to see you, and i must say im loving yours x x ps love the red polka dot satchel too x

  27. Hey lovely Nicki,

    I LOVE YOUR BAG!!! Yes, that's in capitals because I am shouting it!! It's gorrrrgeous!! Absolutely the kind that makes you smile every time you set eyes on it!


  28. I too am just a tad green at the beautiful satchel. I used to have one (boring brown) years ago and I used it until it totally fell apart on me. Loved it and all it's vintageness. I can imagine it will look even better with age.....yum yum spottiness.....

    Have a fab rest of a week.....xxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. i've just found your blog and now you have a new follower.
    Do you want to follow me back?


  30. Oooohhhh love your satchel, I've had my eye on one for a while but never seen a polkadot one, just the plain colours. It's lovely to read about somebody been so happy, keep it up, great photo's too. Debxxx

  31. Right.
    I'm not going to lie.
    I have seen said spotty satchel on my sidebar...for it has been catching my eye on a daily basis since you posted. I knew that it would bring out the green eyed monster in me...and guess what!!!!!
    (happy for you...natch!)

    Then, you mention you have a kind thoughtful MIL (safe to say i have the very opposite!) and I'm tempted to take you off my sidebar all together!

    not really - love a little visit over here.
    Swaping sides of the bed though? how on earth? doesn't matter where in the world we are we have to sleep on the 'right' side!
    (how are those boxes coming along? tell me they are a disaster to make me feel better?!)