Monday, 12 September 2011

Stitching with lurve ♥

I have been annoyingly bright and breezy today.  We had the quietest weekend we've had in a long time and it was just what the doctor ordered (literally:  I'm taking medication at the moment that is making me sick, headachy and simultaneously exhausted and yet unable to sleep).    Friday night was a bottle of wine and pizza in front of a DVD, sprawled out on the sofa.  On Saturday we had to pop out to look at some flooring for the dining room.  On the way back we found a garden centre with a really nice cafe/restaurant so we had a lovely leisurely cream tea (which was A-mazing) before coming home and resuming our seats on the sofa.  I am almost ashamed to admit that I was hardly out of my pyjamas on Sunday and was pretty well glued to the spot all day:

Andrew went off early to play football so I took advantage of having the remote control to myself and watched a couple of episodes of Lilies which I've just bought the boxset of and love.  It's a nice cosy programme, just right for when you feel like indulging yourself.  I lit a fire, made a coffee and snuggled up with my crochet.  I'm still loving my giant granny square blanket - it's very nearly finished so I'm hooking at every spare moment, taking it everywhere with me. I was originally making this for the caravan but as we'll be closing it for the winter soon I thought I may as well keep this one as a prototype (!) and make another for the caravan.  Look how big it's getting! (And look at all those ends to sew in.)

The dog enjoys a bit of telly too.  We don't watch much at all, so when we do she is mesmerised! 

She honestly does not take her eyes off it.  Occasionally she will jump up, put her paws on the TV cabinet and wag her tail (usually when there are dogs or animals on the screen).  She switches position a lot but her eyes are on the screen the whole time.  She even grumbles when bicycles appear (she hates them). 

As well as my crochet I've decided to hone my hand-sewing skills and am dabbling in a little embroidery.  

This is just part of a template from Mollie Makes on a piece of scrap fabric. You can see on the left there I've been practising chain stitch, a lazy daisy and running whipped stitch.  Or is it a whipped running stitch?  That, anyway!

I really enjoy a bit of sewing although I'm rubbish at it.  My great-grandma, Nana Mabel, set me on when I was very small (about 6 or 7 years old).  She used to give me embroidery transfers, skeins of thread and little embroidery hoops together with old pillowcases and handkerchiefs to practise on.  I loved it.  It's trickier than I remember but I will persevere - I'm using this book to learn the stitches:

It's a great book.  It describes how to do all of the main stitches (for right-handed and left-handed folk) and there are some really nice little projects too.  I had the book delivered to the office last week together with a book called Quilt Yourself Gorgeous.  My colleagues all loved it and had a bit of a laugh at me - why do they call the books such sappy names?!  Very embarrassing!  I mean, Quilt Yourself Gorgeous indeed... ha!

So that was my lovely, lazy, weekend.  I was very much in need of a proper quiet one after what was frankly a crap week.  The house is upside down because the husband thought it would be a good idea to sell the existing dining furniture SIX WEEKS before the new stuff arrives.  I know that he is the financially sensible one of the two of us but, honestly, I think he's gone a bit too far this time!  We had two sideboards which were stuffed full of cookbooks, crockery, table linen, booze and paperwork.  With no storage until the new furniture arrives, the spare room now looks like a wine-bar-come-bric-a-brac shop (oooh, that sounds like my kind of establishment... I may be onto something there!..).  The dining room is empty except for the new dresser, the (gorgeous!) fridge and a side table.  The light that usually hangs attractively low over the table is now dangerously low smack bang in the middle of an empty room and I've walked into it more times than I care to admit.  I know the husband has bashed his head on it several times too because I've heard the swearing.

Added to all of that, changes are afoot at work which I'm finding a bit unsettling but exciting at the same time.  It's going to be a busy run-up to Christmas.

There, I've said it:  Christmas.  15 weeks, kids! 




  1. Oh bless! Your lovely house looks so homely and gorgeous - love your little fairy lights.
    Can I come round? I'll bring a bottle of wine and some crochet and we'll have a good natter and eat our way through a box of Milk Tray.
    P.S. Your blanket is looking very snug. And great colours, too.
    Have a great week.
    And don't spend too much time in the spare room!

  2. Don't tell anyone Nicki, but I fancy learning to crochet, I even bought a book and some hooks. Emergency work meeting required at R.B. to teach me crochet, sod the work!! Sorry you've been under the weather, sometimes a quiet weekend is just the ticket. When you are feeling better we'll go find some good dins!xx

  3. I'm with Annaboo, your house looks adorable and I am also up for a visit :)
    your weekend sounds lovely and cosy

  4. Hi your blanket looks lovely my grandma used to crochet a lot and tried to teach me but I never got the hang of it but i do sew,knit and do cross stitch so I do keep myself busy.Hope your better soon Love Jill xx

  5. That sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I had a day last week where I was in my pj's until 1pm! I felt like a complete slob, but I was busy working away at the sewing machine so didn't fancy pausing to dress myself..haha. I was just praying that it wouldn't be the day that the postman knocks on the door!
    Oooohh look at all those ends.. Now I don't want to sound like your mother, but if you start sewing in a few ends now it'll make life a lot easier later on! :P
    I've been eyeing up that book too.. I just have soooo many craft books already! My latest is called Folk Quilt Applique and is sooo gorgeous.. I just coudn't resist.
    Your dog is so sweet. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  6. Ah! What a beautiful place to sit and repose with all your crafty, snuggly goodness all about you! Love it!

  7. 15 WEEKS, argh. I love, love, love your home, this house, that Ilive has no character. I had to go out and visit a store this morning and drove down the most delightful street, with trees hanging over the street touching each other, the leaves just coming out (it is Spring here now) the houses were gorgeous old fashioned character filled homes. I drove v e r y slowly down and oohed and arred to myself. Mind you they are worth a squillion.
    Nice weekend, I love weekends like that, we have some stunning weather coming up this weekend 20 plus degs.......summer!!!!
    Take care, hope you come good soon.
    x Sandi

  8. Nicki your sitting room is simply beautiful, looks so cosy, i could def stay in my pj's all day too in that room, specially with your funny cat, i couldn't figure out if she was real or not duh!!!!
    Blankie & embroidery .....stunning, sweet & lovely
    Have a lovely day Karen x

  9. Just realised , SHE is a dog, don't tell her i thought she was a cat :D
    Karen x

  10. how gorgeous does your room look..really cosy and snug, i love your cushions i have a bit of cushion envy now!
    ..i love pj days.. i draw the line at going to the shops in them but i love spending the day in them something so comfy about and elasticated waist!!..
    hope the house gets sorted soon, just think of all the new bits you are getting that would keep me going .. cant wait for the reveal!!


  11. Hi Nicki,I agree your home looks so cosy and gorgeous.Sorry you ve not been feeling well,hope you get well soon.The dog looks so cute watching telly,mine watch telly too and bark when other dogs come on!lol.I really want to have a go at embroidery after seeing it in one of the first issues of Mollie makes,but dont know where to start,the mandy shaw book looks like a good place.Hope you have a much better week and am excited to hear what changes are afoot!Oh I am nosey!take care,love julie.xxxx

  12. Hey gorgeous gal, please can I come over and snuggle up on your sofa in your cosy living room, it's looks divine and I'm very jealous.

    Your granny blanket is looking wonderful, is it just one huge granny square that you have just kept adding too?? like the thought of that for myself.

    Well done on your embroidery, a friend of mine loves doing it too, very pretty.

    You enjoy lazy wkends, that's what they are all about and also occasionally getting the remote to yourself.

    Love Bee xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Hi! Your weekend sounds like how I wish mine could be sometimes. I'm just learning to crochet so it's inspiring to see your blanket you are doing at the moment - that's just what I want to do! I must, must try and learn!

  14. Thats my kind of weekend. Love your home, 15 weeks and it would be lovely to see it all decorated for Christmas.

  15. Nicki,your house is beautiful! A little English cottagey delight! I love your sofa,your cushions, your curtains! I want to come for a cuppa too!
    I am already excited about Christmas. It is hilarious as it is till hot here and I've been blogging about autumnal clothing. I think I am pretending to be in England.
    Your programme sounds nice. You should try Love Soup. I really loved it and in the first series there is a writer who lives in a lovely cottage that reminds me of yours.
    PJ days are ace. Sounds like you deserved one. Wish I couldpop in for a cuppa too.Must stop waffling now. Byee!

  16. Aw, Nicki, this post has really made me feel homely and cosy. For some reason, I found the photo of your slippered feet really funny - I think it's because I spend half my life like that and the other half wishing I was like that! So...
    1) The blanket's looking grrrrreat
    2) I too have a little itch to get embroidering - I have some VERY exciting old embroidery transfers that my gran gave me (the oldest dated one is from 1933!) I just need to get myself a hoop and some thread. I've added that book to my wishlist too.
    3) Joules discount? Eeeeeekkkkk! I need to make friends with your sister NOW.
    4) My house permanently looks like a junk shop. It's like wonkiness - you just have to embrace it!
    Mwah x

  17. PS - did I miss something? WHat's that amazing looking crocheted blanket on the sofa opposite you in that slipper photo??

  18. 15 weeks!!!! wowsers!

    your blanket is looking beautiful, those pesky ends are such a pain, aren't they?
    sounds like you needed a relaxing weekend x
    and i can sympathise with your upside down dinning room, we are having building work done at the moment, i am getting very fed with all the muddle (understatement!)
    hope your week is peaceful and calm
    jooles x

  19. Your blanket is looking gorgeous honey!! Are they Cabbages and Roses cushions I spy on the sofa too? Gorgeous!!

    Great minds think alike - I've had both those books from the library, I love the rabbit in the "Stitch With Love" book!!

    Our two dogs love a wildlife show, when that polar bear special was on Daisy was glued for the whole show!! They also love a bit of dog borstal!!

    Your lounge looks soooooo cosy!!

    S x

  20. I posted a message yesterday but it wouldn't post up for some bizarre reason.
    I have decided I am moving in with you. Honestly, Andrew won't notice me, I am ever so quiet (no, really) and we could lounge around in our PJs together, you could help me crochet and show me how to sew in the ends, Lizzi could watch The Sound of Music with us, we could scoff chocolate and drink loads of tea.
    Sorry to hear you are on meds and the side effects are horrid. Hope you are ok.
    x x x

  21. Oh my lord, my security word thing that I had to type in was FACKED!!!!!!! I kid you not.

  22. OK, "security word thing that I had to type in" should have said Word Verification....
    x x Leaving you alone now. x

  23. I just wanted to say a quick hello ;-)) And thank you for stopping by my blog. Your weekend sounds lovely and i love the blanket you are making. I hope the furniture arrives soon and you are able to get your room back together. I also hope you start to feel better real soon. Take lots of care, dee x

  24. What a perfectly lovely room.

  25. I think if I had your home I would spend all my time in my pj's just taking in all that cosy goodness!! Your granny blanket looks lovely and I totally feel your pain with those ends to sew in - nightmare!!
    Your little dog is SO cute looking up at the telly like that, you obviously watch some good TV haha. Love the embroidery too, it's something I'm very keen to try and yours is looking lovely :)

    Hope you're feeling a bit better, take care
    Louise xx

  26. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. You have a beautiful home and do some wonderful crafts. In answer to your questions..a SAL is a stitch-a-long, istitch is a designer and so is TSG (The Sampler Girl)
    Happy Crafting Elisa xx

  27. Hi swoppy partner, i am just mooching on your blog, having a little nose around, your house is beautiful.
    I am a beginner at crochet to, self taught, i only do granny squares or stripes at the moment. lovley to meet you. angie.xx

  28. Hello {smiling & waving}
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment over at the Priddy Priddy blog give-away.
    I've just had a nosey through your lovely blog and it's just so lovely I don't know where to start!
    I think I'll be tempting you on our Etsy store next week as I have an awful lot of china ready to be listed and I've spotted a few bits in your collections ;)
    Back off to wander around...I may be gone some time!

  29. your house looks so cozy and my dog does exactly the same loves certain things cant watch other animals as he is almost in the tv and barks and goes mental i have filmed him as well doing it even if he hears birds big tweeting .My squares were driving me mad so i am making one big blanket now or i think i will be a grandmother before my daughter gets it x

  30. Oh wow, your house looks so gorgeous, it looks like the perfect place to be on cold Winter nights, I think I am in love with your blog!