Monday, 27 June 2011

Ice cream for dinner

On the menu this evening:

It wasn't dessert, it was my actual dinner.  What a pikey!  Who cares; I ate salad for lunch (WeightWatchers - yawn) just so that I could have this (please note that this is not sound nutritional advice).  Creamy vanilla ice cream with my special Vahiné caramel sauce.  

If you ever see this stuff in the shops, grab a bottle.  It is delicious with ice cream, pancakes and fresh fruit.  I also like to sauté a couple of chopped pears (or apples) in a smidge of butter and drizzle a little of this over them. I know it's easy enough to make your own caramel sauce but, really, sometimes you need a quick fix.  (It occurred to me today that I could have used it to flavour the buttercream for the caramel cupcakes at the weekend rather than faffing around making my own caramel, too.)  

As I ate it, the dog was watching my every move.  I thought she wanted the dregs of ice cream from the bottom of the tub, but no:
She just had the urge to accessorise.  Ha!  I like her style.



PS I just wrote a whole paragraph about my bee saga and deleted it.   It makes me want to cry and this is a cheerful post.  So yes, the saga continues and whether the bees live or die it is going to cost
 us a few hundred pounds to have scaffolding to get into the chimney to sort it out.  

Pass the sherry, please.


  1. Dinner heaven.
    So sorry for you with these pesky bees. In fact, that completely justifies your ice cream dinner. And there's my eating issues right there in that sentence!!!


  2. that looks so delicous!!
    Even though it's breakfast time here, I could so go one of those about now!!!

  3. 1) That is my ideal dinner, pikey or not.
    2) Your dog does look quite a lot like Tommy Cooper.
    3) Sherry is, indeed, the perfect antidote to bee-related stress.
    Emily x

  4. you poor thing with the bee saga , and the icecream looks delicious which is not helping me as went to weigh in tonight and put half pound on oops (weekend away cream teas ,fried breakfast ) i like your weightwatchers style thou may have to try this xx your dog is so cute i so want a westie have jack russell who i love and another dog is not right at the moment x is it true they dont moult and good for allergy sufferers ?

  5. Bloody damn blasted bees. Take to your bed love, make up another pot of icecream and pootle off. Oh and swig sherry and caramel sauce straight from the bottle. You'll feel better soon. Bloody bees.


  6. Stubbon bees by the sound of it. Pity you can't spray some bee killer up there. I love your dinner very inventive, I could go one of those right about now for an afternoon snack. I'll just have a cuppa and a biscuit instead :(
    x Sansdi

  7. Hi chickadee
    Thanks for your lovely posts on my blog recently. What's happening now with the bees.
    Ice cream meal looks lush, although I feel sick today so couldn't eat it at this moment in time.
    Hope all well with you.
    In answer to your questions, been to Glasto a fair few times but never with the kids. We will all go when they are older but I couldn't hack pushchairs, nappy changing, whinging kids or loos with them at the mo!!
    I have loved Bon Jovi since I was 17. Am nearly 36. How did your friend get his guitar??
    I nearly passed out last year when a journalist friend in Oz was asked to fly to USA to interview Jon Bon and he's momentarily thought about sending me instead but knew I'd be all star struck or try to snog Jon or something so decided against it. Was GUTTED beyond belief. He has promised to let me go if he gets the chance again!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Can't remember what else you asked now. Drat.
    x x