Sunday, 25 September 2011

First Anniversary

We got married a year ago today.

This weekend I have been thinking about all the little details of our wedding: 

The night before, staying at the hotel with my sister.  Having beauty treatments in the spa all afternoon together.  Drinking champagne in the lounge and trying to calm my nerves.  Mum and Dad coming to join us later for pudding and more champagne.  Sis snoring all night (ha! she had a cold) with me lying wide awake beside her, willing the morning to arrive.  

Couldn't eat breakfast.  The hair and make-up lady arrived super early.  The morning was quiet.  Unnervingly quiet.  Mobile phone service was low at the hotel so texts from friends and family were not coming through - I worried that everyone had forgotten!  The minutes crawled by.

Then, suddenly, people started to arrive.  Time sped up.  From high in our room overlooking the courtyard I drank champagne and watched, unseen, Andrew and his friends, J, my dad and my brother in law all fussing with buttonholes having their photos taken.  Fixing their cravats.  The only thing that Andrew was in charge of for the day and everyone wore the wrong things.  The best man wore the wrong cravat.  My dad wore mum's corsage instead of his buttonhole.  

The bridesmaids appeared:  my cousins two little girls.  They were so excited to be princesses for the day and couldn't wait to have their photos taken.  I didn't realise that in the adjoining room, whilst I was having my photo taken, panic prevailed:  the littlest bridesmaid's dress was too small and her petticoat hadn't been altered so it was huge.  (The wedding outfitters had advised that alterations for children didn't need to be tried out, there was nothing that could go wrong - pah!).  The next hour was fraught with females getting ready.  Niece screaming and crying (she was a flower girl but so ill with a cold she had to be kept away for most of the day), hair being fixed, champagne being poured, wedding gifts and cards being delivered.  I was starting to feel stressed, I just wanted to go downstairs and marry my man.

Then, things started to quieten down.  The last photos were taken before the ceremony began.  Mum, dad and I started to relax:

And then, quick as flash, I was walking into a room with a string quartet playing and Andrew waiting for me.  He'd been told not to look around at me as I walked in and I had to tap him on the shoulder to say hi!

Our friends and family, the people I like best in the world, were all there looking fabulous.  The music was lovely, the weather stayed fine, the food was lush and we had the most amazing day.  I loved every minute.

 It was truly the happiest day of my life.  

Happy anniversary, Drew.  Bring on the next 30!



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Beautiful wedding photos.

  2. Wow what beautiful photo's and wonderful memories. Such a magical day, your dress is stunning and you both looked gorgeous. Happy Anniversary. dee x

  3. Awww Happy Anniversary to you both! You can really tell how much you love your man from reading this.....lovely x Hope you have a lovely day together x

    Jo x

    P.S. The pics are g-o-r-geous!!!

  4. Happy anniversary. You were a beautiful bride. xxx

  5. Happy anniversary. You looked gorgeous and I absolutely love the bridesmaids' dresses. Very cool colour!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both, what a handsome couple!
    You look sooo beautiful.
    Kandi xx

  7. These photos are stunning- you look so pretty, happy anniversary!

  8. Oh bloody hell you've made me all misty. What a beautiful wedding. You looked superb. Absolutely breath takingly amazing. As did your mister. But you know what was the loveliest part of this post? The last bit.

    How did they fix the littlest's dress?


  9. Congrats on your 1st anniversary, the photos are wonderful you all look amazing and you in particular look so beautiful.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. You've bought a tear to my eye love, wonderful post and photo's, you looked stunning on your big day, Happy Anniversary and here's to many more.

    Have a lovely day celebrating your first year together as Mr & Mrs, perfect.


  11. Happy anniversery to you both .... those photos are stunning x

  12. Happy anniversary both! Lovely, lovely post. xx

  13. Happy Anniversary. You looked lovely, and the pictures are fantastic. I can see why you have wonderful memories.

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both,Nicki,The photos are wonderful,You all look stunning. Thankyou so much for sharing your special day,with us.Hope you have a wonderful day,today,xxxxx

  15. You looked gorgeous, lovely photos. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Happy Anniversary.. ours is 3 years tomorrow.. :)x

  17. Happy Anniversary Nicki, you look absolutely stunning - what a wow factor dress!!!
    I loved reading all about your special day and you looked (and still do!) so happy together.
    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend in Somerset, was thinking of you.
    Love Gem xx

  18. you look absolutely beautiful x
    your smile captures the whole day- looks a perfect day x

  19. Congratulations! These are possibly the most gorgeous wedding pictures I've ever seen and the dress is beautiful. Where was it you got married?

  20. Awww Nicki, you and your man look amazing....and that dress wowee!!!!
    Happy Anniversary and many more happy ones to follow.
    xx Sandi

  21. Happy Anniversary, hon!!
    This looks like a beautiful day.
    You look stunning and your bridesmaids are so pretty- love the colour of their dresses.
    Made me smile this morning.
    Have a great week.

  22. Happy Anniversary Nicki!
    Those photo´s are beautiful and oh my word, so is your dress! It´s stunning!
    I don´t know why I´m feeling so emotional but it´s very embarrassing, I´m sat in an internet cafe in spain having a speedy blog catch-up and I actually shed a tear from reading this post! The man sat at the next computer gave me a strange look.. I don´t know what´s got into me, it must be the heat!

    Ashley xxx

  23. My fave photo is of you and your two bridesmaid girls on the bed. Adorable!

  24. What a beautiful post. I hope that you had a wonderful Anniversary yesterday. It looked like you had the most fantastic wedding day, a year goes so fast....the next 30 will fly by!!!!!


  25. Happy Anniversary to you!!! It all looked absolutely wonderful, and you looked fantastic : )


  26. Sent you an email... have u received it hun?

  27. Your wedding photos are so pretty! I'm about to be my sister's maid of honor.

    I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Sam (

  28. your photos are great, you look beautiful.
    Did you get my last email/
    angie xx

  29. wow, you looked gorgeous on your wedding day x