Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bad Hair Day, Good Bag Day

Dress and Jacket - M&S, Belt - Reiss, Sheer Tights - John Lewis, 
Snakeskin Courts - LK Bennett, Handbag - Mulberry
Despite getting up at the crack of sparrows this morning I still didn't have time to wash my hair (as evidenced by extraordinarily straggly ponytail).  I really should get up earlier - I know it's attention to the detail such as washed and blow-dried hair, polished nails and curled eyelashes that make all the difference to your appearance but I err on the side of grunge most of the time.

It mattered not a jot today though, I was wearing my favourite work shoes and carrying a new handbag.  All was right in my world! 



  1. Do not put yourself down girl, you are gawjus! So is the bag. I don't tend to be a shoes or bag woman, but even I can appreciate the lushness here.
    Hope the meeting went well?
    I've spent the evening sorting out all the dead tadpoles in my daughter's tank...whoops. I didn't know I had to change the water regularly. They all died and I feel dreadful......
    Loving your blog, it is cool!
    I am wanting to crochet but am useless. You know Mrs Cuckoo? She is my dear old school friend and she sat down back on Nov and showed me the slip knot, chain stitches and double crochet. But I don't know what to do next. Not good at all.
    Any pointers would be great, as you sound like you know far more than me but are still a beginner.

  2. You look fab! I wish my bad hair days were as good as yours! I did discover dry shampoo a couple of years back which is a life savour when you have kids and you wake up late for school!!!!!

    Loving the bag and shoes!

    Have a super day!!!!!!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxx