Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Vintage goodies and planning a road trip

A hard week so far and I'm ready for the weekend.  So let's chat about shopping.

We had a bit of a spending frenzy on Saturday - first of all we went to a vintage fair in Northampton.  I had arranged to meet a seller there to pick up a couple of bits of china and I'm so glad I went, it was lovely!  It was only a small event but every single stall was worth a  look.  Every spare surface in the room had something pretty or interesting plonked on it.  Tea and cake was available, served on mis-matched china, and 40s music played in the background.  Everyone was super friendly, in fact there was a very festive atmosphere, and it was the nicest way to spend a Saturday lunchtime.  The next one is in Olney on 8th October and if you live nearby it's worth making the trip.  I bought a few vintage goodies - a pressed glass jug, an etched glass bon bon dish, two little jugs and a bird cage.

Then we popped across to Olney to check out the Food Fair (love this town, would move there if I didn't like my house so much) and from there to Brackley Antique Cellar.  (Brackley Antique Cellar is another lovely way to spend a couple of hours.  Relatively quiet, loads to look at and a sweet little cafe.)  

By Sunday we were ready to veg out on the sofa.  My MIL invited us over for lunch again (well we invited ourselves really) and we had another lovely big feed up.  Have I told you that my MIL does the most amazing roast parsnips?  I don't like them ordinarily but she does something funky with proper fat and a big glug of maple syrup.  They go all sweet, sticky and crunchy on the outside... delicious.

Anyway.... she gave me some china!  So chuffed.  Having listened to me waffle on about utility china she was reminded some bits that her MIL gave to her years ago and dug it out for me: 

It's so pretty.  There are dinner plates, bowls, side plates, cups and saucers - four of everything.  I let out an embarrassing little squeal when she unwrapped these for me though:

They are cute little spoons (tiny coffee or egg spoons really) with floral ceramic handles.  She'd polished up the silver and they look perfect - even prettier in real life.  She told me that she had a jam spoon and butter knife to match at one point but can't find them... I had to sit on my hands to stop myself rifling through the drawers.  Hope she unearths them some day!

Speaking of china, I had fun on Saturday displaying my (now rather large) collection on the new dresser. 

Until Saturday the china had been displayed randomly, with all four colours mixed up (I do have yellow and green, just not as much).  It took me ages to dust it all and put back in colour order - I can't decide what to do so I'll keep playing until it looks just right.

I have to tell you, I'm very excited.  I've found a huge job lot of vintage china (again pink and blue!) on ebay.  It was a good price but collection only so Andrew and I are making a road trip to somewhere in Somerset on Friday to stay in a B&B and pick up the goodies.  Cannot wait!  Andrew thinks I'm barking - we are talking about A LOT of china here.  It has apparently been sitting in their loft for years unused. What a way to spend your anniversary weekend.  I will have a lot of surplus china so I think I'm going to do a little giveaway to share the love in a couple of weeks time.

Finally, I really must dash but I had to show my latest crochet project.  It's a custard jug cosy.  

Yes, I know it looks like a mug cosy that went wrong.  

I used a pattern but it just wasn't the right shape for any of our mugs.  So I tried to adapt it, frogged it about five times, swore quite a lot and ended up with this.  The cosy turned out the oddest shape and the only item of crockery that it fits in the house is this dinky jug.  I learned loads from attempting it though and won't be defeated - you're all getting mug cosies for Christmas :-)

Have a great week!  



PS Thanks so much for all the lovely comments about our wedding photo.  I love any excuse to get the wedding album out so I promise to share a few next weekend to celebrate our actual anniversary (I'm  milking this anniversary somewhat aren't I...).  We got married at an amazing venue so the photos are lovely.  

PPS Hello to my new followers and I'll see you at yours soon xxx


  1. Oh my, those spoons are just gorgeous!!!! I know what you mean about the squeal, my MIL gave me her MIL's gorgeous rose tea set and I did "the squeal" and then again when she found a box in the loft with another tea set for me!! A good MIL's is a precious thing!!

    I'm sure your anniversary will be lovely and I can't wait to see more wedding pics (I *love( a wedding!!)


    s x

  2. love the idea of a road trip to pick up china..how exciting!!
    you've got a great collection going on now ..love it all.. i think the best bit is the displaying of it all !.
    how lovely of your mil.. its great once people realise that you like things like that.because what has usually happened is they've had it for years and are sick of the sight of it and so gladly pass it on.. im go round all my family and get all sorts because they know i'll have anything.. im a bit of a china tart!!..
    have a good trip

  3. Been reading your blog for a while but I think this is my first comment. Flipping Ada, the spoons!!! I think I would like to adopt your MIL if she comes up with stuff like that! The china is very pretty but the spoons top it off beautifully. Something else I will have to start hunting down in chazzas now, pretty spoons.

  4. Ooh where are you going in Somerset? That is my home county and I love it there soooo much.
    Funnily enough my inlaws used to live in Brackley, wish we had the excuse to get there now!!
    You looked beautiful in your wedding pic, I ran out of time to comment and then haven't had a chance til now.
    Stunning dress, very "Gone with the Wind"!
    I too would have squealed at those spoons, they are gorgeous.
    I demand to come over and have cake and fine wine!!!
    My MIL gave me a gorgeous 100-year-old cake stand a year or two ago and it's all packed away at the mo as terrified of breaking it, but I will unearth it some time soon.
    Love your blog, hope your week gets better.
    x x x x

  5. What a great sounding trip - nothing beats a spot of china! Love the spoons, so unusual and well worth having on display!

  6. Lucky girl, I would love to have that china.
    And the spoons are just amazing.

  7. Fabulous pics, Nikki, loving the floral china and positively drooling over all that gorgeous utility china. Looking forward to seeing the new additions. xx

  8. Ooooh what lovely pics! Loving your china collection and am slightly envious!!! Love it, love it, love it!!! Nothing like some retail therapy for pretties to soothe the soul :) Have a fab trip collecting china!!! Just the thought will keep you going for the rest of the week :)

    Jo x x

  9. Wow, your china collection is getting to be a hefty size! Utility china is quite addictive!

    Love the floral spoons too.....what a fab MIL you have!

    Hope your week gets better! Collecting the china at the weekend sure is something to look forward too though!

    Vanessa xxxxx

    p.s Your wedding photo in your last post was stunning!

  10. Ohh, get you, two posts so close together. You looked stunning in your wedding dress in front of "Downton Abbey" (I know it's not really) I did have giggle at you two with the crisps, my last husband used to steal food off my plate because I would save the best bits till last.....grrrrr!
    Look at that china and the spoons, I didn't have a MIL with my first husband and my second wouldn't give you the time of day, so lucked out both times.
    Hope your weeks improves, it seems there is a bunch of people, including me, who are having a rough patch. Btw, I like your little cosy, I made a jar cosy a couple of weeks ago, not too impressed with my color selection tho.
    x Sandi

  11. I absolutely love how you've grouped the china together in colours, it looks sublime.
    I'm so excited for you on your roadtrip, Somerset is so beautiful and to think that you get a pile of lovely things at the same time makes it even better. x

  12. Oh my those spoons are so so so cute, I have to admitted I let out a little squeal when I saw the picture heehee xxx

  13. Oh my, your weekend sounds like perfection; a vintage fair, Sunday lunch with roast parsnips ...

    What a generous Mum In Law you have, the china and particularly the spoons are STUNNING.

    Have a super weekend - can't think of a better way to spend an anniversary. Your wedding photo is absolutely beautiful - looking forward to seeing more!


  14. Ooooh, what gorgeous treats- you lucky thing. The china from said MIL is beautiful and the spoons are very, very lovely.
    I'd love to have a weekend to mooch around vintage fairs and antique shops and have tea and cake in civilised company, but my small children have other ideas..!
    Never mind. I can look at all the fab things you get instead!!
    Nearly (ish) the weekend. Hang on in there.

  15. What a small world, didn't realise it was you who had bought the Grindley jug from me !!! Lovely to see you, and you summed the fair up in one. It is a lovely event & it is friendly too. I think the great thing about Vintage is that you never know what you will see next : )
    Love the china & pretty spoons you've been given!
    Have a great weekend & will you be at Olney?

    Sharon XX

  16. PS Love Brackley antiques centre too.

    Sharon x

  17. Woah, utility-tastic! Beautiful china, lovely little spoons and a rather fabulous mother-in-law, by the sound of it.
    I agree with everyone else - that photo of you on your wedding day is stunning - what an absolutely beautiful dress *sigh*.
    Enjoy your crockery-hunting weekend
    Emily x

  18. WHERE IN SOMERSET???? TELL ME NOW! I could come and meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lovely little spoons, I think they should be used as much as possible. Happy little things.

    Love all your Utility china. My collection is tiny. Only a few cups and saucers. What a shame!!

    Off to look at your wedding pic, I've obv missed a post. Blogger isn't giving me everyones updates. Arrrrrrrgh.


  19. Hi Nicki i have sent you an email, I hope you have recieved it.
    your new tea set is lovely such a pretty pattern. angiexx

  20. Yeah... My new advent swap partner! Hi there. We are a pretty good match... You are for me anyway as I love vintage, shabby chic and the two photo's I've just seen of the china are gorgeous.
    As you can see from my blog I love photography and crafting. Ive replied to you on my blog with my email address. I realise your busy so email me whenever. :-)
    In the meantime I wanna follow, get to know your blog and get to know you a little more. Oh and relook at the host blog and remind myself of the concept and rules of the Advent Swap. Jen x

  21. Can't wait to see all your new china, very jealous and very excited for you! Those spoons are absolutely gorgeous as well. What a great find!

  22. For some reason thought I was following you already, am now. Lovely post and v. interested to hear of your travels, you must live quite close. Brackley is on my list and I'll be at Olney.

  23. I am so pleased you came to our fair and had a nice time, Olney is only two weeks away now. Your utlity china is gorgeous , I am addicted to it too and your little spoons are wonderful, lucky you. ! Have a lovely anniversary.
    Ann x