Monday, 6 June 2011

Mild Crochet Dilemma

I'm in the midst of my first crochet drama.  There's something I never imagined I would say.

I'm making my first ever granny square blanket using Lucy's tutorial (at Attic24) for the Summer Garden Granny.  (Edit:  Turns out that my copy image from the Easter post didn't work so here's a slightly different pic.)

 The squares have slowly but surely grown in number since then and I now have nearly 100. But I'm in a slight panic about joining them together.  None of them have the same colour in the outer row (as you can see, some are green, some are pink, some are blue etc) and I have been wondering all weekend how I'm going to stitch them together without the joining yarn being visible (I'm going to crochet rather than sew them together).  Am slightly cross with myself for not considering this when I started out.  I've been merrily crocheting squares without a minute's thought for how they will fit together as a whole.  Learning curve, fo sho.

So I've been pondering my little dilemma all weekend.  I actually stopped work on it altogether to have a proper think (cannot believe I'm taking this all so seriously, it's just a blankie for gawd's sake).  I have decided to put an extra row, of the same colour, on each square.  I've gone for red.  Don't tell me you think it will be awful, I've just ordered the yarn.  I bought six 100g balls - hope it will be enough.  Talk about taking on a project blind; I should have planned and prepped more.

I had itchy fingers last night though and started a small bunting project.  Another WIP to hang around the house but I ought to have this finished by the weekend, the triangles are very quick and easy.

Husband is very excited to see the end result.  He thinks it's a bikini.




  1. Hahaha.. trust a man to assume that it's a tiny bikini! Loving the bunting though..! It looks like lovely yarn..

    I'm afraid I'm not much help when it comes to 'how to join the squares together' thing.. I've not made a granny square blanket, and my hexagon blanket I'm working on at the moment, I'm joining them together as I go..

    Very frustrating, my laptop won't load up your first picture.. I wanna see..!! lol

    Ashley xxx

  2. Hehe, I actually had a crochet bikini (many years ago) it was horrid, as soon as it got wet it stretched (embarrassing) I love the idea of red around all the squares, I am going to edge my grannie stripe with Stylecraft 'Lipstick' which is red. So I'm with you all the way.
    x Sandi

  3. I'm about to email you back about this and the hooker roll! I can't see you first pic either x

  4. That's so funny, bikini bunting... I made the non-bikini version of it at the beginning of the year, it's the knickerbocker glory one, isn't it (hey, that's an apt name for yours...!)
    Love the squares, the colours are gorge and I think red will look lovely. What yarn is it, it looks really nice and soft. Am mentally planning my next blanket and basically have it all sorted except which yarn to use.
    Emily x

  5. Lol,what a great bikini,you should do it for a laugh,haha.Well done on all the granny squares,its going to look great with red edging.xxxx

  6. I am replying to your comment on my post about books. Moonface WAS the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton!!!!
    I loved that series.
    I also loved the St Clare's boarding school series too. What was the book you told me about......I know Brer Rabbit, but the other one....forgotten it now, will have to refer back. Never heard of it before!
    Hope you solved your dilemma.
    x x x

  7. hello and pleased to meet you!
    I can't imagine having ANY kind of crochet conversation, although its still on my list of things to learn (now before I'm 50...can't believe I've just written that)
    I'm not big on patience - and last time my (v patient) Mum tried to teach me it ended in a tantrum (me) and a small cry (also me).

    Just had a little nosey (me too!) round your blog - lovely pictures of Paris. Love a cheeky weekend away...
    fee x

  8. Hi Nicki, what a shame my blog doesnt show up,I m not very technical,so hopefully it will just magically appear!! :) Thank you for the kind comment on the brooch,Im really flattered. Cath kidston:O

    I wish......

    Our dogs kept going on our blankets ,so that s why I made our two one each,they still try and get ours though!

    I was reading about your trip to Paris the other day and we are going to drive over to Italy this year for the first time,stopping in somewhere just outside Paris,can you recommend any where to stay,nothing fancy? just for a night.

    hope you have a lush weekend,take care,julie.xxp.s. Hows the w w going,I ve lost 10lbs so far,but I have got a couple of stone to lose :O xxxxx

  9. Hello! I know I've come to this a bit late, but I think if you slip-stitch the squares together through the back loops you can't really see the join. I might be very, very wrong though. Maybe try it and see if you can't be bothered to add more rounds? Can always pull it back!!!!