Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time with the Fam

Yes, he may have toasted the wrong daughter in his speech on my wedding day (and no he wasn't drunk, bless him, it's a long story!) but I think I have the best Dad in the world.  It's a bit early for Father's Day soppiness, I know, but he is treating my sis, my mum and me to see the Take That concert in Newcastle tomorrow night so he deserves a special mention. 

I do like Take That but it's my sister who's the real fan.  I am just so looking forward to having some quality time with her and my Mum.  The three of us get on really well together, my Mum is cool, and we just don't see enough of each other these days so we'll have a fab time together.  Dad's paying for the lot - hotel, food, drink and [ridiculously expensive these days] tickets.  Thanks Dad; ♥ you lots.

Work is finished for a week now (next week I'm off for a cheeky Paris break - eek!) so I've just got to paint my nails and pack my spangly jumper.  We're on an uber-early train in the morning so I'd better get an early one.  Rather embarrassingly, I'm looking forward to having two 4-hour train journeys when I can sit and crochet!  Bliss! I've nearly made enough squares for my first ever blanket so I'll be badgering people for advice on how to block (?) and stitch together soon... you might want to hide from me... 



  1. Ooooohh you lucky thing..! You've got one generous Dad there!

    I know what you mean about looking forward to having the time to crochet.. I kind of love/hate long car journey's now as it's so nice having the uninterupted time to crochet. Rose sleeps soundly whilst in the car..!

    Have a lovely time in Paris! :)

    Ashley xxx

  2. Hi Nicki,thanks for popping over,weigh in days are wednesdays,I haveent tried the warburtons squares but will look out for them when i go shopping at the weekend,4 points sounds good and the pizza idea,yummy! Your mum and dad sound great I am really close to mine too, I just went to see pyschic sally with mum last week and it was great.Hope you have a fab time at Take that and in Paris,you lucky thing!Enjoy your crochet too.....take care juliexxx

  3. What a lovely Dad you have!!

    Blocking is easy and surprisingly satisfying, there is a good tutorial here:

    I use a cork noticeboard for my blocking but I have seen someone put clingfilm and then a towel on the floor and pin into the carpet!! My cats would have a field day if I did that!!

    S x
    PS I hope you don't mind all the links!!

  4. I've never blocked a blanket. They seem to just pull themselves into shape, at least my ones have but I've not done a spring time throw.

    Heather from Little Tin Bird used those huge foam kids play mat things. Pop over and go back about 8 posts and you'll see. perfect for a large blanket or lots of squares for a blanket.

    I envy you having a sister!! Enjoy TT

    I see you live in Northants. I lived in Kettering and Woodford when I was little, some of my family is still there.

    x x x

  5. Have an amazing time at Take That my sweet. And a totally romantic time in Paris. We went to a fab Thai restaurant, near the Eiffel Tower. Trying to remember the name. It was gorgeous.
    Go and eye up the Sk8er boys at Trocadero, I have to do it EVERY time we go. The husband just humours me!I have given you an award.
    Come and get it from my blog when you are back from your trip.
    x x

  6. Have missed posts due to no internet so have had a jolly good time catching up, have a blast at Take That, am a tiny bit envious of Paris, have a lovely time and bring back stories.
    xx Sandi