Friday, 29 July 2011

A rosy weekend ahead

Such a chilled week, it has been lovely.  Work is quiet as lots of people are on holiday at the moment so I have been enjoying the slight change of pace.  It won't last long, that's for sure.

The husband and I are going into London tomorrow.  It's about an hour on the train for us, so it's no biggie to nip there occasionally.  We're just going for lunch and a bit of a wander - nowhere in particular.  I can, however, practically guarantee that we will make a trip to Liberty.  It's my favourite shop.  Aside from just admiring the gorgeous building I love the homewares, the fashion, the stationery department and the beauty hall. 

I'm also on the lookout for some rose petal jam.  I read in my Leon book that it's good with natural yogurt and it sounds like my kind of thing.  I love flowery flavours: Charbonnel et Walker rose and violet creams are my very favourite chocs, Parma Violet sweets are a guilty pleasure and rose tea a new [but firm] favourite.  In fact, thinking about it, there will be a bit of a rose theme tomorrow - I also want to pick up some Jo Malone rose water and vanilla perfume that I've been coveting for ages.

So my mind is turning to what I might wear.  A nice lunch somewhere with the husband means that I need to make a bit of an effort but I also have to be mindful of potential blazing sunshine/torrential rain and the fact that we will be walking A LOT. 

The only thing I'm certain to be dragging out tomorrow is this handbag:

(Yep, another handbag post.  I told you I'm a bag lady).

It's my Mulberry Lily in oak silky snake print leather (stupid name really, it isn't silky at all).  I bought it earlier in the year and I love it.  It's much smaller than my other handbags and I really like the chain strap.  I feel quite chic when I carry it and it's fab for shopping because, being small, it doesn't get heavy.  The only down side is that I can't take my crochet or a book for the train but that's why man-bags were invented, no?

I have loads of other things to blog about - I've got a crochet hook roll that I am in LOVE with (a rose print!  I think you will all appreciate it too) and so of course I had to get some pretty new hooks.  I've also started [another] crochet project and have a few squares to show you.  I'm quite pleased with them.  I've also got two blog awards to accept (thanks Cuckoo and Emily!) so I'll do all of that early next week. 

Sending lots of love and sunshine your way.



(sorry for the awful title, I made myself cringe too)

Edit:  Just reviewing my post for typos and noticed my fizzog reflected in the shiny buckle on my bag.  Ha!  Note to self to look out for unintentional reflections in future photos... don't want my bloddies catching a glimpse of me in my baggy grey knicks.  Ha! 


  1. If you have time Vintage at Southbank is on this weekend, it's free to go onto the vintage street and Cath K has a stand there and I would imagine lots of other fab things! :)

  2. Oooh, lovely handbag!! Makes my Cath Kidston ones seem very dowdy by comparison!!

    Sounds like you have a lovely day planned, while you are in Liberty think of me at the car boot sale, lol!! Do you know I have never been to Liberty? How ridiculous is that??!! We're only an hour by train away too.

    Did you see the pics from eBay that did the rounds a few years ago where people either unintentionally or not listed items with their reflections on? The rotund, naked gentleman's reflection in a stainless steel kettle stands out in my mind!!

    Hope you have a lovely day hunny....

    S x

  3. Ooh have a lush day Nicki. Sounds divine and the weather is meant to be fab! Def check out Vintage at Southbank, I'd be heading straight for it I think. Never been but sounds great.
    Laughed at your reflection. Not cos you look funny, innit, but just cos!
    Glad you got Cuckoo's crochet hook roll. I'd rather have a Mini Roll. Or better still, an Arctic Roll! Craving sweet stuff and only have one crochet hook so a roll would be pointless.
    Can't wait to hear all about yer weekend x x x x

  4. Umm, couldn't make out your reflections, so you're safe here :) I love rose, I spritz rose around my room and on my bed and I burn rose candles. Have a lovely day out and about in London with your lovely bag. Oh and I am a teeny bit envious of your roll :) :)
    x Sandi

  5. You know, I could quite fancy a potter around the big smoke ... she says sitting in her dressing gown, third cup of coffee to hand and numb bum from blog hopping.

    I don't really DO sweeties but love parma violets - perfume for the mouth, lush. All things rosy too, don't you just love being a girl?

    Hope you have a super day.


  6. Oh, I'd love to have a little saunter around Liberty and enjoy watching other people spend their money.
    That bag's a beauty!
    Have a wonderful tinme. x

  7. Love Jo Malone perfumes, have a small collection of my own that includes said vanilla one. Only issue is they don't seem to stay on for very long - doesn't stop me buying more though (dam it).
    Nelly xxx

  8. Hope you had fun in London. I LOVE your bag. I`ll be hinting for a Mulberry around Christmas time! Dx

  9. Hope you had a really nice time in London and got all the lovely thing's that you planned to buy.
    LOVE the bag! Sadly I just can't afford such luxuries, but I'll enjoy looking at your photo's of them on here!

    Ashley xxx

  10. london, husband, lunch...what's not to like!
    fee x