Monday, 30 May 2011

An Award!

Am betwixt trips and have settled down with a cuppa to discover that I have won an award!  Chuffed - feel like I've been accepted into the blogsphere!  Thanks to my lovely new bloddy*, Gem at Treasures From the Cherry Tree. (*Great word, Cuckoo, so I've pinched it.)

In accepting the award I must provide ten facts about myself.  Here goes:

1.  I am nosy.  I make no apology for it.  I absolutely cannot stay away from the window if I hear something going on outside and I have been known to bump into things because I'm too busy gawking rather than watching where I'm going.  It would be dangerous for me to own binoculars.

2.  I failed my first driving test for not exceeding 20mph. I cried and snuffled the whole time which probably didn't help either.

3.  I played basketball for the county (only the summer league, but still!) as a teenager.

4.  I am a stickler for good grammar and spelling.  Text-speak makes me grit my teeth, especially when my Mum uses it.

5.   Love dogs, hate cats, scared of horses.  Terrified of wasps.

6.   With anything medical I am a wreck.  I am super-squeamish and faint over anything even remotely gory (specifically the sight of blood, pus and needles).  Many, many, many things make me retch; snot being the biggest offender.

7.  Through work over the years I've met quite a few famous people, mostly sports personalities.  One (now very famous) motorbike racer pestered me for ages to go out with him, almost to the point of harassment.

8.  Diet coke gives me the heebies.  I quite like the taste of it but rarely drink it - it's dirty stuff.  My husband is addicted to it and will even crack open a can for breakfast.  Revolting.

9.  I absolutely cannot sing but, bizarrely, can do an amazing impression of Julie Andrews singing.  Seriously, you should hear me belt out 'Do-Re-Mi'. The look on my husband's face when I did it for the first time was priceless.  The Sound of Music is my favourite movie ever.

10.  I know every single word of Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill Gang.

So that's a bit of me!

This award is doing the rounds and so I am going to pass this award to two new bloddies of mine who I don't think have received it yet:
Both Tracy and Ashley have lovely blogs - check them out.  I will look forward to learning more about them.

So I'd better finish packing for Paris now.  You could grow bananas in our house right now; we've got our own heatwave.  I'm trying to dry a few clothes ready for my trip and the weather today has been filthy so the heating is on.  Phew!
Have a nice (short - yay!) week. 




  1. Have a wonderful time in Paris, superlovely food at Le Petitzinc in Rue de St benoit in St Germain if you find your selves in the vicintiy - bit spenny but so Parisian and romantic!! You can share fish baked in terrracotta and they smash it open at the table with a hammer - honestly the yummiest fish I have ever had! Loved the boho Jewish quarter of La Marais too...blimey I'm off now, better stop, sure you've got a million fab plans of your own!

    Congrats on the award, blogstar!! B xx

  2. Hey Nicki, thanks for calling by my blog. I see you are in Northampton, I regularly do the Bicycle Baazar at the Fishmarket with my daughter Amy and also the vintage fairs there too although I live in Warwick.

    I have 3 dogs and dislike cats but I have whispered that bit so Shhhh! lol!

  3. Yep separated at birth love! I do a marvellous impression of Leisel's (sp) line "To write on..) and I really, really, so badly wnt a blue chiffon dress like hers.

    Ummmm, maybe we aren't separated at birth, as the stuff that makes you squeamish doesn't phase me at all (good job with 3 boys) In fact once upon a time, when I had a career and a brain I seriously considered re training as a doctor. But I soon realised that I'd have to go back to scool for something like 9 years...and I was soley responsible for a morgage so binned that idea.

    I failed my driving test twice. Once for a dangerous manouver. I still can't see what was wrong with leaping out of a junction to beat a milk float.

    Kmmms left a comment for you on my blog, here it is in case you didn't see it. It's about the hook roll. If you have lots of patience and are willing to answer shed loads of measurements questions then I'll stick you on the list for one. From Kmmms: "Nicki, yes I got a crochet hook roll! Here: I am in <3 with it.
    By kmmms on Feeling a touch shabby, surprise surprise! on 30/05/11"

    Enjoy Gay Paris, have a drink in the L'Hotel, crazy bohemian, magical place. Can't remember where it's located. They were my drinking days!


  4. Hilarious! I too love The Sound of Music. It's always been one of my all time fave films. I used to love Fredrick, possibly a bit too much and my sister and I used to call our family labrador Gayorg (his name was George) cos we both fancied Gayorg Von Trapp!!!
    I failed my driving test first time too! I drove into a hedge whilst coming out of a junction. I forgot to steer and brake......
    I wanted Liesl's gorgeous piercing blue eyes and was quite jealous of her romance with Ralph! He was pretty fit in his time.
    My other fave film is State Fair, a GORGEOUS old film!!! Wonderful!
    Enjoy Paris, soak it all in, I know you love going there. Enjoy La Marais (that's where we stay too! So cool!) and I am tres jealouse!
    x x x x x

  5. Sound of Music! It is a big family joke that me and my sister used to recite the whole film, dialogue and songs, sometimes dressed as nuns... hmmmm!

    Totally with you on no.4 and hate it when I am not sure of things I have written myself.

    Enjoy Paris!

  6. Hello Nicki,
    hope you had a wonderful time in Paris!
    Thank you for your sweet comments. Don't give up on the car booting, I was a bit shy when I first went, I skipped a lot of stalls but now I look through boxes that don't look very promising!
    The candy dish was only 50p and filthy when I bought it! I'm sure you'll find lots of treasures!
    So pleased you like my Scottie garlands,sorry my website is still closed(waiting for hubby to finish some stuff) but they are available in my Etsy shop, it's in my sidebar!
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!
    Rachel x

  7. Oh my word! how many typo's in my comment to you above??!!! It's because I'm bad at typing and my brain goes too fast for my fingers and it's usually late at night and I don't proof read, and, and, and...excuses excuses.

    Ummm is a crochet hook roll hard? The first one I did was easy peasey but the one I did for Kmmms was a little trickier as I wanted the back to stay nice and flat when the hooks were inserted so I had to do a but of jiggery pokery. I don't think I could have done the one I did for her when I first started sewing but then again I'm a slow learner, you may be able to knock one out no probs. But I will make you one if you can give me the demenions of your hooks so I can make the pockets the right size, don't want the hooks slipping out and getting lost. I need length and diameter of them and how many pockets you need. I could do you one like mine that has a pocket for everysize hook available. Also need to know how big the scissor pocket needs to be. I'm in the process of making one for my Mum so I can do you one at the same time. Might be a few weeks though as am sorting out a pair of leans for our Gem.

    The grand plan is to have an esty shop when I have time to make stuff in larger numbers but until then I have the lovely little labels. I was going to do the etsy thing last year but then I got knocked up (woops!)

    How was Paris?

    Lots of love

    Cuck-oo Cuk-oo Cuck-oo, there's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall and the bells in the steeple too, and up in the nursery an absurd little bird (that's me) keeps popping out to say Cuck-oo Cuck-oo....!!!!

    ps I just googled crochet hook roll tutorial and did my own version of the first one that popped up. That's if you wnat to have a go yourself. And You Go Girl (see my side bar) has a pencil roll tute which is helpful.

    pps did you know you are a "no-reply" blogger? Which means people can't reply to your comment from the comment notification email thingy. There's a box in your settings you need to tick.


  8. Naughty blogger wont let me leave a comment on your Paris post. Looks like you had a fabby time, I'm green. GREEN with envy!

    Ping me your email address and I'll fire a heap of measurement questions atcha.