Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bit of Bling

I've been sorting out my accessories today.  My necklaces hang on one of those little headless lady stands (what are they called?) and it is always toppling over.  

It seems I've acquired quite a collection over the years.  I have put loads in the charity bag and these are some of the keepers:  

I go for either small silver pendants or big statement necklaces, like the ones in the pic.  I like the look of long necklaces and lariats but they get in the way and irritate me.  The ones in the photo above are mostly from good old M&S.  The particularly glitzy one at the very bottom is from Butler & Wilson.  I bought this necklace years ago and have always saved it for evenings out but just lately I've been wearing it with ordinary t-shirts and jeans for the day.  It looks quite cool - I think because it isn't quite as sparkly as it was.

I have another with pearls and spangles which I wore yesterday with a breton top.  

(Oh.  That's not a very good picture, sorry, it's a bit blurry.  We had been out for the day 
and I had enjoyed one or two glasses of wine.)

This necklace is from Jigsaw.  Pretty, no?  I wore the top with my indigo denim leggings (no, not jeggings, that's a silly word) and ballerina pumps.  I thought the necklace pimped up my clothes a bit for a mooch around Cambridge and slightly boozy lunch with the other half.  

We had three delicious courses in Cafe Rouge, wandered around the town and loitered by the river.  We were planning to punt but the weather was iffy.  Rain and river rage [husband's] could be disastrous.  I bought a gorgeous cornflower blue silk top in Reiss and then we came home and ate rum and raisin ice cream cones watching a bit of telly.  All loved up.

Back to normal this morning.  Had a bit of a tidy up, showered and popped on my Bliss Softening Socks.  These socks are pricey but they rule.  They are gel-filled and you cover your feet with cream then pop on the socks for half an hour.  My hideous trotters are soft and pretty (ish) after a session with these.

Husband typically chose to enter the bedroom at the precise moment I was wearing nothing but these and a big old pair of fluorescent pink pants.  

'Babe, they clash' was his passing comment.  

If ever you didn't want your new husband catching you unawares...




  1. Oh clever thinking. I wouldn't have thought of wearing a necklace with that Breton top but it really works. Very cool. Must go through all the tops I didn't think I could wear necklaces with and then give it a "diamonds and pearls" overhaul.
    How mad re you going to Paris and I am sooooo jealous......I think we would go far more often if we didn't have children, but c'est la vie!!!
    Glad you have had a great weekend! I am funnily enough about to have a shower, wash my hair and put my moisturising socks on.
    By the way, re crochet and granny squares, I only really do the double crochet. Treble throws me. Can I do a granny square therefore? And where do you recommend I look for the best, easiest direction? I know you mentioned a couple of blogs, but is that where you started?
    Ooh and will buy the body cream first thing! Then off to Henley on Thames by train to take the Prince to a "messy play" session followed by charity shops.
    The husband thinks I am a little too obsessed. Ha!

  2. I love your collection and the sparkly necklace looks ace with the top.