Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm a bag lady

I am an accessories girl, it has to be said.  Handbags, and shoes, are my favourite things to spend money on.  I think I have only got nine or ten handbags (which seems a lot to me, I can never choose which one to use, but I know that true handbag-lovers own tens of them) but they are all really good quality.  Mulberry is my very favourite brand - I love their simple, understated designs and the leather is always gorgeous.  But I dig this bag out of the cupboard on a regular basis:

I used it for Paris a couple of weeks ago and haven't transferred my things out of it yet so I've been using it for everything.  It is brilliant for travel because it is huge and zips up neatly (the top of the bag opens wide too so it's easy to find things in).   It looks smart with my work suits and goes well with my casual clothes.  It's a gorgeous tan leather and a bit of a classic in my book.  The hardware and the canvas strap keep it looking modern.  I can wear it cross-body, over the shoulder or in the crook of my arm.  It carries an enormous amount of stuff and has TONS of pockets inside (and two useful little external pockets on each side).

It's a baby changing bag.   As well as the hundreds of pockets inside, it came complete with changing mat, bottle warmer and an extra little zip up bag.

I don't have a baby, I just ♥ the bag.  

Yes, it carries all of the baby paraphernalia you can think of.  But it also does a fabulous job of housing all of my superficial rubbish :0)

It rules. I can definitely recommend, baby or no.




  1. can't wait til nelly gets on here and starts convincing herself she needs this bag! 'but it's an investment' I hear her cry!

    (BTW - if she does need to start convincing G Kisby she needs, it the paragraph starting
    'I used it for paris' is the whole argument in a nutshell.)

    After 16 years working for Monsoon/Accessorize I too have a large stash of bags (etc!) and was thinking your 10 wasn't many..until I realised the calibre of bag you were meaning!

    fee x

  2. I love love love this changing bag.. unfortunately I just don't have the budget for it! Although I'm pretty happy with my CK one!
    Back to WW tomorrow..!? It doesn't look like you need to go either! Not sure which low-cal treats to suggest.. I don't know the points system of WW, so I might be telling you to eat something that they don't allow..!
    By the look of things.. I'm sure I'd love your 10 bag collection!!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Oh I do love your bag, a very upmarket nappie bag, but who would have known. I am quite petite of build so bags like that dwarf me, oh yes us tiny people don't have it all hunky dory you know!!
    x Sandi Oh I left a comment to your comment on my blog *snigger*

  4. gorgeous bag and yes love handbags and always look at them in shops if nothing else and get told by m daughter you dont need another bag , you can never have to many bags i say and they always fit unlike clothes ha , Mulberry bags are delicious just cant afford but i am saving to invest in one as will last and lucky for me where i live is there shop factory outlet lovely ! check out two blogs i follow they live here to and big mulberry lovers and are fashion students cherry humbug and wish wish wish who won cosmo blogger thing last year x

  5. Ello bird! I've been meaning to leave you a message about the tea cosy but I've been having a scrap with blogger.

    Right, so details...the yarn is Rowan Pure Life Organic Cotton. They only make limited shades so the pink, green and blue should be easy to find. I've chucked out the band so can't give you the full low down.

    I can't really give you a pattern for the cosy part either as I just chained enough to go around my little round tea pot that Gem gave us for our wedding. It holds just 2 cups, is stainless steel and a cute shape. The explaination of how to do the griddle stitch is in the actual post as is the link for the flower, which is in Julie's sidebar at Tales from toadstool house. Here it is any way

    God I sound vague!!!!! But I honestly just crocheted two squares in griddle stitch that would wrap around each side of my pot and then reduced stitches as I got nearer the top so that it curved in. Then I stitched the two sides together leaving gaps for the spout and the handle. Then I bunged the roses on top and used a leaf pattern I kind of made up. You chain about 8, then you do a couple of doubles, htr's, tr's dbtr's up one side and then the same in reverse going down the other side. Clear? As mud!!!

    I need that bag.


  6. I love this bag. Big bags are great. I think better quality bags are much more worth it as the last longer. My friend here has some Guess handbags, which are very posh here as people don't earn much. When she went off to America on her hols she nearly died when she looked on facebook and saw her daughter's pic of the dog in her handbag!
    Oo, off on a tangent there, nothing new. I love your bed. You look very stylish in the pics. xxx