Thursday, 14 July 2011

Breakfast smoothies, pampered wives and neglected husbands

I'm trying to be healthy and eat more fruit but it mostly makes me gag, so I blend it into a smoothie and all's well.  

Today's lunch was a Power Smoothie with strawberries and yo-gurt (please say yogurt the American way) from a Leon cookbook (my current fave).  It's meant to be a breakfast smoothie - it has oats in it - but the husband and I have found ourselves in a happy little routine (for me) where he brings me coffee and toast in bed every morning.  I am worried that if I suggest a variation to the menu it might suddenly draw his attention to the fact that he is slavishly delivering my breakfast each day (I think he does it on automatic pilot now, being half-asleep first thing) and that might make him stop.  So I struggle on (!) with my toast each morning and have something breakfasty at lunchtime whenever I can.  

Favourite choices for my lunch-breakfast include almond granola with coconut Greek-style yogurt, or thick and creamy full-fat French yogurts (they come in proper little glass or ceramic pots... adore them). Such fun, though, whizzing up a load of stuff in the blender and quite therapeutic if you're having a bad day.

My crochet progress can only be described as manic at the moment.  I'm still working on my scarf (pattern and moral support provided by the lovely Emily at Unravelled).  I have decided to make it as long as I can so that it winds round my neck several times.  I've found a second wind - am totally motivated to finish it.  I will be doing a 'taa-daaa!' very soon indeed - making it my mission to do the BIG REVEAL at the weekend.  Bet you can't wait... (ha!)

I noticed earlier that our favourite bird Cuckoo has given me an award.  Am ridiculously pleased - yayer! So I'll pop on over to her pad, pick it up and be back here with my acceptance 'speech' over the weekend when my life has slowed down.

Must dash - I am on my laptop in bed and the husband has just put my silk sleep mask on.  I think he's trying to make a point.  Not sure that's a good sign for a newly married couple - ha! 




  1. Mmmm, that smoothie looks yummy!!

    Hehehe, love the idea your hubs hasn't "noticed" he's making you breakfast in bed, fab!!

    Congrats on the award!!

    S x

  2. Agree with Sarah, smoothie looks delicious, very healthy, well done you.

    I would love breakfast in bed but alas never do, maybe I'll suggest that at least once a month we both have our breakfast in bed (darr that is), looking forward to reading about your blog award.

    Luv Bee x x x x x

  3. Thank the good Lord for husbands who can rustle up breakfasts!! I am going to take a leaf out of your dieting smoothies concept Nikki because if something (ie waistline) doesn't give soon, I shall be shopping for a swimming burkha for my hols a la Nigella!!

  4. Hi Nicki! Thanks for following and commenting on my blog. I'm loving yours too; that smoothie looks yumatronic!
    Love Amie


  5. Your smoothie looks and sounds delicious, I love smooties, although I feel a bit mean in telling you, that's not strawberries, its BANANA! (hehe)
    Hmmmmmm, bed, husband, silk.....I see.....
    x Sandi

  6. what a lovely husband!
    My favourite is brinner, breakfast at dinner (from scrubs)

  7. Mmmmm, I could so drink that smoothie, it looks delicious.
    How wonderful to have such a caring husband. My boyfriend is hopeless at getting up early so I'd die of starvation if I relied on him to bring me anything. x

  8. love how you're keeping it quiet in case he notices what he's doing?!
    I know this is controversial...but I'm not a fan of breakfast in bed! would take a coffee (but only I can make it how i like it) but anything that might be crumby does my head in!
    whipped cream and chocolate sauce of a night you're talking!
    fee x
    (kidding...I wish!)

  9. Don't be doing that acceptance speech too soon and piling the pressure on me to think of something good to say!
    Love the Leon cook book, we have made loads of things out of it,
    Nelly xxx

  10. I like the idea of a breakfast smoothie at lunch, so that you still get breakfast made for you! Genius!
    Now how does one go about gettting ones other half to do this on a regular basis? I'd love to know!
    Have a fab weekend xxx

  11. Oh and shamefully, I work with the lady who designs the Leon cookbooks - well I am her PA, yet I haven't even bought the book! Shocking, but glad to hear you are enjoying it!

  12. Hi Nicki,The smoothie looks delicious,looking forward to the crochet Ta dah!! Have a great weekend,juliexxxxp.s. congratulations on the award.xx

  13. the smoothie really does look yummy. unlike you i adore fruit, BUT i find that fruit müsli tastes very little like fruit, and contains all the healthiness you need for breakfast :-)

  14. Hey Nicki, thanks for your comment!! It's not a sad sam but I do remember them, he was grey wasn't he? I had a duvet cover with him on! And yes I think his gf was called Honey! because wasn't she honey coloured? I'm going to have to google it!! xxxx

  15. Yummy! Love smoothies, make them later in the day and chuck in ice cream for a tasty but naughty treat ;)

  16. Soooo, how else do you pronounce yogurt?

    Sam (