Friday, 6 May 2011

Gin O'Clock

How can a short week feel so long?!  

It's 6:30pm and way past gin o'clock so I've just logged off my work computer and am going out in the garden for a drink before it gets cold.  Lead the way, pooch.

I'd write more but, you see, there's a rather handsome man in my garden 
and he's got a gin with my name on it.

We're going to Cambridge tomorrow for some shopping, lunching and, if the weather is nice, punting.  Last time we went punting (at Stratford upon Avon) we collided with a tour boat on the water.  It was very embarrassing.  I was almost peeing myself with laughter (thus rendering self even more useless at steering) whilst he got progressively sweaty and stroppy.  Should be fun! 



  1. Ooh have a gin for me!!!!! Am exhausted after having 4 kids here. Only two are my own and it was full on but fun (for them). Me? I was left with the clearing up.
    But kids now in bed and I am signing out to enjoy salmon, oven chips, salad and a glass of wine!
    Have a fab time tomorrow.

  2. Haha, loved your post, it really made me chuckle.

    Hope you're having a lovely time in Cambridge. Think the stroppiness is a man-thing - I've often been told off by my hubby for laughing hysterically at his misfortune!!


    PS. LOVE your bag! x

  3. Hurry up and blog about your weekend woman, I am getting impatient!!!
    By the way, thinking of buying that Dead Sea Magik body lotion you raved about. Really good is it?
    Will pop into Waitrose in the morning...
    Right, off to stick the kids in the bath now, and mentally prepare myself for what is always a mental Monday morning.
    x x