Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Home Alone

I am home alone tonight and loving it - husband is fine dining in London.  Without me!  So [in an ever so slight huff] I warmed up a tin of soup for my supper, ate it from a tray on my lap and read a book.  Finished up with a chocolate frog and a cuppa.  Heaven to be a slob for the night but I shan't let him indoors know that.

I don't often get to be home alone.  Husband's football training coincides with my yoga classes (twice a week!) and he's more of a home bird than me.  He certainly isn't one for boozing down the pub every night - sometimes I wish he was but perhaps I'd get fed up of him always disappearing up the road for a 'quick one'.

So I have gathered up my crochet and here's where I'll be for the rest of the night:

Check out the 'viewfinder' border on this picture! I am loving fiddling about with the camera on my phone! 

I love fairy lights and pretty hangy things.   This little wooden heart was one of my bridal presents on my wedding day.  I love it and I will continue to hang it from our bedpost when we are old and grey. 

I've switched my 'Zetter dog' on tonight too.  He looks kind of creepy in this picture but he is kooky in real life - I love him.  It was the first present my husband ever bought me, after a particularly lovely weekend at the Zetter Hotel in London.  One of these dog lights (in bright pink) was in our room.  I loved it so he had this white one sent to me at my new flat as a moving-in present.  He does great gifts, my man.  

It's a good job I haven't seen this huge pile of ironing in our spare room; I might be inclined to do something about it if I had.... ;-)

That's the trouble with sunny, blustery days.  You get loads of washing done and have to do loads of ironing!  I'm rubbish at keeping on top of housework.  Am seriously considering getting a cleaner but it makes me feel a bit lazy.  I don't have any children so I really should have time to keep my own house clean. Also, since researching it, I've found that cleaning firms generally don't clean ovens or windows - those are the things I like doing least! I actually quite enjoy doing the ironing and I do just about manage to flick a duster around but the oven and windows are horrible jobs!  

No cheerful outfit posts from me today.  I've been wearing my usual uninspiring work-from-home outfit of a sloppy joe jumper and chinos.  I have five-day-old hair now which is a first for me.  It feels like it's going to crawl off my head and die somewhere.  But I'm not going to show you pictures of that!  

Hope that everyone is having a fabulous week.  I've got a few days off so I finish on Thursday, we're having a little mini-break at the weekend.  Can't wait.




  1. in haste...check out my "My Blog List" in my side bar xxx

  2. I love the light, so cool. I have fairy lights on my bed too. I have done hardly any housework today, but I was just as bad before Eliska came along. I did have a very tidy phase when I was younger, but it didn't last! Sounds like you are having some nice me time.

  3. Spookily, I've added you to my blog list too! (Popular gal!!)
    Re springtime throw: I'm using Sirdar Countrystyle DK, which is a mixture of wool, acrylic and nylon. It's about a fiver a ball, but the balls are 100g as opposed to 50g, so it's actually a lot cheaper. I'm usually a bit of a yarn snob - I much, much prefer natural fibres - but this is actually fine, works up well and feels pretty soft when it's made up.
    I'm not sure this'll be any use though, I seem to remember the colours being darker, rather than naturals. I'm sure whatever you choose, it'll be gorge though - you've obviously got great taste!
    Funnily enough, I've just made myself a scarf from the Sublime cashmere merino silk - it feels AMAZING! I'm just about to do a ta-dah post on it, actually, so have a look later on.
    That's so funny about you and the granny squares - I've got visions of you feverishly crocheting away with an ever-growing mountain of them around you!
    Emily x

  4. I wish now I'd had a closeer look at your hair at lunch today!! Great to see you, and your blog is fab! Belinda x

  5. Oh this all looks sweet and cosy. I am on my own nearly every night. I often cook a meal and say to myself "Right, I cooked it, so I'll wash up". Not quite as much fun when it's night after night although I do watch all the trashy telly I want to!!!
    How are things?
    x x

  6. What work do you do by the way? x

  7. Hi Nicki
    Thanks for your comment on my scarf post. I am having a NIGHTMARE with google at the moment - I can't follow blogs publicly, it displays the wrong user name for me, it shows a picture that I deleted months ago, when I try to send people messages it puts the wrong email address on it... I could go on. I am completely frustrated and actually am in the frame of mind where I could cry about it, it's annoying me so much! The only blog I've managed to follow properly is my own... aaaaggghhhh
    I'm so chuffed you liked my scarf - I'm wearing it today! I made it up as I went along and will happily do a 'how I did it' for you, but I just need to sort out my google thing first. I will do the pattern for you on my 'crochet' page (see tabs under my blog header) and I'll let you know when I've done it.
    Have a lovely, lovely weekend away
    Emily x

  8. Oooh yeah is this when you are in Gay Pareeeeeeeeee???? Have an amazing time. Send my love to all the usual jaunts! x

  9. I think you can get the bottles of drink from most health food shops. Try Holland & Barrett Nicki.
    Cuckoo and I got together today, so posted up some pics!!We both said we want to meet up with you because reckon it would be a laugh!