Saturday, 21 May 2011

...and relax...

So we have a few days off work and started our long weekend in the very best way - a lazy brunch in the conservatory.   It was just mushrooms on toast with lots of fresh coffee (and the leftover toast with jam) but it was dee-licious.

As it was his birthday the OH got to choose the day's activites:  that's the way we roll around here.  Usually, on a birthday, we catch a gig or a show and have lunch or dinner somewhere nice.  The poor love was seriously exhausted this week and just wanted to stay home.  We had the most luxurious day -  do you know what we did?  We napped.  Like old people.  We spent the whole day napping, eating and reading.  It was awesome.  It felt seriously decadent snoozing at 3pm on a Friday.

Refreshed from our lazy day yesterday I got loads done today.   Pottered around the house, got lots of washing and ironing done then baked [and we ate] a Victoria sponge birthday cake.  (I can't show you a photo because we were both so desperate for cake that I cut and filled it before it had properly cooled. We ate it warm from the oven.  It might have looked like a wreck but it tasted like heaven, I promise you.)  Mum and sis popped over with my gorgeous little niece (who spent the whole visit badgering me for bananas, milk, raisins and chocolate) and then I nipped out to get some shopping.  I picked up a couple of gorgeous Chanel nail varnishes - a kind of vampish grey/purple and a really clean pale beige/natural colour.  Chanel nail varnish is the biz.

We're off to Stratford-upon-Avon in the morning for a couple of days; it's a freebie and the hotel that we are staying in does the most amazing cream teas.  I've saved my weekly WW points and it won't be pretty.

So I'll leave you with a photo of the birthday boy.  Tell me about it, stud!

He is going to kill me.




  1. Ohhhh how I love those day's off napping, eating and reading. Those were our proper treat day's before the little one arrived.. Sometimes that's all you need to do, to feel like you've had some real proper quality time together..!

    Would love to see some pics of those lovely sounding nail-varnishes! :)

    Ashley xxx

  2. ".....I got chills, they're multiplying!...." Now that's going through my head since you ended you post with that quote!

    I am GREEN, green I tell ya! i cannot remember when we last spent a day napping and reading and doing what we fancied. Oh wait, yes I can. 31st December 2009. Mum had the boys, Mini wasn't made yet.

    Yes Chanel varnishes are the biz, i buy them for my Nanny Sheila who at 82 wears make up everyday and always has beautifully manicured nails. We have exactly the same hands. And feet. and eye colour and teeth and legs (she still has knock out legs, better than mine actually, though mine aren't too bad) I'm her chip off the old block physically.

    Your breakfast almost made me chunder. Mushrooms, yeauch, bleuurrgggh. Smell like, actually I can't say what I think they smell like on here!!! You can guess.

    Enjoy your cream tea....I'd like a pic of that!


  3. I need a day like that, napping etc. would be good for my soul me thinks, especially at the moment with a cold. I love mushrooms so that brunch would have been lovely, poor Cuckoo (hehe) My toes are the only nails that see varnish, my fingers/hands don't look right somehow. Hope you enjoyed your time away.
    x Sandi

  4. Nicki, I should warn you, Cuckoo is VERY fussy with her smells......perfum, mushrooms......errrrr......must be more!!!!
    Glad you have both had a wonderful time. Very envious too.
    Before we married and had kids, me and the husband had been known to lie in bed until 6pm the following day. Dreadful!!!
    And once while packpacking in Oz, we slept for 27 hours non stop.
    Lazy???? APPALLING!!! We both love our bed waaaaaaay too much.
    How times change!

  5. perfume i mean. tut tut

  6. oooh, happy days - that all sounds completely dreamy to me - can't remember the last time we had a day like that!
    Enjoy your cake-filled time away
    Emily x
    PS - think I've finally sorted out my 'following' issues (cor, that almost finished me off, I can tell you...)

  7. I can't help having a sensitive olfactory centre! Not my fault! I know I'm a right pain in t'bum. When I was pregnant with Big, Gem stayed for the weekend and I threw up on Sunday morning after one whiff of Chanel Allure. Poor me, poor Gem. hate my nose!!!!!


  8. I quite like the look of the mushrooms. The bottom pic is an absolute cracker, brilliant. Hope you had a lovely time. x

  9. Oh God I just saw the mushrooms again!

    Yeah Gem rocks!! She's brill and I'd give her kidney if she needed it. She's a kidney friend.

    Pattern for the cozy, sooo simple. Chain as many as you need to go round the cup then craoghet (eh?) crochet as many rows as you please in whatever stitch you fancy (maybe not dtr) and change colour as many times as you like and you'd have it done in a flash even if you closed your eyes. Just make the foundation chain about 5 stitches smaller than the middle of the cup and it'll stretch to fit.

    Spotty blanket is a picnic rug from John Lewis last summer. And no I don't sleep more than 6 hours a night these days and I only finished the teacozy last week, I didn't make it in it's entirety. It took ages to make!!

    looking forward to your weekend post.