Thursday, 21 July 2011

Is it me....

...or is it cold* in here?

I'm trying to look nonchalant but...Yee-ha!!!!  I finished my scarf!  I know that it was a super easy pattern but I am more than a little bit pleased with myself.  Thank you to my fab bloddie Emily for publishing the pattern, it was perfectly clear and simple to follow (although I did accidentally adapt it a tad by making my stripes too big).

Can you tell how chuffed I am?  Look at that cheesy grin - ha!  I couldn't bring myself to do an actual 'Ta-dah' in the title because I felt I had already slightly overdone the build up to the Big Reveal!   But this is a hooooge thing for me - I couldn't crochet a few months ago and now I've been able to make something that is (I think) pretty, soft and wearable!

I know that my stitches aren't super-even all the way through and where I join in a new colour the stitches are a little loose but if you could see what I was producing four months ago, this is a proper leap for me!

I even managed a little scalloped edging!  (There may or may not be one stitch too many on the other end resulting in a slightly uneven finish.  Whatevs - counting is not one of my strong points...)

Here it is, all folded up and in its imperfect glory.  

I absolutely loved making it.  I loved the feel of the yarn and adore the colour combination.  It was so relaxing crocheting in rows and watching the scarf grow quickly.  I know I shouldn't admit to this but I LOVED sewing in the ends.  I found it so peaceful and felt really old-fashioned sitting sewing next to hubby in my little armchair!  The simple things...  It's the first time I have sewn in any ends before and I've heard that so many people hate it - I was dreading it.  The only issue it has now highlighted is that in my inexperience I think I've left the ends on my granny squares too short.  I don't know how I'm going to sew them in, the ends on some of the squares are only an inch or so long.  Grrrr.   Any suggestions or do I have to scrap the squares?

So yes I do have a couple of other projects on the go - my granny blanket and my bunting both need finishing.  But I want to start something else and I'm going to try a little baby blanket.  It's one from a Nicki Trench book and I've bought exactly the yarn that the book recommends in exactly the same colours.  I fancied taking the safe option.  I'll show you the yarn and the pattern when I kick it off.

Oooh, and I'm going to blog about this bag ^^ another day too.  I'm so pleased with it - it was a sale bargain and deserves its own post. 

I'm going to hop in the bath now, I've used my special Penhaligon's Bluebell bath oil and I can smell it wafting down the landing, it's gorgeous.  I'm also reading a Peter James novel which has me absolutely hooked.  It's been a while since I read a proper paperback (I usually read a Kindle) and it's a novelty to be able to take it in the bath.

Sorry for all the exclamation marks.  One of my pet hates is overusing exclamation marks but y'know, I'm excited.  

So there!!!!!!



*I know it was my silly way of casually showcasing my scarf, but I actually really am cold - we took the dog for a walk this evening and I was trussed up in Ugg boots, a hoodie and a little coat too.  Ridiculous for the end of July.  


  1. Lovely and such gorgeous colours too.

    B xxx

  2. Lovely, lovely scarf - you should be very pleased, it took me ages to get my stitches so neat!! It's very Joules!!

    We need more pics of your bedroom, from what I can see in that gorgeous mirror it's stunning!!

    Bet you hate my comments as I always have too many exclamation marks, lol!!

    S x

  3. I love the scarf Nicki! Well done. It's really, really pretty. I love Penhaligon's Bluebell too (and Elisabethan Rose, oh, and Elixir. he he!) my (well, OK, the Mr's) bank balance doesn;t like it so much though. x

  4. your scarf is awesome- no wonder you're proud, love the mirror selfies
    yep, you must also hate me cause I know I overuse exclamation marks, I sometimes like at what I've typed and think "What- are you a 12 year old girl???"

  5. Wooooo! Well done! (I'm one of those annoying people that can't help using loads of exclamation marks..)

    It's a gorgeous scarf, you should be really proud of yourself. It looks lovely and neat.. and love your choice of colours. I don't blame you for wearing the scarf whilst walking the dog, it's freezing here and it's chucking it down outside..

    I agree with Sarah, it looks like you have a beautiful bedroom.

    Ashley xxx

  6. Well done. I would wearing it even if we had scorching weather. It looks very neat to me, what are you blabbering on about, are you a perfectionist? Lovely colours. LOVERLY. Love everything about it. I may have to do to you what I threatened to do to Emily which is meet up for a cuppa and get a professional scarf snatcher to whip it off you and leg it down the road to my getaway bus with Mr C as the driver. I, of course would look, utterly astonished and shocked whilst hiding a gleeful grim. Waha haaa ha.

    Short ends? Is it wool yarn? just shove the needle it, then thread it and pull it through, then massage the area to try to get the little fibres to tangle up with each other. Does that make sense? I don't mind weaving in a hundred or so ends but my granny blanket had 10 ends per square, 141 squares, thats 1410 ends. That's heavy going.

    Really struggling to not use exclamation marks. My comment looks unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right best go, Little has been ill all week with tonsillitis. It's been a long tiring week but things are looking up now.


  7. Blimmin' love it. Such nice colours and I feel feel the softness from here! Well done you! You must be chuffed. Oh dear, used two exclamation marks already. OK, thinking of dour things and then I won't use anymore.
    I think you should arrange a sleep over round at yours so us Bloddies can all see your room in all its glory.
    Your husband would hardly notice us ;-)

  8. Feel feel....sorry.....grrrr. I have a screaming kid next to me and my brain is stressing...

  9. Your scarf is cute and so are you! The colours really suit you, very chic. You have done very well.
    I love your mirror too. The chair too. The sparkly light. Slight room envy, only slight, in the nicest way. xxx

  10. Check you out. Looking lovely, I am now thinking I need to start to crotchet but worry it will be yet another skill I never master because I just move on to something else too quickly. But it does seem you have learnt very quickly!
    Have a good weekend
    Nelly xx

  11. It's absolutely gorgeous, if I could achieve something that professional I'd be wearing it with a bikini.
    Loving the sneaky peek around your bedroom too, it's insanely fabulous.
    Have a lovely weekend. x

  12. Soooo gorgeous. I wish i could crochet like that. If you do decide to have a sleep over please count me in. That bedroom is to die for and im green with envy. Have a fabby dabby weekend. Melanie x

  13. Hello lovely! Fellow P's bluebell fan - the violetta is bliss aswell.

    Love the scarf, think you are very very clever, but can't help be reminded of a pink and grey stripy t-shirt someone you work with used to wear when he was 19!!!! Please ask him about it when you next see him! Obviously he was ahead of his time fashion-wise for the only time in his life! Bless! Over doing the exclaimation marks here aswell, must be the excitement of impending holiday.

    Feel the need for a Black Horse at Ireland dins soon? Bxx

  14. ok sorry but i was so busy looking at your room i bypassed the scarf to last oops! sorry! love love love your mirror where is it from blog more of it pleeeeze and what can see from the furniture ever thought of doing interiors i hire you first ha ha! no really your scarf is lush perfect colours for you love it very neat as well , i had a kindle for my birhday love it but still like a real book and yes guilty on the exclamation marks also sorry xx

  15. nothing wrong with an explanation or 6 (I too over use - and don't care)
    You look super cute in that picture - and your scarf is fab. I look forward to moving on to useful things with my virgin crochet talent. I'm still on my first granny (which is now huge!) and loving my new skill. Must show Nelly how to do it!
    Incidently - count me in to the sleepover that seems to be being arranged for your yummy bedroom. Not sure if your husband would notice - am thinking he wouldn't mind?
    happy (warmer?) weekend
    ps I also over use brackets.
    pps i take my kindle to the bath (Jo Malone Pomegranite noir is my treat of choice)

  16. I must stop doing a quick read of blogs and not have time to comment, because I think I have (commented)and I haven't...still with me?
    Love your scarf and the colours are just what I like. Mmmm sleep over, if you make it in a few years I'll be able to come too :)
    I do a lot of !!!! and ..... and a few ???
    xx Sandi

  17. Lush scarf. I think the stitches look perfect.
    And you will love it forever, because you made it yourself.
    Be a-u-tiful shots, as always, which give us that lovely sneaky peaky into your boudoir!
    Like the other girls, I'm well up for the sleepover!
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Ps what wool did you use for the scarf- it looks so soft and squidgey. X

  18. Great job on your scarf. It it so nice to wear something handmade around your neck to keep cozy and warm!

    Your mirror is lovely. I am purposely not using exclamation points, as I am guilty of over using them on a regular basis. :)

  19. How flippin gorgeous do you look! If I eat what you do will I look like you! No bloody chance! lol!

  20. I LOVE your scarf! Wonderful colours, neat stitches... tres chic! Well done you.

    Yes I have also thrown many things in cupboards to say "Emptied another box!" all triumphant. Now I have one particular cupboard which is just rammed and needs a good clear out. I also need to get some more furniture before I can empty the final few boxes.. am hoping Freecycle helps me out here!
    Have started taking pics of the new place... that's a whole other blog post!

  21. Beautiful scarf, so perfectly made.........and you look bloody gorgeous in it!


  22. Hi Nicki, that scarf is Amazing! I love it. Nothing is wrong with simple but gorgeous! I love your picturetaking and feel very retarded not having an I-phone or alike yet...

    Thank you for your sweet comment on creJJtion! It is indeed an amazing shop and not even that little. It has lots of cute and cozy corners and they also do workshops instore!

    No it is not in Amsterdam, just an hour drive up North of the city. Walking distance to my parent's home, that is why :-)

    Have a beautiful day,
    love Maaike

  23. Love your scarf! Great choice of colors. Very modern yet with a hint of vintage goodness. Congrats on a job well done!

  24. I love your scarf!!! Perfect colors!!

    I just found your blog through CountryRose's giveaway comments and I love it!

    You are in my google reader now :-)

    Sam (

  25. It's lovely, I really like the colour combination! Just found your lovely blog too!x Sophie Honeysuckle

  26. It's lovely, I really like the colour combination! Just found your lovely blog too!x Sophie Honeysuckle