Sunday, 15 May 2011

♥ing Red

Just lately I have had a thing for the colour red.  I treated myself to a Union Jack mug at the weekend and a new red whisk.  I love red and navy together but red with pale pink makes my heart race.... It's the simple things!

We've had a full-on weekend and I'm shattered.  I have a step-son and we fetch him for the weekend every fortnight.  He adores his dad and seems to like me by association - we get on like a house on fire.  He rules but, OMG, I'm exhausted when he leaves! This weekend I have taken part in two sock fights, listened to a long [enthusiastic and complicated] lecture about Marvel versus DC, watched a gory film about aliens and planned [in minute detail] the party for his 13th birthday that he has chosen to have at our house next month.  (I might need to cling film the house for that particular event.) 

If my step-son had his way, we would stay home all weekend and watch movies, play video games and generally just hang out.  I get cabin fever if I stay indoors for too long (I think because I often work from home) so I dragged the boys to a pretty town near us for a pub lunch on Saturday.

My love for the colour red is slowly finding its way into my wardrobe.  On Saturday I dug out an old red mac that I've had for ages.  Belted tightly with the sleeves rolled up I thought it looked quite fresh.  I like rediscovering old favourites.
Mac - John Lewis, Sweater - Joules, Handbag - Mulberry,
Denim Leggings - M&S, Shoes - Next
Today we went to my Mother-in-Law's for lunch and I fancied wearing my new red jeans, not least because they are stretchy and can easily accommodate a greedy girl's expanding tummy. 
Denim Jacket - Mango, Top - Primark,  Necklace - M&S,
Jeans - Next, Shoes - LK Bennett
I wore my platform peep-toes for a bit of Sunday afternoon glamour.

The thing that always makes me laugh about children is how brutally honest they are.  Or maybe that's just my step-son.  I quite often get an 'oooh, fancy' (in a silly voice) if I've made even the slightest effort.  He has also requested, several times, that I do not wear my jogging bottoms when he has his birthday party because they are [his words] chavvy.  (So not fair.  They are skinny leg joggers and, I think, quite cool.) 

Memorably, he once told me I looked like 'one of those sophisticated mums'.  Not sure what that meant, I was wearing a pair of over-the-knee boots at the time.  Today, rather alarmingly, upon seeing me dressed and ready to go he declared chirpily: 'well, hello teen!'.  I'm 34, that's not good.  



  1. Kids are exhausting and I bet they get more tiring as they get older. He sounds really funny. He must think a lot of you to choose to have his party at yours. I worked with kids for a while and they don't mince their words, but 'sophisticated mum' sounds nice. The kids I worked with used to call me 'Mary Poppins' or 'emo' and once, 'Hannah Mntana!' Hilarious.
    I love all your red stuff. You look so glam and pretty and I would say sophisticated too while still looking young. I love the little red coat. I can see a rather lovely chair and dressing table in your pics too!

  2. If you lose 11lbs you are gonna look like a lollypop head! honestly you look peachy perfect to me but I know how it is....

    I wish you were my sister living next door so I could raid your wardrobe! xxx

  3. You look fantastic, wish I was back at that age, how differently I would do things and think about myself. You know hindsight and all. Your step son sounds great and I'm with cuckoo, I would love to raid your wardrobe too.
    x Sandi

  4. Oh lawks girl you look simply stunning!!! Wow! Loving the red very much.
    Glad you had such a lush weekend with your step son, he sounds sweet, but then again I think boys generally are.
    Mine was up until five minutes ago when he tried to spit...he is now on the naughty step and I am livid!!!
    How do you do the hearts on your keyboard.

  5. Hi Nicki. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I love your red mac! You look stunning. Your step son sounds very confident. Not always a good thing, eh? Just hold your head high and know that you look great. Lynda xx

  6. I'm with Cuckoo, I want all your clothes too.........and your size! I just have no willpower at the moment to lose anything! I got all my summer clothes out last week and need to lose at least half a stone to fit into them, so I had better try harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your step-sons comments!!!!! Go teen mum!!!!!!!!


  7. Hi Nicki,Love red and pink too!! especially when crocheting:O , I love your wardrobe too,especially the mulberry bag,I ve got a serious bag problem!!julie xx

  8. Hello - nice to 'meet' you! Love the shoes....shiny....peeptoe....sigh....can't imagine doing the school run in them though, tragically!
    Yes, I am doing a springtime throw, have been since I started crocheting in Feb (it's not proving a speedy project, I keep getting distracted by other little WIPs - I do like a bit of instant gratification). I bought all the yarn in one go, but I bought a cheaper yarn than the one in the pattern, and I'm making mine 2/3 size (and yet I still haven't finished it...) Have you got your yarn yet? What colours did you go for? I've blogged about mine - it's a 'label' on the right hand side of my blog, though I haven't got many photos of it yet.
    Thank you for popping by!
    Emily x