Sunday, 18 September 2011

Married bliss

Sunday night.  The most relaxing night of the week for us, I love it.  Let me set the scene for you: 

We are in the sitting room.  It's a chilly evening so the curtains are drawn and the woodburner has been lit.  It's a dark little room and the three small table lamps are providing just enough low light to make the room feel cosy.  The fairy lights are twinkling cheerily and the lantern in the fireplace brightens up a dark corner.  I'm sitting right next to the fire in my slippers with the dog snoozing at my feet and a glass of sherry beside me.

Sounds nice doesn't it. 
But it's not quite as civilised as it sounds.  

I do, indeed, have a glass of sherry.  I love a little nip of sherry, especially when it starts to get cold.  Andrew hasn't been keen previously but seems to have developed a taste for it this year.  I'm still sipping my first glass and he has just finished his third.  This is making me inexplicably cross.  I have been watching him out of the corner of my eye and I think he is downing it in one.  Like a shot of tequila.  I am only surprised that he hasn't banged the glass upside-down on the coffee table.  

We are sharing a bowl of crisps.  Well, I say 'sharing' but really it's more of a subtle scrap.  Survival of the fittest, if you will.  He is shovelling them into his mouth by the handful and I, consequently, am chomping each dainty mouthful as quickly as possible so that I can grab another.  The bowl has been refilled once already and I am seriously considering confiscating it whilst I'm blogging.  We will probably have a little bit of a bicker about it in a minute.  I'll complain that he's eating all of the crisps and he will look at me, bewildered.  It won't even occur to him that I'm sitting here struggling to keep up with his mammoth munching session.

It is always the same when we share food.  Andrew loves his food and can put away loads of it.  This is one of the [many] things I love about him, even though it drives me crazy.  Previous boyfriends have been too worried about their physique and subsequently have had smaller hips than me, which is never good for morale.

The TV is on too and the husband is glued to it.  Glued.  His football team played this afternoon and won.  He watched the match; cheered and whooped all the way through it.  He is now watching highlights of the very same match and laughing at the cheesy cartoons of the players.  Cheering at the goals.  Telling me to 'watch this one'.  I don't get it.  He knows what the score was, he knows exactly what happened, so how can he be fascinated by clips of the match?  It baffles me.  And it makes me a teeny bit cross every time he tells me to watch it.  I can't quite muster up the enthusiasm that he has.  I try to whoop too, but I can tell he thinks it's feeble.

I like to observe the way that we live our ordinary life.  The things that drive me crazy also make me smile.  I laugh every day - a lot.  Where I am right now, the life I am living, is everything I ever wanted and more.  I am so thankful for the people in my life and everything I have.  I am a lucky girl. 

It is our very first wedding anniversary next weekend and I've been thinking a lot about the wedding.  Remembering all the good stuff.  Little moments popping into my mind that I never want to forget.  I wish I had been blogging during the run up to my wedding.  I'd love to read back on it.  

The photo below is one of my favourites from the wedding album.  The day was bright and sunny for the most part but there was a spell of cloud and a slight smattering of rain. 

I think that we look like stars in a period drama. I love it.  We don't look like the sort of couple who spend their evenings sitting on the sofa in their slippers silently squabbling about a bowl of cheese and onion crisps, do we.

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  1. This post made me smile :) I usually sit of an evening wanting to smash Mr Cupcakes iPad up! But it also makes me smile at the same time! Love, love, love your wedding simply gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for your lovely kind comment on my really meant a lot to me x

    Hope you have a good week :)

    Jo x x

  2. Your writing on this was brilliant,so funny.It reminded me of Marian Keyes. I love your wedding pic,you really do look like you are in your own fairytale. How is amazing is the sky and what a fabulous frock.
    We had an argument about pizza last night. Roman,'It's too late at night, we'll get fat.' Me,'Ah,come on,live dangerously.' x

  3. You both look far too glam in that picture to be drinking sherry and arguing about crisps!
    It's wonderful that you're both so happy despite the little niggles. Jon & I have been together nearly twenty years and he still leaves his empty cup on the table rather than leave it by the sink,. It drives me nuts yet it's so trivial.
    Have a brilliant week. x

  4. Love the wedding piccie Nicki,stunning.Your post made me chuckle ,sounds just like me & him indoors!xxxx

  5. Hi Nicki,
    What a gorgeous photo...very atmospheric! It is our 3rd wedding anniversary next weekend too. What a lovely post.. you made me laugh out has obviously hit the spot with lots of us :)x

  6. Wow Nicki, that is an amazing photo, the sky is mad and the colours are magic, you both look stunning.

    FOOTBALL....I don't get it either, off side....nop!!! doesn't matter how many times it's explained to me I just don't get it (& find it quite boring but of course wouldn't say this)

    I love sunday nights too, especially now my absolute favourite is back 'Downton Abbey' love love it.

    Have a great week sweetie,
    Luv Bee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh I love a bit of sherry (Harvey's Bristol Cream - YUM!!) but my Hubby sniggers at me when I ask him to pour me one... I think it reminds him of Dot from Eastenders having a sly sherry at the queeen vic!!
    My hubs was also glued to the footy yesterday! Soddin Spurs I tell you!! And why do all the comentators have such droney voices? Grrr! (oops - rant over!)
    LOVED this post though, really made me chuckle and I had a little oooh and ahhh at your beautiful wedding pic too :)

    Happy Monday to you xx

  8. Hi ,your post also made laugh sounds just the same as in our house,one differance we have been married for 26yrs not just 1 so you got a lot more laughs to go yet.Your wedding pic is beautiful.Happy anniversary.Love Jill xx

  9. My hubby loves sherry too, oh and port. That post could have been us only I'd be your hubby and it would be something like Dr Who I'd be going on about, after I watch it twice, well there are always bits you miss when you're busy scoffing crisps!

    Have a lovely weekend next week.

  10. Hello
    Oh I do love a good wedding photo! Dress looks absolutely stunning <3
    Thanks for leaving a comment over at the Priddy Priddy blog and remember to pop over to say hello at MK next month

  11. OMG, that has got to be one of the loveliest wedding pics ever!! You must post some more for us next weekend!!

    Mr G is the same with food, in fact, if I can help it we have our own bowls of things as it's hopeless trying to "share" with him from the same bowl!!


    S x

  12. A fabulous post and well written. Glad I found you. Love the crochet blankie you're making and I had to laugh at your post about obsessions - a lot of them are uncannily like mine!

  13. i absolutely love that picture its amazing.. love the dark sky and then your gorgeous dress, i hope we get to see some more pictures.. i adore weddings i think i should be a wedding planner just so i could get to nose at wedding dresses all day!!
    your post has made me laugh so much, although the hubbys pet hate is me eating crisps with my mouth open it really gets to him!! so with you on the being told to watch somthing and express enthusiasm for it.. usually with us its the hubby wanting me to watch a man jumping out of a plane with a dog attatched to him or somthing on youtube.. yippee!!

    hope you have a good anniversary .. ooo i remember our first one well.. we had a four week old new born baby and i was extremly hormonal and teary ( but really thin so didnt mind to much!!)


  14. What an astonishing photo. One to treasure for sure. Perfect timing what with the clouds and all.

    He did chuckle my way through this post. So much resonates with me.

    I have a tip for you. Give Andrew a bowl of crisps and give yourself a separate bowl. And then when he finishes his and tries to start on yours you can slap him. It works for me and Mr C!!!


  15. "He did chuckle" What?

    I did chuckle, I not he. Arggghhhh

  16. WOW, i have to say that you both look F.A.B in that wedding photo... the dramatic sky behind aswell makes the castle/hotel look awesome.
    I love browsing old photo's, actually I've just reminded myself that i need more pretty little photo albums as I've decided to print off photo's more rather than leave them on my PC and memory stick all the time. What a waste.
    jennie. x

  17. LOVE this post. (Can you tell I'm having a browse) I love being married. You have inspired me to do a married post. It's not all roses but somehow it just works. :) your weeding looked so romantic. It will be mine and Anthony's 3rd wedding anniversary soon! Eek. Xxx