Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Already

Finally relaxing... Another Monday out of the way.  I hate Mondays, I truly hate them.  I don't know why.  It could be because I have a tough teleconference to attend early doors for work every Monday (and man, it's a killer) but I think it's just that I love my weekends so much.  Weekends are so precious to me, there are always so many things I want to do that Mondays just come around too jeffing quickly. I know lots of people feel the same.

This weekend was fab.  I escaped the weeding at home on Saturday morning to go and see my Mum, sister and niece.  I took my scarf to show them (I'm very proud of it, see) and my little niece (who's just two and a half years old) tottered over to me, fingers in her mouth, and shyly asked if I would make her a blanket (I think she was primed by my sister).  Of course I said yes so I am currently looking through my book of 200 Crochet Blocks to find a motif that I can use for the blanket.  I've learnt that I like having a few things on the go at once - just to 'mix things up a bit' - and it will be nice to make something specifically for someone.  And I know that my little niece will love it; she will soon be able to sit through Shrek all the way through (she's still a bit fidgety) and a blanket to snuggle under will soon come in very handy I think! 

The best thing from Saturday though is that I discovered that my sister has decided to learn to crochet!  I'm beyond excited - it means I will have someone IN REAL LIFE to talk to about yarn, crochet patterns, blankets and other pretty things.  Everyone I know is slightly bemused by my interest in crochet and baking (in fact my sis has been ribbing me for being an old lady for yonks now) so I'm utterly thrilled she's going to give it a whirl.  I have already mentioned several of your blogs to her so that she can get reading and inspired.  She laughs at me for blogging, too.  Wonder if she will be blogging herself this time next year?... 

On Saturday afternoon, Andrew and I went to a posh country pub for an early dinner.  There was lots of wine (for me, anyway) and I was zonked out on the sofa, probably dribbling, by 7pm.  Classy. (My own sofa I mean, not one at the pub.  That really would be shameful but alas not improbable where I am concerned, I absolutely cannot handle my booze.  In fact one day, when I know you better, I will tell you the story about when I ended up bathing at the neighbour's house late one Friday evening after a particularly messy lunch in London. My most cringe-worthy memory to date.)  

Sunday was spent reading (addicted to the Peter James 'Roy Grace' series), crocheting, eating pie, reading blogs and getting the washing out of the way.  It finished up with a long dog walk and a glass of sherry.  It really was lovely.

Before I go, I thought I'd tell you about one of my favourite candle brands:  True Grace.   I love scented candles but Miller Harris, Jo Malone and Costes candles are just too special (and expensive) for every day use.  The True Grace candles aren't cheap (£20 each) but they are, in my opinion, easily comparable to the pricier types.  The fig is my favourite.  It smells divine and is perfect for Sunday evening sherries and sofa-surfing.

Four days til the weekend, kids!  



PS Thank you so much for your supportive words about my scarf.  I was so chuffed to get so many comments, I love reading your blogs and am thrilled you pop over to my little neck of the cyberwoods.   Date for sleepover TBC.  Ha! 


  1. The 200 motifs book is my current favourite! So much inspiration. How lovely your sis is going to learn too, I agree it is great to have a real life person to swap notes with. Glad you can tick today off, the rest of the week should surely be nicer! x

  2. The early monday mornings must be a real killer, I'm so glad that I dont have to do them anymore... but then again, it's not too unusual for Rose to wake at 4:30am! So it's not like I'm getting big long lay-in's!
    That's so exciting about the blanket for your niece, it will feel so special crocheting it for her. All that love going into every stitch :-)
    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend though.. even if it did pass by a little too quickly for your liking! I did have a chuckle at the thought of you dribbling away on the sofa.. light weight!
    The candle looks lovely and I bet it smells even Lovelier!

    Ashley xxx

  3. I get bagged out and called an old lady too lots :)

  4. Arh she will love having a blanket, and that is the kind of think you keep forever as well. I would very much like to hear of the drunken bath event please...I love a good drunk story
    Nelly xxx

  5. Sorry should say, 'ahh' and also, 'thing'...think it might be my bedtime

  6. Laughing at Nelly sounding like a pirate!

    Get Kmmms to tell you the one about a girl on the tube barfing into her handbag!

    Where are those candles stocked?

    Your weekend sounds lush. Mine was a bit bland, apart from some lovely sewing.

    Yes today is Monday, but tomorrow is Tuesday and that means that by 1pm you'll have a home for your hooks.


  7. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!! Much better than mine which was spent doing nothing and moaning about my sore back/leg :0(

    I can't handle my booze either and have been known to become tipsy on half (yep, half!!) a glass of wine. I. Am. A. Cheap. Date.

    When I first learned to crochet I spent lots of time making things for friends babies - lovely!!

    I like you, like to have a few things on the go - a school report once likened me to a butterfly, flitting from one thing to another and that's still definitely me!!

    My family rib me for blogging too, my Mum, Sis & her husband are so relentless that I don't actually mention it much now, which is a shame as it's something I just love!!

    S x

  8. Oh I know what you mean, I was at the dance job last night and was (finally) making an Apple Cozy and the 'boys' thought it was funny. (they are in their 20's and 30's) Barfing into your bag, ah yes, my daughter did that just a couple of months ago, cos her friend told her not to barf on the carpet, cos his mum would kill her, firstly into the hands, then into the bag it went, then home it came. Her 'mum is this bag washable' me 'why' she then told me what happened hehe. I can't be mad, I had my day of chuck too often when I was younger. Can't handle it now, it goes to my head very quickly.
    Your neice sounds so sweet asking for a special blankie and your sister learning to crochet, lucky you. I love candles too and burn them often.
    x Sandi

  9. I'm just dying to find out about your boozy lunch and the bathing at the neighbours experience because I'm so nosey!
    How fab to have a new crochet partner in crime. One of my friends loves dressmaking and we try and have a sewing circle once a week to crack on with new projects and inspire one another.

  10. Funny what others think of our interests and blogging. There are not many friends or acquaintances who know that I make bears.

  11. Fridays I love, I love listening to Simon Mayo at 5pm and then feel the weekend has arrived, a glass of wine is warming and I'm cooking a nice meal but before I know it Steve Wrights Sunday Love Songs are on and then the weekend is nearly already over...time is precious.

    How lovely that your niece would like a blankey, lovely and especially lovely that your sister has started crochet and may even start blogging too, tell her I highly recommend it, it's given a new little sparkle in my life.

    I always remember a women I worked with years ago saying, I don't get people who buy candles and don't use them, why?? she kept saying, actually she was on a bit of a rant and I thought to myself, how many I've got just on show and never lit, now in the winter months I'm always lighting them, they give such a warm, cosy feeling and some do smell delicious too.

    Please tell the 'FULL' London, neighbours bathroom story:-)

    lol x x x

  12. oh yes please do tell the drunken embarassing story there always the best , im a light weight to a very cheap date ha ha and yes get called a granny for crocheting blah blah but i love it and my little group i do it with and im doing a blanket for my daughter will be so happy when i eventually do finish, your sunday sounds lush and how they should be spent , will look out for those candles i like yankee candles quite reasonable and smell nice to x

  13. Yes I DEMAND you tell the full drunken story too!!! I remember lying in a bath of vomit once and being really shocked as to why I was lying in someone's vim, until I realised it was mine.
    And my husband was mopping my brown saying "it's a good job I love you". VILE but that was years ago. Now I am two glasses and quite literally anyone's!
    Your weekend sounds gorgeous. And the candle sounds fab, do tell us where we can get one. Some candles make me feel sick if they are too synthetic but I reckon you are a woman with taste so would go on your recommendation.
    I hate Mondays too but Tuesdays remain EVIL.
    Will pack my PJs and a packet of Dammy Dodgers for the sleepover. xx

  14. VIM??? Oh my christ, my type o's get worst. I meant VOM!!! Isn't Vim a toilet cleaner or something.
    Oh dear, now I am tittering away and it's not even funny and the husband is out at work so I look weird laughing on my own....... x x

  15. I am now DYING laughing. Oh no, ahem, of course I MEANT to say my husband was mopping my brown. Doesn't Andrew mop your brown??!!!!! No?? He must be a weirdo.....
    Oh god, must stop writing late at night. In my defence the prince was screaming from a nightmare and the princess was sleepwalking and I was FREAKED!!!
    Your mum/sick/nan the Queen story made me chortle. You are good for my stomach muscles tonight! Keep it up.
    As for the random facts, I bet you could think of loads. Think of when you met your husband. Silly moments etc. Always triggers stuff.
    x x
    x x x x

  16. Only two days til the weekend now! I am terrible at making weekend plans as I usually work Saturday then like to chill out on Sunday, resulting in not much being done in my weekends, which is a shame!

    Thanks for the comment, the Utility China is something I always admired on other peoples blog but never really looked for, but its quite easy to pick up odd bits and pieces in the charity shops, its not just woods ware, but johnsons bros, meakin and grindley too.

    Hope that helps with the treasure hunting! xx

  17. Thanks for popping by and for leaving your lovely comment. I love True Grace candles too, I got a Christmas scented one a couple of years ago when I subscribed to English Home mag and it's still on the go, I get it out just for Christmas. Love your scarf, clever you, it's very pretty!