Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Big Bum, New Shoes

Did you order a pair of trousers in a certain size expecting them to be on the generous side only to discover that the zip won't meet?  Did you disbelieve your eyes and double check the sizing on the website to find out that the next size up is the biggest they do and actually you're not sure even they will fit?  Did you resign yourself to having a large bottom for eternity and throw a slightly self-indulgent paddy?   ME TOO! 

Whaddaya do?

You buy shoes.

Sparkly pumps from Next:  Miu Miu style without the price tag.

Uber-comfy moccasins from Next.  
(Not much to look at off but these are so nice on.  They make my feet look smaller and go a treat with skirts, cropped trousers and jeans alike.  They are also uber-comfy, did I say that?)

These strappy sandals from Bertie in tan (and that may or may not be the same pair in black) have a nice little wedge so glam up your outfit a bit without crippling you.  The turquoise ballerinas are from New Look - SO comfortable, an eye-popping turquoise and just £7.99.  Not leather, obviously, but what the heck.  My feet can take a bit of pretty plastic for just under eight quid.

And if a bit of shoe shopping doesn't cheer you up, you can rely on your Mum to text you 
a sunny photo of your ♥favourite niece♥ watering the pots.

This photo made me smile today, more than any shoes could!




  1. New shoes always do it for me when I'm having a fat day - normally when I'm in denial and think that the tumble dryer has shrunk my clothes a little!

    I have a love of heels though, no matter how uncomfortable they are ~ they always make me feel fabulous! Having said that I'm a recent potential convert to pumps having bought my first pair for driving (slight incident with a stilleto heel going through the carpet in my new car...)

    I think my favourite pair of the above are the glitzy ones - perfect combo of comfort and glam!!

  2. I am loving your shoe collection. I might have to take some pics of mine now. I have loads of wedges but I have given up trying to walk in them recently.
    I love your pumps. The top ones look so expensive. I love sparkly shoes.