Saturday, 11 June 2011

Where's my 'me' time?!

It has been such a busy week but I still can't believe I've left it almost a week since my last post.  Work has been hectic and I've been pottering around the house a lot this week too.  We had new curtains fitted in the living room mid-week, which I've been waiting ages for.  We also bought a couple of storage trunks last weekend so I've been enjoying myself reorganising my cupboards in the evenings.  Rock and roll!  

The curtains are beauties, I am really pleased with them.  They have an extra (thermal) layer before the lining because it is freezing in our little living room (we still have to light a fire in there at night even now, in June).  I had a little pair made for each of the two windows and a big one for the door.

We never use this door, we use the back door, but the wind whistles through the gaps in wood in the winter.  I had the curtain made double width plus an extra half so when closed it is really thick and full.  So happy with them.  I took this photo as soon as the lady had 'dressed' the curtain.  It was a bit too neat looking for me with all the perfect folds so as soon as she left I mussed it up and it looks gorgeous now.  (The woman who fitted them absolutely could not cope with my house.  She constantly complained about the uneven walls and the fact that the windows weren't exactly level.  I felt like saying 'it was built in the 17th Century, love, I don't think they had spirit levels then.'  Silly woman.)  I do that when I've had my hair done too, the second I get out of the salon I mess it up.  I like to see tidy mess.  Ha! 

I was going to show you my storage boxes but my step son is badgering me to use my laptop.  I came into the conservatory and left them in the living room playing xbox about an hour ago.  Figured I'd have a bit of quiet crochet time to myself.  Within minutes:
J appears with his new Marvel comic.
 Shortly followed by:
Husband and pooch, he with library book

The dog is waiting for her evening walk.  When I got back from the garden centre just now, she was looking hopefully at me through the gate.

So much for my 'me' time.  I can feel a bit of a tantrum coming on. 

We're off to a car boot sale in the morning - my second ever.  We are mostly looking for vintage Marvel and DC superhero comics.  I have been bribed with brunch at an American diner although am secretly looking forward - I picked up a sweet little window vase at the last car boot sale for a pound.   I'll show it to you tomorrow.
Have a fun weekend!




  1. They look really cosy, but I know what you mean. Sometimes Eliska is supposed to be with her dad and they just end up following me around. Marvel comics sound cool though.
    I love your curtains. Curtain lady does sound a bit daft though. We have really wonky bams in our new house which I love and loads of Czech people told Roman, my other half, to box them in with a straight ceiling, lovely!
    Your conservatory is rather lovely too. Gorgeousness. x

  2. Lovely curtains Nicki. (So with you on the tidy mess...)
    Just to let you know I've finally posted my stripy scarf 'how to' - it's on the crochet tab on my blog. Let me know how you get on... (eeeek - really hope it makes sense!)
    Emily x

  3. I love tidy mess, that's how I wear my hair, it is short so in goes the product and I 'mess' it up with my fingers till it sits just right 'tidy mess' I'm afraid I don't do tidy/neat short hair. When I had long hair (down to my waist) it was very sleek looking. Love your curtains btw, nothing worse than cold breezes. Lovely home you have.
    x Sandi

  4. The curtain fabric looks lovely. You are right, too neat and tidy, does the style of you house no favours.

  5. my kind of post - isn't blogging fab for having a little nosey!!?
    fee x

  6. Oh those curtains, very Kate Forman/Cabbages and Roses. Swoon!

    This post reminds me of your email "I'm going to make myself a cup of tea since no one else cares!! Huff" You high maintenance girl you (DO NOT CHANGE)

    Yes the "lovely" person is you! I'm getting closer to construction!!!!! Yee haw!

    Your house is a stunner. I am my most happy in a house where everything is wibbly and you can place your palm on the ceiling when standing in bare feet.